The buck stops with Almunia

February 22, 2011

Right, let me get this much straight… Orient were not up to much, they hardly peppered our goalmouth with a plethora of moves and shots at goal.. did they?  so all this rubbish I keep reading about how fantastically well they did… is just that.. rubbish.

I absolutely do not begrudge them a replay, it’s actually wonderful news for the wider economy in general… everybody is ultimately a winner from a replay.

1. Arsenal make another couple of million quid

2. Orient make huge money in their realm.

3. Fans get to see another game.

4. The second string gets another chance to shine for a spot in the first eleven.

No harm done.

However – I am going to tear a few shreds off that manic-depressive Spaniard who apparently is our 3rd choice goalie these days.

As those who follow me on Twitter (@onearsenewenger) will already have read in the past 24 hours… I am fuming at the fella… he has had a hell of a lot of my support in the past few years, I thought he got butchered a lot in the past for no apparent reason, other than the fact he was not purchased for multi millions.  He was never a world-class keeper, but he was never as bad as some made him out to be… until now!

Ok he was treated badly by the club last summer when the whole Schwarzer affair was going on… but, when the season started.. who was given the chance to impress.. again?  and who failed AGAIN?

He messed it up for us last season with a couple of pathetic howlers, and started this season in the same vein of poor form.

Quite rightly he was dropped (not having any of the injury stuff) and since then the two Polekeepers have staked claims to be the Number 1.

The only reason he has not gone already is nobody will pay him the extortionate wages we are… that’s right, while he earns millions doing bugger all aside from letting dopey clangers through his legs… we the fans are left to watch a pitiful state of a man pretending to be an Arsenal goalie.

The do gooders amongst you… do one.

Not interested anymore… I am the most positive gooner I know.. and I will give every player a bucket load of chances before I turn on them… Almunia has had Blackpool pleasure beach amount of buckets in terms of chances.

No more.

He is over for me, the sooner he leaves this club the better… stop ripping the club off for wages as you cannot be bothered to concentrate for 90 minutes if you do get a game.

Useless plankton, you were nowhere in world football before Wenger plucked you from obscurity to the mighty Arsenal…. and this is how you repay us after 8 years?  By not even being bothered to work for the millions we STILL pay you?

At this point I would dearly love to write many, many expletives describing the Spaniard.

However, I shall leave it there.


13 Responses to “The buck stops with Almunia”

  1. Spike Media said

    pmsl now that is a rant good and proper

    stop sitting on the fence and tell us how you really feel lol

    fwiw – i agree wholeheartedly in that he has been given so many chances to prove his worth and ultimately always makes a gaff that somehow always costs us.

  2. Chicago gooners said

    I thought I was the only one that held alumunia responsible for the goal. Most blogs didn’t even mention it.the sooner he’s gone the better,looked uncomfortable all game

  3. Byo said

    Did anyone notice that he went down for the ball(on LO’s goal) after it was gone? Or maybe I was the only one who noticed.

  4. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna said

    Nobody ever claimed that he was a first class keeper a la Lehmann or Seaman but he did earn his place with a good season or two when Jens was making some serious mental errors so he did perform back then BUT this is NOW and he’s past useless.
    The difference between him Szcezsny and Fabianski is the difference between a Brabant sedan (old East German clunker) and an Aston Martin or BMW. The Brabant gets you there but may have to be pushed half the time. The other two get you there in style and efficiently with almost no grief!

  5. Lee said

    Hate is a strong word. But I HATE Almunia. The hate kicked in at home v West Brom this season. He was pathetic, the straw that broke the proverbial. I NEVER wanted to see him wear the shirt again and when Wenger announced he was injured after the game it echoed what he did to Lehmann after a fumble at an away game to Blackburn, an injury which he never returned from.

    But here he still is. Almunia, the biggest clown of a goalkeeper in Arsenal’s history. A fucking disgrace!

    He had one shot to save on sunday. One Fucking shot! He had NOTHING to do. He didn’t break sweat whilst the likes of Arshavin were running on empty with the season they’ve had domestically and Internationally. There was Almunia, watching the game, counting his paycheck, and posing for the cameras with a ridiculous dive for a shot that went five feet over the bar.

    There is another strong word I’m about to use. And I don’t think I’ve ever used it for an Arsenal player before. Maybe Eddie McGoldrick, but he was just a crap player with stupid eyebrows and a face you wanted to slap. Maybe Gus Ceasar tripping over his own feet in the League cup final v Luton. No, I don’t think I used it to him either. But I can’t think of a better way to convey the rage within me….
    Almunia is a cunt.
    He should fuck off now and tell Wenger he resigns from the club and does not want to paid another day longer.

    And if Denilson doesn’t play a forward pass the next time he wears the shirt, he can fuck off too. But i don’t think I’ll call him what I called Almunia.

  6. Almunia has got rusted & need some greese. That shouldnt have gone in ,may be he is not happy being the 3rd choice.

  7. Leruo said

    Wow,lots of anger there. All i can say is,it should be ovr for almunia and denilson

  8. bops said

    Cool it guys.. we don’t have fabianski till the end of the season so we have to get behind Almunia.. I know its painful but please lets all get behind him.. Lets win some shit..

  9. Edwin Edward said

    I think i agree with d last writer,d more we lampoon almunia d more harm he’ll do us coz d other guy’s injured hence he’ll b in d post let’s jst pray hopn things don’t gt worse b4 season over & wenger jst freezes d poor dude out

  10. Ish said

    I would rather recall Shea although he is only on loan for a month! I would have more trust in him than I ever will with the drunken spainard!

  11. Dahdah said

    Almunia is a f**king idiot..a foolish and stupid animal
    aw on earth did he nt leave d club in d transfer window
    he kip makin mistakes upon mistakes,d crazy imbecile is of no match to d standard of arsenal…d sooner d bastard leaves d better
    i dont regret any of d words i used on in coz he worth it

  12. shahru98 said

    know what, james shea is better than “aluminium”. rofl

  13. Steve. said

    I agree with everything said,but dont blame Almunia,blame
    that DICK HEAD so called manager we have,he could have
    got rid of him seasons ago,but the man is to Greedy he
    deserves all he gets.

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