Arsenal are pure FILTH

February 2, 2011

This is what an Everton fan messaged me on Twitter after the game…. it was actually one of the nicer comments.

You know what it told me?  ARSENAL ARE BACK!

Winning teams, are hated teams.  For too long we have been “my second favourites to win the league after my own club” well bollocks to that sentiment, because that can only mean pity.

The years we were winning titles, doubles, cups…. nobody really liked us.  We were dirty Arsenal, with dirty French players who were ruining the England side etc etc

Can you not feel the seethfest returning?

Well bring back the abuse…. cos it means we are winning, and winning big again.



7 Responses to “Arsenal are pure FILTH”

  1. Lewyd24 said


  2. goonerjay said

    No Everton fan has the right to complain about filth when they have guys like Phil Neville and Heitinga in their team. They are both amongst the dirtiest players in the EPL. Arsenal players have been victims of their filth on many occaisons.
    What they can’t take is that this Arsenal will no longer just be kicked off the park without fighting back.

  3. PGroves said

    Rodwell shouldve been sent off for a 2 footed tackle on theo. Heitinga fouled RVP repeated off the ball. Sahas goal was 2 yards offside. The only way everton can compete is by ‘getting among’ the other side which invariably means borderline physical challenges & hoofing it into tr box as much as possible. Cescs rant tells me his commitment to the gooners is greater than many expect. Arshavins back and so are the arsenal. VCC

  4. steve said

    bad losers that’s all

  5. Greg said

    Moyes complained about Fabregas behaviour, did he said he spent the night sucking Lee Mason balls as usual, just to let the Toffees play their tough game with avandtage.
    I appreciate Everton as they do have quality players but Moyes sucks

  6. bops said


  7. emeka said

    Its not about what anybody says. I love Arsenal when it gets as filthy as that, thats what it takes to live up to the name GUNNERS.Everton or anyone at that CAN GO TO HELL.Come on gunners SHOOT’EM UP.

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