Manc United are bang in trouble!

March 12, 2011

Oh yes they are… the cup game tonight against a brooding Arsenal is the last game of association football they need or want.. 3 days before a potentially banana skinned CL 2nd leg against Marseilles.

With a week till the next game for us, against West Brom in the league, Wenger will surely go for the strongest available eleven… how will bacon face play it out?

Hernanadez is a dangerous little B@st’ard and will surely start for them, maybe both Rooney and Berbatov will be benched and they pack out the midfield with plodders like gibson, fletcher, carrick, and anderson.

Farcical squad.

Quite simply put, Arsenal have the chance to destroy Fergie for good tonight… the losing team tonight will more than likely lose momentum in the league aswell, whilst the winner will be into a simple last four in the cup and a head of steam for the title/double.

The team I would play is;

Almunia, Sagna, Kos, JD, Clichy, Denilson, Jack, Diaby, Chamakh, NikB, Nasri

I rather hope AW does not play the likes of Eboue instead of Sagna as we don’t have a plethora of games coming up… after West Brom there is a 2 week international break… so go for it today.

Also, Diaby has to be played in the Cesc role, off the striker… he is a skilful touch player and can burst into the box with power inside 2 seconds… his prowess belongs outside their box.. not ours.

Should be a cracking game of football, neither side want a Friday night replay… so in theory both should go for it, and if that is the case, I know who I would prefer fighting for my life in a toe to toe battle.

Looking forward to what may prove to be the catalyst that seals this trophy laden season… the winner today is very likely to do the double….. the third double for Arsenal in the Wenger years, the fourth in our history.


4 Responses to “Manc United are bang in trouble!”

  1. joe said


  2. Gunner90 said

    If we play Denilson – we will definitely lose the game – he is utterly useless!!!

  3. Elliot said

    Denilson? NEVER! This is the game for Ramsey. Bring Rambo back in the middle with Jack for a power-house centre. Give Abou a free role and let Gibbs take over from Gael who can’t cross or pass. Any game that Denilson starts ends badly. He should never start for Arsenal again. Were you at the Sunderland game?????

    Almunia? Well, he’s gonna fuck it up again at some point, isn’t he. Inevitable. 89th minute clanger to snatch victory away from us. It’s his trademark. If not today, it’s coming.

  4. Spooky said


    Once again you are so wrong. Beaten by a team with no midfield. One of these days your team will learn that you actually need to score to win. Tic tak across the pitch – all you do.

    Feel quite sorry for you guys.

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