If Wenger & Pires believe in him… so do I

March 7, 2011

I am of course talking about the player Robert Pires had the following to say about,  after few weeks of training with Arsenal in late 2010

“Marouane will be a big success at Arsenal, I am sure of that.

I’ve got to know him as I’ve been training with Arsenal. He has all the qualities that are needed to be a success in England. He has character, an excellent touch and technique and he’s already shown that he can score goals.

He knows he has to defend at times as well as attack and he is willing to do that.

That is why I am certain that he will be a big success at Arsenal”

Yes the news of Robin being back in contention is top on the list of Gooner chat right now… but I am certain he will not start… his presence with the squad, and the hope he could come on for 20 minutes is the boost Wenger is hoping to give the rest of the lads.

However, the man who could be the one for us in Camp Nou is our Moroccan hitman, Chamakh, who has been off form in recent weeks… but I saw a glimpse of a man who was looking back to his best at Wembley…. briefly.. and again at the Emirates last weekend.

It’s easy to forget how much he impressed us in early season when RvP was out injured…. and he did impress us!

He scored, he worked his backside off and he linked very well with the team.

I am convinced he will get to play at some point in Spain.. and he not RvP or Nik B could be the man to score the mighty away goal to take us through…. we hope.

Plenty of hyperbole on the way from other blogs -papers – radio -tv over the next 24 hours…. will leave you all to it…

I am just going to sit back and enjoy my beloved Arsenal giving their all… win, lose or draw… I love em all!

Forget  Barca… it’s all about us.


11 Responses to “If Wenger & Pires believe in him… so do I”

  1. Arsenal said

    There was an aura and it can be this match that define Arsenal history in the making. I expect Arsenal to win 2-1 or perhaps 4-1 as most never expect from all the hype

  2. g4eva said

    if only he cud finish. the finishing ability of heskey on him wud even be suffice.

  3. shut up said

    i don’t even care if we lose…the home win was moumental enough…we don’t have the right personnel to win the competition yet even if we do beat them, we need to tweak the team a little bit more…better off losing to barca and focusing on the league, which really is there for the taking.

  4. stubby 225 said

    Hey Legend, I really like your site, but like a lot of AKB,s you only see the the ggod in wenger and his mantra.

    Chamach is a good player but he aint no Suarez.

    And when you look ar wengers polocy he could have walked this league the last three yaers if he had spent wisely.

    Bur hey Arsene knows best. Bur I like your site.

  5. stubby 225 said

    Sorry for my spelling I was being bumped whilst writing.


  6. Holla said

    I beliv arsenal can do it by beaten them right in their home. 3-2 in favour of arsenal.

  7. Arse said

    Had anyone read Barca coach Guardiola comments about Arsenal? I was wondering why everyone claimed he is a good guy when he is another hypocrrites

  8. shiv ramnoruth said

    Guardiola showed arrogance towards Wilshire. We should go and stop them from scoring. Park the bus in front of the post if need be and be pitiless towards them, Rapid counter attack and harsh tackles will make them frustrated. Come on gunners.

  9. […] If Wenger & Pires believe in him… so do I I am of course talking about the player Robert Pires had the following to say about,  after few weeks of training with […] […]

  10. don said

    1-1 tonight. I can feel it.

  11. Knightvision said

    “the Ref-er-ree’s a wanker….”

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