Bad news on RvP – Great news on Cesc

March 2, 2011

So we lose Robin for more or less the whole of March… and Cesc is responding “very well” to treatment and looks like making Barca… with Theo another fortnight away.

Don’t worry gooners… seriously don’t worry.

I read many on Twitter saying this reminded them of this time last year when we badly weakened out of the title race and got thumped by the Catalans in the CL.

There is a difference… CESC is only out for another week… he was out for the rest of the season after the first leg of the Barca game last year.  He is the main man.. he makes the team tick, he makes us fluid.. and he makes us look a proper unit moving forward from defence to attack.

Also… step forward… Mr WILSHERE.

He was not part of the set-up last year and not in the side fighting at the death… he is now.

Forget the Keeper/CB mistake on Sunday.. that can happen to any team, just pure bad luck… Chez and Kos are a class apart, and are also in the side this year round as is a fully fit Djourou.

We lost the title last year because we could not defend for toffee with the likes of Silvestre in the backline…. that is not the case this year.

Robin will be  a massive miss, in current form, for the next month, but we do have two fully fit strikers ready to step in and fight out a chance to claims the lead front man role at The Arsenal… was only Nik last year.

I think I need to leave this alone now before I wet myself with excitement.. seriously.. get it back together gooners, forget the Brum final… the title is bloody well bang ours after that Chelski win last night.

Cmon you beautiful, glorious Arsenal… just cmon!


6 Responses to “Bad news on RvP – Great news on Cesc”

  1. king gooner said

    nice to see,hear a bit of posititivity-the doom n gloomers are making my balls ache!

  2. Rivnam said

    The barca match will be very difficult because barca missed most of their defence and still scored 3 away from home against mallorca even though they had only won once away from home in four attempts.

  3. donovan said

    I think the big plus is Sagna. Didn’t play last year, missed the 1st leg this year, and is easily our best defender.

    After United’s result last night, I don’t give a stuff about the FA Cup and we must not field a single player who will play against Sunderland on Saturday. It’s United in the next round and if we’ve knocked Barca out then that game has zero importance.

    The title is ours is we want it. FA Cup is a lottery just like Sunday was.

  4. Venerablejohn said

    Go go my young gunners u can do it.

  5. shavin said

    Quality post.
    I have to say im super gutted about robin, but I really think people under estimate chamakh. Hes a top striker in my book and will have amazing talent around him at camp nou. I still genuinely think we can win this fixture.

  6. Zulu Gooner said

    Toooo goood. we need more posts like this to keep us positive and cheerful!! Ta

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