Let me cheer you up Gooners

February 6, 2011

I was going to write a piece having a pop at the little fat nazi fucking heart attack patient in waiting, who was dressed up as a referee at St James’ Park yesterday… but then I thought otherwise.  Nothing new happened, nothing surprised me… come on Gooners, comrades… brothers and sisters in arms.. only we know how truly bent and corrupt the system is against us.

Nothing will change, it’s just the way it is… so lets move on.

Thankfully, we ended the day, somehow, closing the gap on United by a point… that is them well and truly over.

You see, in the real world, anybody who knows anything about football will tell you, and probably has been telling you over the past few months that this is the worst United team in years.  Have a read over at one of those pikey manc blogs, even they have been telling all and sundry how shit a squad they have these days.

The fixture list blagged them by, if you look back over the years.. the first defeat of the season for the big clubs, is usually away at another big club.

Now the luck of the draw has meant United have made it to Feb without having been to Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelski… far and away the hardest away days for them.  So they worked up some steam, generally drawing away from home, and paying the bastards in black at OT to help them scam to the top of the table.

They got that air of superiority about them that helped them mentally beat or draw against teams… at around 720 last night, that was blown to smithereens.

City are on a roll, which is fantastic news, as they head to United next weekend in buoyant mood, while we shall have to see how United recover.  If Mancini has any balls, he will go there and try to win the game, as his squad is way to good for United.

If he bottles it and decides to park the bus, they will lose.

I get the feeling he will decide to take his chances, which will bode well for us, as I don’t see how they can lose if they truly go out to rumble with United.  A score draw most likely.

We play Wolves at home, never say never… but that should be a home win… gap closes further.

Gooners have gone through the mill this weekend, a proper monster roller coaster of emotions… chill, get the good vibes going and forget how harsh this 4-4 was on us and focus the mind on United remaining fixtures.. in contrast to ours.

Also remember this, nothing in life (generally) comes without pain, it’s a myth which states the opposite to be true.  The true test for our Arsenal now is the how they stand up against adversity.  The next week is going to be wrench for us and the players.

We have to just get on with it, our situation for the title did get stronger today, whatever way you wish to look at it.

Of course the doomers are now out in force telling us the usual bollocks, but let’s see, I believe, I really do.. I really think we won’t let this kill us this time round.  Much will be made of the 2-2 draw up at St Andrews (these bastard sainted grounds) 3 years ago, and the ensuing title challenge collapse…. the key here?  3 whole fucking years for our young guns to become men of the footballing world.

Wenger has told us all year that his team have matured, results like today are not the test of maturity, as what unfolded can happen to any team…. Wolves at home will decide the title in my book.  If we come out and play like we can, totally unaffected by this weekends result… we will steam to the title.

I love the following quote by Muhammad Ali

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

Now most of the footballing world will spend the next 7 days telling us Arsenal have no “real leader” “no soldiers on the field” etc etc… well tune in next weekend at the Emirates and let me show you some.  The will to succeed and overcome the stress and failure of Newcastle will be there for all to see.

Just trust me.


3 Responses to “Let me cheer you up Gooners”

  1. Knightvision said

    An inspiring post Hawke!

    I must admit to feeling like I’d been kicked in the balls yesterday – I couldn’t even bring myself to watch MOTD.

    As you say if (or rather when) we bounce back at the weekend, it will prove how far we have come, and if we do fail to win the league, let it be because we were beaten by a better team not because we defeated ourselves mentally.

    Come on you mighty Gunners, show your worth!

    P.S. Great to see united beaten by the team at the bottom of the table – sweet consolation 🙂

  2. Whippet888 said

    Boo hoo, the world is against us, the refs are against us, I’m sick of hearing it with so called arsenal fans, if you were true supporters you would realise, you just not as good as you think. Learn to live with the fact you’ll never be as good as barca, no matter how much wenger wants you to be. People are seeing what arsenal are now made of and the worlds not against them, the world is laughing at arsenal. No trophy for 5 yrs, there’s a reason for that. This yr you might just win the mickey mouse cup. But that’s all.

  3. don said

    Firstly – Whippet mate, get yourself a girlfriend ‘cos you’ll go blind.

    Now… On the whole, agree with this post. But I HATE International breaks. We’ve got players flying everywhere and I cannot remember a break that didn’t result into more injuries for us. And the truth, the cold hard truth that Wenger refuses to acknowledge, is that we’ve got about 15 great players and the rest are very average. But Nasri, Djourou, Diaby, Song and Vermaelen are out of the next game. We’re already down to 10. The thought of a Denilson, Eboue, Squillaci, Bendtner, and dare I even say it, Almunia, in the starting line-up is truly horrifying. I was there when that lot started against WestBrom. It was rancid.

    ManCity won’t lose against United so we HAVE to win. I’ll happily sacrifice right now the Barcelona game at home and win Wolves instead. If we get within ‘winning’ distance of ManU (2pts or less) they will collapse in the big games coming up. This was the best transfer window Arsenal have had in years and we didn’t buy anyone! But ManU face a resurgent Suarez-Liverpool, a Torres-Luiz Chelsea, and a Dzeko City.

    The title is ours. It’s coming home. The greatest Prem victory of all time, a team that has spent less than over half the league, a squad that cost less than one Chelsea player. It is phenomenal. So fuck the Champions Lge. We’ve got Sunderland 3 days before Barca away. Play the kids against Barca and lets play full strength against Sunderland.

    Come on you reds!

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