Champions elect travel to WBA – United to end season potless

March 19, 2011

That is correct, the Champions elect – Arsenal, travel to play West Bromich Albion this afternoon.

United drawing Chelski in the quarters of the CL means they now have 3 battles with each other over the next 6 or so weeks.. in essence, United have an extra 2 EPL fixtures to contend with as the two legs won’t be played out like continental affairs, as we have seen over the past 7 seasons with the all prem battles between the likes of Arsenal-Chels, Pool-Chels, Arsenal-Utd.

Marvellous, they don’t have the squad to battle on 3 fronts…. anybody wish to wager with me that United, not Arsenal, end the season empty-handed?

Anyway, back to us, WBA is no doubt the biggest game for yonks… maybe since that 2nd leg at the Emirates against Utd in the CL back in 2009…. we simply have to win, a draw does not count today, regardless of what job Bolton do for us… which they certainly could against a pony side.

We have to start gaining the upper hand, it’s not on to simply keep getting by just because “oh they dropped points today aswell”

I think we will, I think we may even surprise a few with a tasty performance.

The squad is depleted, but plenty of rest and recuperation has been had since last weekend, and the fire in the belly must surely be present after all the pelters the club has had in recent weeks.

I pray a bent ref decision does not turn the game against us, as that is something we have zero control over, anything I can handle.

Thanks for all the emails via the contact me button at the top of the page… just been very busy with a new business project… you can keep up with my views on Twitter @onearsenewenger which I have on me at all times via my trusted Blackberry.

Goonerdom may have a very different outlook tonight… 3 points for us, and dropped points for them… is so very much on the cards for me.



2 Responses to “Champions elect travel to WBA – United to end season potless”

  1. Superman said

    We can very easily win our remaining games.
    We can very easily be crowned champions this season.

  2. matt said

    superman, i agree that we CAN win every game and we CAN win the league, but think it’s a little naive to say that it will be easy. If that attitude were to get into the squad we would end up LOSING every game

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