Robin wears the armband – Cesc must lift the cup

February 26, 2011

This is my deep felt hope of the scenario that is played out on Sunday if we beat Birmingham.

Cesc left his world for a brave new world as a mere puppy.. this took guts, determination, a will to win… he succeeded in his quest to play first team football for Arsenal, and took over from a right old plonker as captain of our club in November 2008.

El Capitano was born.

I love the guy for what he has given us, and never underestimate what he has given Arsenal… it all looks easy now, but think back to when you were barely 16 years old and how tough it would have been to move to another country, a new language, culture… etc

To miss out on leading us out at Wembley this weekend is gutting for all concerned… which is why he should be given the honour of being the man who raises the trophy…. although I feel it will be a joint affair similar to Paddy and TA6 in 2002.

My seat is booked for Wembley… I shall be in block 111 row 41… prudent to keep the seat number withheld!

My team would shape up as thus:

Chezney – Quite simply, The Polekeeper.

Bac, JD, Kos6, Clichy – They pick themselves and TV5 will have to be right back at his game to force his way in this season.

Song, Jack, Diaby – Diaby is not every gooner’s cup of tea… but he is mine.. he has the engine to play the Cesc role or swap “cesc” duties with Jack the lad.

Nasri, RvP, Arshavin – With Theo out, this lot again pick themselves in my book, and maybe even if Theo was fit… on current form its hard to leave the Russian out.  A Wembley final is made for him.

Like many of you reading this… I feel like a little boy again off to Wembley for the first time… well in theory this is my first time at Wembley.. the New Wembley that is… the old one.. I have a 100% Arsenal win record, so I’m hoping my presence will give the good omens needed etc

Win, or Lose.. I’m going to have a hell of a day…. you should too!


5 Responses to “Robin wears the armband – Cesc must lift the cup”

  1. Emk said

    Robin will be captain tomorrow so he will lift the cup, he could do it together with cesc though that would be a sight to never ever forget!!!! coyg!

  2. aravindvr said

    All Gooners do make sure only Arsenal is heard from Wembly.
    We need a roaring crowd to lift our team up there.
    So all of those gonna be there just bring out all the Arsenal within you.

  3. Kaycee said

    I hope we beat Birmingham tommorow nd expect cesc nd Theo 2 b presence bcos they work 4 it.Up Gunners

  4. Lee said

    Spot on with the team selection. That will be the team 100%.

    Really don’t want to see Cesc picking up the trophy with his suit on! Recall Wrighty celebrating the Uefa Cup win suited up and it looks wrong. However, this will kae Cesc more determined to take Arsenal to other glories this season so that he doesn’t miss out. We can win it without him.

    The only danger we have is if Wenger has a mental blackout and decides to play Denilson for Cesc, or even worse Eboue for Walcott. But he won’t.

    3-0 Goons.
    Mancs have cruised to a win today after being outplayed – again – for the 1st half. Rooney MUST get a 3-match ban from the FA for an off-the-ball elbow. Absolute scandal if he gets away with it!

  5. […] Robin wears the armband – Cesc must lift the cup This is my deep felt hope of the scenario that is played out on Sunday if we beat Birmingham. […]

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