The Hypocrisy of Arsenal fans and the Media

February 28, 2011

I had a woeful day at Wembley yesterday, got drenched right through walking up to the stadium from where we parked up… and then the rest you already know.

Ok, herein begins my blast at some of you clowns and the wider media…

We lost the match to a freak incident in the last minute of a game in which the opposition keeper was named man of the match… now does that indicate we were as useless throughout as many are now suggesting we were?

Check the stats… number of shots, saves etc

Next… less than two weeks ago the media had made Laurent Koscienly the new Tony Adams… and what…. so now due to a milliseconds mistake, he is useless again?  For crying out loud… wake up and stop being conned by the media who wish to derive revenue from silly phone ins and tacky red top gutter trash.

Nothing has changed with our new keeper, and the defence were fine yesterday… there is not much you can do to stop an 8ft freak show getting to the ball before a normal human being… and the winning goal was pot luck.

They did not batter us four nil, we did not chase shadows all afternoon… and if you think we did, go take a long lie down in a darkened room, maybe take some Valium with you… and for gawds sakes don’t take a radio tuned into talkPONY.

What we did learn yesterday was how important Cesc, Robin and Theo are to this team.

Nobody can live up to the sheer brilliance Cesc has when it comes to vision and making the decisive, incisive killer pass in the final third.

Theo can lead the charge of the light brigade from our box to their box inside 4 seconds, speed kills.

Robin again highlighted  his prowess as on the best centre forwards on the planet, the dutchman is blinking lethal in the box… did he make it 44 goals in the last 10 games or something? Ok I exaggerate but I think his stats in recent weeks are breathtaking.

Forget the doomers trying to mug you off with fears about losing to Leyton Orient this week, we won’t.

Forget the doomers suggesting United will muller us at Old Gafford next weekend, they won’t.

Losing a cup final in that manner, can only happen to us, and don’t give me that baloney about lack of leaders costing us again…when we lost the cup final to pool in 2001 in the last few minutes, we had Adams, Keown and Seaman all in our back five… were they lacking in leadership or experience?

Excrement happens!  We move on, like the human race has always moved on from catastrophes…..

hopefully towards a bigger, better, braver new world.

The title is still well within reach, take United out in the cup or force the replay.. and that is another trip back to Wembley in April for a semi-final.

Bottom line here gooners… don’t keep getting conned by the people who do not know our club like we do, open your eyes and make your own minds up.

Btw – There was a fella in front of me in Block 111, Row 41….  who ripped his trousers celebrating the RvP goal… they were so badly ripped that he had to watch the rest of the match in just his boxers… now forget how you feel.. imagine what that poor fella went through on his way home!!


19 Responses to “The Hypocrisy of Arsenal fans and the Media”

  1. Andy Hug said

    I feel for the trouser guy more than anyone

  2. j said

    The Hypocrisy of Arsenal fans was a good title… but i thought you were going to comment on Arsenal fans slating the carling cup, year in, year out, saying how its worthless etc etc… same old excrement as you would put it.

    To me, watching the game yesterday (and loving it by the way) Gooner fans were more than happy to be involved in any kind of final….. I just think on your fall from grace and winners medals you have been too quick to slate the portsmouths/tottenhams/birminghams etc by fielding weak teams in the domestic cups.

    Wenger has always blamed your lack of grit on your youthful side… well this year you played your best teams throughout and still came up short. Maybe you should show the rest of the prem a bit more respect because lets face it, you would have loved that carling cup… we all know you needed it!!

  3. pistolpete said

    Excellent post, i AGREE 100%.

  4. N7 Gooner said

    Well said!

    ABSOLUTELY gutting but the way this is being over-analysed is absurd. Best thing to do is to crack on.

  5. Leon said

    I never considered Koscelny to be anything other than not good enough for Arsenal – he cost us heavily – his incompetence was for all to see when the pressure was on he crumbled and we lost. I live in the good old days of Adams and Keown – world class defenders who NEVER made mistakes like that – that wasnt even a schoolboy error it was utter incompetence but as usual Wenger accepts no responsibilities and apportions no blame and the rutt continues – the problem lies entirely with Wenger who see’s nothing and supports those who do not deserve support – a player can play like rosicky and arshavin did and nothing is said and no lessons are learnt – i am sorry but Arsenal need a new direction and that means a new manager – wenger simply has to go…..

  6. pistolpete said

    Before the tottering tottie fan thinks i was agreeing with him i was NOT, i was agreeing with the OP, and lets not forget Arsenal STUFFED the totties on the way through so what does it say for your lot, Not much !!!!.

