2 Lions and a Viking

February 9, 2011

Meaningless international football is usually akin to watching WWF… totally pointless!  Not tonight my little furry gooner friends (and enemies)

Jack takes centre stage for England, and with Theo providing width for the team, we get to see a game with real Arsenal presence.  Wait, better yet, we get to see old big head Nikki B taking centre stage for the opposition on his home turf.

A number of top class games tonight, with Messi v Ronaldo in Geneva… which was initially booked for the Emirates but got switched because our brown paper bag was light, Sagna v Robinho at the Stade de France… and a proper old skool European Heavyweight affair with the Italians flying over to play the Germans.

I sense some cracking football, some crazy 3-3 scorelines…. some world-class goals.

Copenhagen will host the game I shall be watching live, and like every other gooner I hope for no injuries to our lads and most of all, confidence boosting performances.

Theo got done when last playing for England away in the Alps… so let’s hope for no repeat omens on that score.

Good luck to all our boys this evening… just take it easy… there are bigger fish to fry in the coming weeks… and in the colours of the team that pay your wages.


(Tomas has got things off to a flyer by scoring for the Czech this afternoon)


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