Orient getting a replay may have won us the title

March 3, 2011

Now just imagine we held on to the 1-0 at Brisbane Road a couple of Sunday afternoons ago…. good news?  No extra game?

Well hold that thought, for a minute or two… after the Carling Cup final it would have meant almost a week till the next game which is the Sunderland league game.

We could have gone into Saturday’s game wondering who was going to score our goals, and still on a downer from the Cup final defeat, but as we had to play the replay of the game with Orient last night…. our second string defence/midfield got a run out… but far more importantly our strike force for ALL competitions over the next 4-6 weeks got a fine tuning and a boost of confidence.

Super Nik grabbed himself a tasty hat-trick whilst Chamakh netted his first for 2011.

I have said it before, and I will say it again… Barca is a freebie… the total focus, especially since the defeat of united by chavs, should be on winning every single one of the eleven EPL games that remain… if we do that we are 100% champions again.

It’s now firmly in our hands.

Missing Robin is massive, huge.. but stay positive gooners,  last night (albeit against lowly opposition) proved we have other capable goalscorers in the side.

By the time United show up at the Emirates in early May.. we could be fielding a side with fully fit players including Vermaelen, Cesc, Robin and Theo.

In the interim period we just need to get the 3 points however we can… pretty football means nothing at this stage.

We have once again proved we can compete at the highest level, but it’s time to follow through this year, the team really do have the chance to prove they are not bottlers…. and shut a few doomers/critics right up.

Nice one Tehoue…. another Frenchman who could have helped us to Wenger’s fourth Premiership crown.


6 Responses to “Orient getting a replay may have won us the title”

  1. K-TR7 said

    I was just thinking the same.if we can get through the next 2 PL games:mackems and brummies there will be an international break after which we’ll have our next PL game on April 2nd.according to Aw rvp will return in that game providing no setbacks.theo should be back and maybe vermaelen.providing we get through the next 2 PL games and international break we may have a full squad to choose from in the run in.

  2. Gooner karki said

    Tht’s right. But Chamakh and Bendtner should step up like they did against Orient. I mean they need consistency. We’ve Sunderland,Barcelona,Utd in FA,Brum. They should perform well in all of these matches until RvP and Theo will arrive`

  3. Chipo said

    It’s a good point, well made!

  4. red and white bear said

    ive got a feeling that we will see theo back a lot sooner(barca)

  5. Olsen said

    I agree with what you are saying, but we would have met Scums instead of Orient yesterday! Don’t think a trip to White Hart Lane after that disgrace on sunday would have been the best game to recover though.

  6. Tazz said

    Great read mate. I’m gonna spread it on our networks!

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