Arsenal can still be Champions this season

April 9, 2011

Hold in their gooners, don’t get caught up in the tidal wave of über negativity that now approaches and encroaches our fan base.

The last few weeks, starting at Wembley, have been hell for us, I quite agree….. I like most of you have been going mental about it all… swearing, blaming etc etc

Ultimately, win our game in hand and we are only 4 points adrift of top spot.

I don’t totally believe in this United side, they have blagged far too much, they have had far too much good fortune,  without having a respite to allow a faltering.  It’s due.

All season we have discussed and bantered the idea of ex-fergie players who are now managers giving United an easy ride, well Hughes and his Fulham mob are going to be an exception for me.

They look a tough team to beat, check thir results…. they usually only lose by one goal, meaning they are always in the game till the death.  Anything could happen at Old Trafford this afternoon, a draw or a defeat for the Red Devils is not out of the question.

More importantly, our game against Blackpool tomorrow and what to expect… a win and in convincing 5-2 fashion. Blackpool won’t sit off, they are at home and they play a certain type of game… tailor made for us.

Cesc this is now your calling to show us how much Arsenal really does mean to you…. come on El Capitan, lead this team to a run of 8 wins from 8 games…. do that and lift the Premiership in 6 weeks time… FACT.

That is all.

Enjoy (and please keep that faith…. NEVER SAY NEVER)


3 Responses to “Arsenal can still be Champions this season”

  1. Dom said

    not sure that’s a fact but i like your optimism!

    come on fulham.

  2. visionary said

    there u go now, go back to the nurse and tell her the medication your on is way to strong

  3. King Benny said

    Arsenal fans hope so much that I start wondering if we are all not becoming delusional or worse still schizophrenic… I choose not to be insane. I know the truth- Arsenal has little ambition and a glaring lack of quality in key departments. ManU may be unconvincing but they’ll carry the day.

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