Is Twitter helping Arsenal to the title?

February 4, 2011

By now I’m sure most ardent gooners are up and running on the fabulous social media site, Twitter, and have also added the likes of Cesc, Jack, Robin et al to their follow list.

They like each don’t they?

I mean they really do actually like each other, and seem to be all getting on like blood brothers.  Daily banter of a very good-natured level is there for all to see.  They rib each other like a group of friends in their forties who all went to the same school over 25 years ago.

On the pitch, the celebrations when we score a goal are very united, the whole squad get involved, including the subs on the sidelines.  I love this, I have always loved goal celebrations that get the subs off the bench and running onto the pitch to jump all over the goalscorer.

It shows a level of togetherness and camaraderie that simply has to be present in a side who wish to win the top prizes in the sport.

This is a special bunch of players Wenger has harnessed together, and the only rick in the system in recent years have been the  pair of plonkers Gallas and Adeybayor wrecking the spirit.

I don’t see any influence like that in this squad.

Unless United suddenly become a team who can actually perform away from home, I really don’t know how we lose the league this year?

Anybody help me out here?  Just look at the fixtures remaining for both sides, the one toughie for us is the Spuddies away in May some time.

The home United game will obviously be crucial, but way before that they have 3 or 4 very tough away days that could feasibly see us 4 or 5 points clear by the time they come down to the Emirates.

Barcelona in the CL is a bonus game, if we win, incredible.. if not… so what… the Carling Cup and the League quite simply have to be lifted now that we have forced our way into this wonderful position.

The excitement builds daily.

The magpies are up next, tough away day, but even without Song and Samir, the return of Diaby should give us the steel in the middle, he is a far better box to box player than Song… the trio of Jack, Cesc and Abou in the middle is technically the most proficient in going forward, so we should create plenty.

No predictions from me, just hoping for a good win, without any injuries!



3 Responses to “Is Twitter helping Arsenal to the title?”

  1. wenger said

    i still have the koscielny everton goal celebration in mind.we look lyk a bunch of hungry fox yearning for blood.good stuff!

  2. NYArsenal said

    Another top post, Hawke. I do very much look forward to your pre-match musings. Our goal celebrations are a thing of beauty, I agree.

  3. scooch said

    Sorry to say it but this is the first time I’ve come across ur site. Gotta agree with everything u say here. Our team spirit seems to be fantastic at the moment, summed up by players tweeted sleeping photos on the coach/ plane. Another thing that I’ve realised recently is how much other players like Sagna. He comes across as a real nice bloke as well as a great player! Great article I’ll definitely be back!

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