Who are the Babies now, Evra?

March 6, 2011

After beating Arsenal in the semis of the Champions League in 2009, Patrice Evra famously told the world it was like “men against babies”

Well anybody who saw Nani crying like a “baby” today at Anfield will maybe think differently…. he shed a tear or two… and let the world know United are FINISHED.


32 Responses to “Who are the Babies now, Evra?”

  1. RobM said

    Yeah we all like to dig at Man Utd but given that the guy actually has what looked like a serious injury its a bit of a cheap shot you’re taking here.

    Class… we’re the Arsenal. We’re supposed to have it.

  2. jason said

    Whilst I am a lifelong gooner, I am appalled at your piece today.
    For any player to suffer the type of injury Nani did, it is lucky that he will play soon.
    Get your priority’s right….

  3. You will find the earlier photoshopped pics of a gash on his leg… as just that… photoshopped.

    His injury is not as serious as you may think… proof is in the pudding…. after the foul… he was up and protesting at the ref.. now would one be able to do that with such a bad injury?

    Shocking tackle… no doubt about it.

  4. Holborn Boy said

    may not even need stiches according to manchest united forums.

  5. baybb said

    This is the one lol

  6. Adi said

    seems a few have already fallen for the nani fake pictures.

    he got a cut that is not as bad as expected

    and when he plays against arsenal next weekend

    can some of you kindly come back on this blog and apologise for being such fools?

  7. No need for any apologies.

    Just for people to research before they bark.

    That is all.

  8. Osi said

    “Yeah we all like to dig at Man Utd but given that the guy actually has what looked like a serious injury its a bit of a cheap shot you’re taking here.

    Class… we’re the Arsenal. We’re supposed to have it.”

    I totally agree. I can’t stand seeing a talented player injured bad a tackle, and probably cried because of the injury.

    Two Arsenal supporting in the Liverpool staff motivated the players to beat United; King Daglish and Carragher. they both secretly support Arsenal.

  9. stonroy said

    Yeah the little prick gets up to protest runs over to the ref and falls down again. If you can’t laugh at that what can you laught at?

  10. Aminu Jos said

    Nani has been known for over exageration of injury,he is just crying for his costly mistake that lead to 2nd goal,nothing serious just a cut,he shal cry more come saturday after we dump them out of fa cup.by God grace

  11. RobM said

    Adi – no I won’t apologise for saying its wrong to gloat at a player being injured. Serious injury or none-serious, I don’t find it funny to see someone get hurt in any way. Sorry if that’s a problem for you or for anyone else here.

  12. Jaygooner said

    If Nani is out for a year or more as was the case with Diaby, Eduardo and Ramsey, then fine. Maybe the Legendaire could have been more diplomatic. Bear this in mind though. I didn’t see Diaby, Eduardo or Ramsey even capable of moving after their tackles. Nancyboy Nani, however, recovers from his his “injury” to chase the weak referee and then slump to the deck. Nani will be fit for Old Trafford and the cheats will have won again. As for Carragher or Dalgleish being in any way in favour of Arsenal? Get out of here stupid comment.

  13. Jaygooner said

    OOOOH TO BE A GOONER! “And Nani stood up and fell over again, over and over again, Bejaysus said Nani I done it so well, I think I’ll stand up and fall over again”. OOOH TO BE A GOONER!

  14. dan the man said

    Are some of you stupid?

    He was NOT seriously injured as was obvious from him chasing the ref AFTER the foul.

    As somebody above stated, NOT EVEN ONE STICH.

    Grow some balls some of you pansies. FFS

    Arsenal? You call yourself Arsenal? GET FUCKED

  15. Osk said

    I got the same kind of gash when I played futsal. It’s nothing! Nani is a sissy that should start using shinpads

  16. kc said

    Tackle on Nani was bad and red card offense. But, Nani by getting up and running comicaly to the ref trying ti get soneone sent off made the ref decide otherwise. I do not think Nani was that badly injured to be stretched out, but he did it because he feared the wrath of Fergie after his terrible performance

  17. l was astonished seen nani been carried off pitch.l pity him cos its bad tackling but the funny thin is running to the ref for complain and after a while he falled down which l can tell if he was just trying to confuse the ref in order to give red card to liverpool player. But seen him carried out was another thing. If any one wants to mock any united player let it be evra a man who don’t have respect for his fellow men.l dislike him cos he talks too much. Where was the bus stop yesterday or was he not fit?he should learn how to respect him self and play good game. I miss u RVP.