  7. Gooner girl said

    Thank god for sanity in all the madness, I am already moving on to wednesday and the next game, I felt genuine sorrow when the ball rolled in the net but S”’ happens and the players will learn from this, kos is in my opinion good at what he does ~ first season in the pl remember, chez is a toddler in goalkeeper terms, Litle Jack will come back stronger, let our rivals have there fun it will be shortlived, they all have matches still to play and still to loose, I will never desert this team as so many are so quick to do, can you imagine not winning anything for 48 years good luck to birmingham enjoy your moment in the sun, it may be another 48 years before you get the chance again. The players will all be hurting now, but as they sit and read these blogs as I am sure they do, I hope they can rise above the dross and still believe that they are are Arsenal, finding the team spirit that helped them beat Barcelona and Chelsea (according to the media not even possible).
    I am and will always be Arsenal and proud to sing that name.

  8. Jaygooner said

    My celebration of RVP’s goal lasted a nano-second as the missus quickly pointed out that Robin might be injured. My immediate prayer to the Football God was “you can have the goal back, give us a fit RVP”. As far as the rest of the game, Had we been given the benefit of a freak goal (why is it that every goal scored against us is either a once in a lifetime wonder goal or a complete freak) the Man of the Match would have been Samir Nasri.It didnt turn out that way. It hurts. However, to truly savour the joy of Victory, you must experience the painful ignomy of defeat. Onwards and upwards, I say, bigger and better trophies await.

  9. sami said

    Exellent post,really feeling for that pantless guy!C’MOON GUNNERS!

  10. Goonermad said

    We were beaten from the start. Birmingham wanted this far more than we did. How do you motivate a team that were such underdogs (according to the bookies and press) to win? Well their Manager and coaching staff did a brilliant job!

    One other thing that defined it for me was us, yes the supporter! When I got to Wembley, the Blues supporters were singing and chanting very loudly and proudly in big numbers outside the stadium! We weren’t, the odd cry of ‘Red Army’ went out but no takers! In the ground a half hour before kick off when the team rousers were out on the pitch, the blue half was nearly at capacity making so much noise, our red half were either still filing in or stuck in the bars having that all so crucial last pint! It was a pathetic showing and must have affected our boys out on the pitch! So if we’re going to have any chance of silverware this season, albeit so easy to criticise, we should all get behind the team with as much noise as we can generate! We all want passion and putting in a performance from them, but we too have our responsibility. Don’t sit on the fence, you know who you are, get cheering and get behind the team or shut up criticising the boys! Our collective aura transmits on to the pitch, so if we’re all giving off negatives, the team will play negative. I know it’s difficult but lets really try and be positive! Orient then Sunderland, so let’s see if we can make the difference and win that silverware! Don’t pass the buck, you can make all the difference!

  11. j said

    To pistolpete….

    Doesnt change the facts + spurs fielded a ridiculously weak team which i slated because i hate to lose, regardless of competition. It was a week after our first champions league game and a week before the next, with 3 prem games around that time too so harry (who has no experience in so many competitions) obviously tried to rotate and we paid the price for his stupidity.

    Spurs: Pletikosa; Naughton, Caulker, Bassong, Assou-Ekotto; Palacios, Livermore, Sandro, Bentley; Giovani; Pavlyuchenko.

    i image 6 of those wont even be at spurs next season… the subs who came on i.e. keane and kranjcar probably wont either.

    Im not defending spurs, im meerely saying that u lot slate the carling cup but you cant deny you wanted that silverware and wenger needed it. How long does he stay blame free for? Maybe he should be in charge of the youth set up??????

  12. Vinay said

    Apt post and more or less the exact feeling i had. Why cant we accept that they played better and we lost more so because we were nervous and dint create much. Why is everyone blaming Kos and Szczseny now? These things happen, it aint a catastrophe as most so called fans are making this out to be. Is it because everyone felt this was our only chance of winning anything this season? The same people may all be going gaga if manu drop points against Chelsea and pool and we beat sunderland at home, so guys as much as it hurts please have a control, we are Arsenal not some glory hunting crap team who go bonkers when they win and arent to be seen anywhere when they lose. If you are Arsenal fan you will realize this is very much part of being an Arsenal fan

  13. Mark said

    I’m not sure what you’re getting at with this post. People are obviously going to be disgusted to lose the game in the manner which we did and you’ll always get certain fools who go that bit too far with their knee-jerk reactions.

    I like Koscielny and I think Szczesny is going to be a bloody brilliant keeper BUT how can you say the defence was fine yesterday? Man anyone who watched the game will surely have seen how Clichy’s inability to play the offside trap should have resulted in Szczesny seeing red and a penalty to Birmingham just a minute or two into the game.

