Classless Manc United taken out by City

April 16, 2011

So… they had the manager in the stands… SERVING A BAN

The number one striker wearing a shirt and tie with a tracksuit top on top…. SERVING A BAN

Dirty ginger Scholes does what he always does and finally see Red and will now be …. SERVING A BAN

Sacked England and United captain Ferdinand behaving like a thug at FT and maybe if the FA act will end up….. SERVING A BAN

Terrible, this is not the kind of behaviour a Premiership team should be putting on display for the world to see, frankly I’m disgusted and feel the FA need to act swiftly.

I mean what kind of club is this?


8 Responses to “Classless Manc United taken out by City”

  1. Gooner said

    Oh give over, we would have done the same if not worse had ballotelli insulted our club

  2. Cyrus kiprop said

    Thats not a football club,just a bunch of wayward polticians and thieves in football uniforms…they dont deserve to win anythn,thnx to mancity,no more talks on a treble!!

  3. neil said

    No treble then for bacon face, ha, ha, ha

  4. Readings said

    I’ watched Scholes for years ,if he wasn’t a pro footballer he’d be serving time.

  5. Ha ha ha said

    Boo hoo you mug!!! You might as well just tell the world the truth and admit how bitter and jealous you are of United and to the extend that you’d be so embarassingly desperate that you write a post all about United “The dirtiest team” blah blah boo hoo ” im so disgusted” blah blah, you are nothing but a bitter muppet whos sooooooooooooooooo clearly jealous of Uniteds consistent success and of course your pathetic teams consistent choke with no trophies.

    Stop embarissing yourself pillow biter! lol

  6. Henry XIV said

    utterly Classless. But that’s the way it is in this country: be a bullying thug and people call you a “winner”, ask for the rules to be enforced and people call you a “whinger”.

  7. Ecko said

    You trollin’

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