Arsenal Chairman Hill-Wood at his comic best

January 27, 2011

Old boy Peter Hill-Wood has been giving exclusive quotes to his pal Brian Woolnough over at the Daily Star again, and as per the norm.. they are class.

I shall link the full article below, but for me, the quote of the entire interview, and the quote of 2011 ALREADY is..

“If some bloody Russian wants to buy the place and everyone else wants to sell, then, okay, I will go and grow ­tomatoes in Kent.But if you have a ­benefactor and he gets run over by a bus, you are gone. We have got to have 50,000 people run over by a bus before we have a problem.”

Long live Hill-Wood says me.



7 Responses to “Arsenal Chairman Hill-Wood at his comic best”

  1. arsenal4ever said

    he is fukking arrogant to say it doesnt matter if we dont win a pot this season!!!

  2. shut up said

    he’s right, the world will not end if we don’t win a trophy in a given season, BUT, this is an amazing group of players, and if we don’t win big soon, we’ll risk letting the group separate and disappear off to other clubs. we need a little bit of serious investment now to plug the gaps in the squad, so that we can win and show these players that they are in the right place to challence for trophies.

  3. gooner0609 said

    arsenal4ever that is not what he is saying. He is saying that this club does not rely on one person, is built on a solid foundation and will be so forever.

    It’s because of the Hill-Woods and those that preceded them and who are there now that every single thing about The Arsenal Football Club is dripping with class. Win, Lose or Draw it is unmatched by any other SPORTS team on the Planet.

  4. PTangYangKipperBang said

    Here Here Bloody right Chairman

  5. Jaygooner said

    I must admit that Peter Hill-Wood, in his Colonel Blimp Old Etonian way, does get the message across. It’s all about legacy, the Directors are merely custodians of this fantastic Football Club. If we ever do sell up to the fat Russian gangster, I will join Denis growing my cucumbers in rural Kent. Bottom line is we will never have a problem. Fat russian gangster money is temporary, The Mighty Arsenal is permanent.

  6. donovan said

    The guy owns less than 1% of the club and basically has no say in anything Arsenal do. He’s just a figurehead and his constant DailyStar exclusives are becoming annoying – suggesting Fabregas wouldn’t get into the Barcelona team being one of the major reasons Fabregas was DESPERATE to leave the club in the summer. And so much for his ‘We don’t want his sort here’ comment about Kroenke. Seriously, he’s a dinosaur that was great back in the day, but lately he is like the senile Grandad who still thinks he knows better than everyone else. Even Churchill got booted out of office when he lost it.

  7. jacob said

    Arsenal4ever is one of the really thick posters over at Le Grove (aka the Arsenal blog with the lowest IQ) which is quite an indictment when you consider that that place is full of some of the most stupid Arsenal fans on planet Earth… and this guy is even more stupid than the normal poster on that benighted site, so it’s not surprising at all that he doesn’t understand what PHW is saying.

    I enjoyed PHW’s comments but it is also true that the guy is more likely to put his foot in it than say something enlightening. As someone else has already mentioned his initial comments about Kroenke were quite embarrassing no matter what ones views on foreign ownership may be.

    I’m honestly in two minds as to whether we need PHW to maintain a crucial link to what Arsenal is all about or whether the majority of his utterances means that he should take a bow and go and spend some more time in his vegetable Garden… when he makes comments like his most recent ones I definitely want him to stay on. I particularly enjoy his comment to the woman who was yelling at him to … “spend some f**king money”..

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