A night of massive importance at the Emirates

January 25, 2011

I recall being at the Emirates for the 2nd leg of the semi against the Spuds back in early 2007, what a night that was… it finally took the man who has now signed for Ian Holloway, namely Jeremie Aliadiere, to score the goal that took us to the final… in extra time.

The away goal rule is a weird one in the league cup, apparently away goals don’t count, until after extra time.  Now I’m sure some of you readers of the more avid kind will correct me on this if I am wrong… but the bottom line here is our inability to score away in the first leg should not impede us tonight.

I have the feeling this game is being taken very seriously by the club, and for that reason I cannot see more than 2 or 3 changes to the team tonight from the Wigan game.  Arshavin should come in for Nasri, Gibbs for Clichy and maybe Denilson for Song.

RvP is on fire and has not been overplayed at all this term, and with the Cup on Sunday, there is every chance he gets another start tonight ahead of Chamakh.  I would start him, his confidence is bang up there and that could wrap the game up for us inside the first 45 minutes.

The worst case scenario is the City effect.  Banging away on the bus door without breaking through.  The longer the game goes on the more impatient we all get, and the more fear begins to override the situation.

Put quite simply, it’s a doomsday scenario if we fail to progress to the final tonight.

Our whole season could be derailed… which is why we need the best team to start, and start banging away at that parked bus with vigour and the confidence of some magical displays in recent weeks.

I have always preferred the route of starting the best eleven and then brining them off when the game is won, as opposed to fielding a weaker eleven and bringing on the stars off the bench to chase a game later on.

Enjoy the match gooners, unless we score very early on, I know I won’t enjoy this one…. yes we could be 3-0 up at HT… but there is a very real possibility of us going in deadlocked at HT and coming out to a nerve jangling final 45.

Another night of sporting drama awaits us.


8 Responses to “A night of massive importance at the Emirates”

  1. carlos said

    Spot on mate, absolutely hit the nail right on the head. It could be a really nervy game!!!!

  2. Armory said

    I agree that we should always play our stromgest team or as close to as possible but I disagree about theis being a doomsday scenario if we loose. It will be disapointing and shameful but instead of making the team implode it actually might make the penny drop for the players, if you dont consentrate and give it your all you will win fuck all.

  3. PJ said

    @ Armory

    The penny should have dropped for our players after the first leg. There’s no excuse for us not winning and going thru tonight if we really are to believe we’re in contention to win anything

    Defeat tonight will, I fear, impact the rest of our season. We could be unlucky and lose which is one thing, but to not score, not try, not create will have huge negative impacts

    Best team from the start and for the whole game if necessary. Winning thus cup could kick us on, going out could kick start a horrible spiral where we end up also rans on all 4 fronts

    I think we’ll win and win well

    Come on you Gunners!

  4. kc said

    Good post. I almost completely agree with your assesment except I think we can win by several goals without risking RVP againt the rugby style tractorboys. If Robin were to go down today could be the end of our season for sure.

  5. Lee said

    RVP won’t start tonight or Sunday. Chamakh will play upfront tonght, NikkiB on Sunday. The increasingly tiresome Denilson will start probably both games and we have a woeful record when he does, But as long as Wilshere, Fabregas, Walcott & Arshavin play, we should have this wrapped up in 90mins.

    Miquel played for the reserves today so Kos & Djourou will continue. I hope Sagna starts. Give Eboue the Huddersfield gig. Gibbs is class & Clichy has picked up his game recently so no worries there.

    3-0 and counting. But we have to be winning by 2 goals at half-time or it might start playing in their heads.

    PS Why doesn’t this site appear on NewsNow?

  6. Knightvision said

    Thank fuck for that! At least Ipswich did a better job of playin football than Man C.

    I thought it was gonna be the perfect night until the manure pulled a rabbit out of the hat 😦

    I know this isn’t a manky blog, but how long are manure gonna keep gettin results with a tired, below par team??

  7. Knightvision said

    And another thing…..

    What was the ref doin, givin a drop ball when the ball hit him?? Surely that’s not the rules.

  8. Goons_with_Guns said

    our home venue is called ASHBURTON GROVE, REMEMBER this fact and NEVER print emirates again.

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