Oxlade-Chamberlain agrees to Arsenal move

January 22, 2011

This according to Matt Law from the Express, who seems to have an inside line on the transfer of the young winger.  The player has chosen Arsenal ahead of Liverpool, but the sticking point remains as to whether he joins up at London Colney this month or stays on the south coast until the summer.

Either way, this appears to be a decent deal for the club.  He will maybe cost 5M upfront rising to around 10M dependant upon appearances, England caps, etc.

Very similar to the Theo deal…. FIVE WHOLE YEARS AGO!

Talking about Theo, he got a decent rest this week, and should be nice and sharp for Wigan this afternoon… expecting a magical display from him.  Wigan’s defence are not the quickest, and this should represent an afternoon of fun and frolicks for our man.



15 Responses to “Oxlade-Chamberlain agrees to Arsenal move”

  1. MikE said

    i always trust aw on buying young players for the future. nobody does it better. he’s the best.

    what we need now is a short-term fix at cb.

  2. Nils said

    He is a younger version of cristiano ronaldo . And he is English. Good update legandaire

  3. Lee said

    The problem isn’t about him wanting to come to Arsenal – its about the fee that will be blown out the water by ManCity if they decide they want to (a) buy him, (b) stop Arsenal buying him.

    Off to the game now, looking forward to seeing Wilshere again after tolerating the sideways crab that is Denilson recently.

    3-0 minimum

  4. dilshan said

    sounds a great signing, theo hazard and chamberline will form an awesome frwrd 3 in years to come

  5. Roy said

    Haha Lee!! 🙂

  6. Christmas henry said

    I believe AW knows who 2 buy nd of grate gualities, the person in consign is no dawght skilful nd if d price is right why not.

  7. geoff reid said

    still need samba.

  8. Arsenal4eva said

    This is absolute rubbish, neither Hazard or Chambelain has agreed personal terms with us! both their managers have clearly stated again TODAY that their players have not spoken to Arsenal in any way shape or form and both will be staying at their clubs.

    Stop feeding us hopeful crap just for the sake of a story, search all the other websites and you will see neither player has even spoken to Arsenal never mind agreed personal terms!

    Dont people realise that both clubs have to AGREE A FEE before even allowing their players to talk to another club, otherwise its blatent ‘tapping up’ from Arsenal!!

  9. Ron said

    Excellent news if it turns out to be true but m wondering whether his signing would seem to, in some way, make the chances of Arsenal landing Eden Hazard next season all the less likely since both are, I believe, wingers.

  10. Abubakar said

    Arsenal is the best in the world.

  11. shut up said

    theo, chamberlain and hazard up front?

    no thanks.

    anyway, wenger is moving towards playing one man up front with a five man midfield, two of who will be tricky wingers. in 3-5 years the main man up front will probably be a name signing, and the wide men will be picked from botelho/vela/wellington/nasri/hazard/walcott/oxlade-chamberlain.

  12. shut up said

    it would be pretty darn embarrassing for us all if this kid ends up at man city or something.

  13. Jackwilsheresgf said

    About to suck jack off after game

  14. […] Oxlade-Chamberlain agrees to Arsenal move This according to Matt Law from the Express, who seems to have an inside line on the transfer of the young winger.  […] […]

  15. Arsenal said

    @ Lee …. What make you thought that Man City will sign him up? Is the player who will decide the future and no amounts of silly fees can change the transfer.otherwise our Captain Fabregas would be snap up by any teams.

    Wenger came out to admit his intention to do a deal with Southhampton, and we can only hope everything fine. He cannot be ready for first team, and Wenger can nuture his play further that we are sure.

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