  18. gunnergetcha said

    isnt it just awesome watching utd implode like the poofters they are?

    fuck them.

    ironic to see all these moles coming on and whining when the boot is on the other foot.

    most utd players, coaching staff and supporters have gashes as they are all a bunch of cunts.

    go you gunners.

  19. Popo said

    No injury, just scratches. The guy was moaning knowing Man U had lost and he was responsible for the loss. Sheer theatrics of seeking sympathy from the fans. He realised that the referee could not console him…poor Man U…go on moaning, waking up and fa;;ing again. we shall carry you on stretchers next time you come to Emirates on the day Arsenal wine the title.

  20. Popo said

    No injury, just scratches. The guy was moaning knowing Man U had lost and he was responsible for the loss. Sheer theatrics, seeking sympathy from the fans. He realised that the referee could not console him…poor Man U…go on moaning – waking up and falling again. We shall carry all of you on stretchers next time you come to Emirates on the day Arsenal wine the title.

  21. Jacobs said

    Was Nani actually injured? Where did he get the strenght to stand up and pushed the refree before he finally went down and stretched out of the pitch. I guessed he feared that pushing the referee might be a red card offence hence he pretended to be seriously injured. He should have gotten a yellow for pushing the referee. Any way, Liverpool did a good job by trashing them 3-1 = i forgot, there was a hatrick.

  22. Solid food belong 2 mature men (arsenal).Obi is a boy one day obi wil b d man and arsenal has become a man and wil continue 2 b a man.When men were men (man u) were where u?

  23. mx90 said

    Well, well, well! Looks like man u players are also skilled in shedding tears. We didnt see Eduardo, Ramsey, Diaby shedding tears form broken bones, do we?

    Anyway, not surprising for all their famous theaterics; rooney elbowed a player, wasnt red-carded, raphael shud have got a red card yesterday for his tantrums, stupid little boy. Evra? Well, just ask domenech about him.

  24. Nelson said

    To each his own, I got to admit I’m glad he pick up an injury although I agree with most it’s just a minor cut but he’s been crying like he lost his legs. I’m gloating abt it, class or no class.

    If this happens to evra, he won’t winch abit and by the way I’m a gooner.

  25. king gooner said

    yeah got no sympathy for “nancy”crying like a right pussy-remember this is the guy who along with “patricia”always likes to have a pop at the arsenal & who attempted to try & take the piss out of an arsenal “b”team in a cup semi final with his juggling.a disrespectful c**t-shame that little dwarf “patricia”wasn’t on the end of a carragher cruncher-yep,when it comes to MANURE,the refs darlings,i have no sympathy whatsoever 7 if that offends some delicate souls.tough shit.just remember manure hate us.

  26. Kofi said

    RobM. You would have said van Persie was soft. This is a case where the tackle was clumsy but not as bad a Diaby versus Barton but Nani comes up with a fake cry yet he deserves sympathy but Diaby does not. Stop all this u Manu freak. I know he would be playing if Arsenal was to meet manu tommorrow

  27. Arse&Nose© said

    RobM, remember that Nani got up after the challenge to run to the ref and show him…he deserves all the stick he can get just for that.

  28. donovan said

    Instead of talking about 12ManU – let’s focus on tomorrow. RVP in, Puyol/Pique out. Game on!

    PS: Can someone please steal Denilson’s passport so that plank does not travel! He was rancid on Saturday and I’ve had enough!

  29. Zulu Gooner said

    Well said! jason and RobM clearly are closet man u supporters or just dont see Nani diving and crying most matches

  30. The BearMan said

    Man this “DiG” is rather cheap! We must not rejoice in any players mishap. Even if that player was from Stoke. {Well perhaps excluding shawcross} Eduado, Rosciky, Diaby, Ramsey, Vermaelon,Djourou, Gibbs, Walcott and RvP. All experienced similar fates, therefore we ought to be more sympathetic.

    Plus hold on to your comments until we have played ManWho both in the FA Cup and Premiership. Remember to divert the comments to Evra, if Arsenal turns up for the game.

  31. RobM said

    @Kofi, Zulu warrior – oh yes, I knew that one was coming. I don’t agree with the herd mentality here so I must actually be a… now what did you say exactly again Kofi? Oh yes “u Manu freak”.

    With the greatest of respect, feel free to cram that one up your ass with walnuts. If you can’t understand that other people who follow the club maybe don’t see everything the same way you do then more fool you.

  32. johnny hoy said

    How can people write United after two tough away games. Anyone with half a brain must have known they’d lose at least one of them? United haven’t played that well all season but are still top of the lge. What does that say about the rest of us?

    In regard to Arsenal & class. In times gone by – that was what stood the club apart… No longer though it would appear.

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