    The defence was shaky throughout. We let them get far too many crosses into the box, we let them actually play football near our goal and we showed them far too much respect overall. Credit to Birmingham for a great performance but we treated them like they were Man United or something. We never imposed our style on the game and that meant we were always going to struggle to put them away.

    Lastly, who was comparing Koscielny to Adams? :s Jeez… a bit of balance required here. He’s doing well, he’s still learning as it’s his first season in English football and he’s progressing quite nicely. Let’s not come out with these overly dramatic reactions after every good or bad game he may have.

  14. Daniyal said


    You are being ridiculous. We had 4 competitions to juggle. We can’t play the same team over and over again. And in the past our squad wasn’t big enough so we played the youngsters and as I recall we got pretty far every year.


    And you know so much about laurent kosienly since you have have scouted him and know everything there is to know about him? Maybe you should work for a football club. OFCOURSE Tony Adam and Martin Keown made mistake like that in their careers. Martin Keown recently came out hinself and said he rates kosienly very highly. But I guess you know more than him too. Really if you want another manager and another direction go support another goddamn team you fool. Every time we draw or lose someone comes out and says the same idiotic things. Pathetic. You support your team when they are down and when they are up.

  15. Daniyal said

    @ Mark

    I think what the post is trying to say is we don’t need a overhaul of the whole defence and goalkeeper as some idiots are saying now. At the beginning of the season everyone was telling Arsene to buy a “top” defender, buy a goalkeeper. Clearly kosienly and Wojiech have proven they are up to the mark, but every time we lose some fools revert back to the same bandwagon. Probably because they hear some “pundit” going on about the same old thing. i think it has to do with the fact that many “pundits” don’t watch all the arsenal games, they watch a few and revert back to the old cliches to seem like they know what they are talking about when arsenal lose/draw. Same goes for some “supporters”. I think this post is right on the money.

  16. Zulu Gooner said

    Great post, sanity needed all round as we move onwards and upwards. as for J and Leon?….. they need their medications badly.

  17. kc said

    Great post. Its important not to overreact with so much left to play for this season. But in my mind Wenger lost us that game yesterday by starting and staying with Rosicky who was just awful all day. Nasri should’ve played in the Cesc role and Bendtner could’ve started top right. Hell I would’ve rather had Diaby or Denilson over Rosicky ffs.

  18. Lee said

    Yeah, lot of shit out there – and unfortunately a lot from non-match-going Gooners who are only close to the badge because its their screensaver.

    Rosicky did not fit in the team. Why didn’t Diaby start? Purely on his set-piece defending he would’ve been a better asset, let alone that he is a better midfielder. A bizarre selection by Wenger. Did he want to give Rosicky a swansong final? At half-time he should’ve brought Diaby on for him.

    We mullered them in the 2nd half, but I always had that hunch that they’d bag a late corner/free-kick winner. Just didn’t think we’d contribute in such a way.

    Koscielny’s had a tough old season. Talk about no luck! 2 undeserved sending offs, ridiculous bookings, constant criticism, and now this. But he’s a top banana and will be a giant next season.

    Clichy however, once again, needs to buy a A-Z of Defensive positioning. He was all over the place. And I cannot stomach his inept crossing another game more!

    Plus side? What a player Jack is. Bossed the midfield despite having zero contribution from Tomas and Song. Would we have won with Cesc? Probably 4-0. It really is that clear to me, because you take Rosicky out who was detrimental to almost every attack, and you slot in the World’s best passer of a ball, and you know that RVP and Arshavin would’ve had 5 chances apiece. But…

    The title os ours. And it starts tomorrow. Chelsea will be the Unconvincibles at the Bridge. I am 100% certain. ManU are nothing. They will lose tomorrow and draw at Anfield. That will be enough to put us top. Watch.

  19. Az said

    @goonermad – I agree; our support was 25% of the volume of Birmingham. That MUST have contributed.

    I also feel Rosicky and Arshavin (as much as I am normally a fan) were under par. Arshavin didn’t track back, leaving Gael vulnerable. (I saw Gael giving Arsh an earful a number of times.)

    Nasri should have been in the Cesc role with Bendtner on wing. Nasri pushed himself inside in the second half, and that’s when we picked up. However, TR7 was a spare man throughout. Bendtner was blatantly a man up for the match, running all over the place for the cause.

    So, as much as I enjoy this blog for its Partizan support of the Weng, I think this time his selection is what lost us the game…

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