I Still Believe

April 16, 2011

An inferior blogger posed this question today, so there is my riposte.

I still believe as I don’t believe Manure are a team that are infallible.  They have ridden tremendous luck on occasions, referee decisions have gone their way for two decades, but situations that affect their opposition are most amazing when broken down and really gleaned upon with a serious level of intent and vigour.

I mean, FFS… 1 Million footballers across the planet could try that Rooney overhead shin-kick and not even get close to the goal let alone postage stamp.

How do you suddenly have a 41-year-old keeper who was finished at top-level for Juventus and cast on the scrap heap at Fulham nearly a decade ago, playing out of his skin?

Giggs?  How?  He could feasibly be a granddad at his age.  In all seriousness, he has been superb.

What we really need is a monstrous heartbreak for United… maybe losing a semi-final to their Manc rivals?

Tevez is a big miss, but I kind of get the feeling that Wembley will be just the stage for Mental patient Mario to do some serious damage to United.  Silva is a player who should be at Arsenal, and could be the glue today that binds the City side.

I can certainly foresee some dramatic moments later this afternoon… all I truly want to see is broken United players around 7pm.

To finally lose a game of such importance to their up and coming local rivals would be a devastation that would help our cause for the league in no uncertain terms.

After the leggy 90, maybe 120 minutes on the big pitch today, they have to go up to geordieland on the Tuesday night and get something… interesting.

We of course have Pool and the Spuds up in the next few days.

Dangerous games, very dangerous games.

I love danger, I thrive off it… but does this Young Gun side?

I don’t know… but I will for sure by next Wednesday evening, in the interim period before conclusive proof, I will remain a believer.

Only the really ignorant believe they know the future with cast iron certainty before it’s written.

Win, Lose… Draw… just enjoy gooners, seriously…. football is about enjoyment, don’t let headcases get you down with ultra negativity, they are just providing an extension to their own personal miserable existences… don’t fall for it.

In a week where we have lost a truly legendary off the field Arsenal man in Danny Fiszman… what could be more fitting than a win at the Lane to take us within a point of the northern mob.

I’m up for it…. time for the players to finally, and I mean finally, show us they are too.

They may just surprise a few, as I notice this morning that we seem to be getting all our big guns back to fitness… hmmm!

3 Responses to “I Still Believe”

  1. yeah,iv,e been saying for donkeys years that old red nose has sold he’s soul to the devil-what other explanation can there be with the luck they’ve had down the years!the laugh of it is that we are the ones that used to be called “lucky arsenal”down the years,unbelievable!red devils-more “lucky devils”& they get refs help on top as well…

  2. sameep said

    I really like your approach towards Arsenal, mine is a similar too. Never cared they won trophies or not, just enjoyed them…and I am a sort of new fan as I started following gunners from 2004-05 season.

  3. Ritesh said

    although am a big united fan i used to love watching arsenal,but the second half of the season even the beauty in arsenal’s game has vanished!

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