Arsenal will win the title if United try to be Invincible

January 18, 2011

My theory behind this outlandish claim is simple…. you see, I have the distinct feeling that Old Purple Nose himself  now truly believes following in the footsteps of the Great Arsenal Invincibles is highly achievable.

Why?  Well United this term are a team quite unlike previous Fergie iterations, in that they lack a cutting edge, style, a flair.. a certain panache they had on the attacking front in years gone by.  This United team are bores, they grind out results like a mid table side.

That is their strength this year, they are hard to beat, yet they are never going to blow any side away – unless you count bribing Fat Sam – and as every game passes, more and more will build in terms of anticipation and excitement at them equalling Arsenal’s Invincibles.

Brilliant!  Music to my ears… because they will do what they done at Spuds on Sunday, bottle it, and look for bore draws.. just to stay unbeaten.

They will naturally drop points trying to achieve this.  With say 12 games of the season left, and they still remain unbeaten, are you seriously telling me they will not subconsciously go out trying not to get beat, as opposed to going out trying to win the game.

To win the title in this country it has always been about going out and scoring goals, being on the front foot, attack first, maybe defend later.  Jose’s Chelski were a very attacking open side when looking for the first goal, or chasing a deficit… but then they shut shop and parked the proverbial bus when the lead was taken.  Over the years, United and Arsenal have always gone for the jugular, from start till finish over ninety minutes.

You see, when we done it, we were miles ahead in the league, there were no other serious challengers that year, but for United this year they have us and City right on their coat tails… waiting to pounce every time they drop points.

The elusive 19th Record breaking title is also on the agenda if United win it this year, so another real millstone around the necks.  They will leave the door open, and I fully expect City to be neck and neck with their Manchester rivals in the race for 2nd place.  By Easter, I anticipate us being a good 3-5 points clear at the top of the league.

The home game against United could be a proper double whammy for them, a full on 6 pointer at the helm of the league.. and maybe we rip the unbeaten run aswell…. sounds magical hey?

This is it gooners, this is our season to get back where we belong… you can stuff your Champions League… that’s a bonus… as nothing beats being Champions of England.


4 Responses to “Arsenal will win the title if United try to be Invincible”

  1. dilshan said

    if we perform as we can and stay lucky with injury front there is no reason why we cant win the league, but winning CC could still be vital to give the team the confidence they seem to lack at times

  2. bops said

    Confident aren’t we :).. Well lets see.. What would I give for your predictions to come true !!

  3. I might be thinking something weird here, but if this happened it will be a new history in premier league.

    MU create their invincible record but not winning the title.

    Just a thought that would be reality in this season.

  4. king gooner said

    so long as they don’t keep getting howard”i love manure” webb for the big games it is possible..

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