Tactically Arsenal make it easy for poor sides

January 14, 2011

Not just poor sides, but even the likes of Manchester United.  You deploy a flat back four, with 3 central defensive midfielders sitting in front of the defence, blocking, chopping and slicing up everything that tries to slip through.  You then play your fastest players wide and hit them with long balls once you break up the Arsenal play.

The long ball will work perfectly as we are having to play a very high defensive line to keep the pressure up on attacks.  This is what kept on getting us caught at Ipswich and against Leeds.

Fat Sam was the first to use these tactics against us when manager of Bolton.

You see, a poorer side resigns themselves to either boring out a draw or a sneaky win at best on the break against play.  If they happen to let the system loose in the opening half by going behind to Arsenal.. then it’s all over for them

This is where we fail time and time and time and time and time and time………. again!

Against Leeds and Ipswich, Arshavin was released into one on ones with the goalie and missed both times, shot was saved against Leeds and his left foot shot at Ipswich is still in orbit somewhere… soon to meet the ball from Rooney’s penalty against us.

It is truly grating me that we cannot finish good chances with a higher conversion rate, as if we did, we would begin to destroy teams again like the good old days back in the early noughties.

Our main aim back then was to come out of the blocks and pulverise the opposition into submission inside the opening 15-20 minutes, setting up a nice controlled middle part of the game, and then a final assault for late goals on the counter attack…. the blistering pace of Cole, Pires, Fred, Thierry et al made this a dream scenario.

We just don’t have the players to play that way now…. note I mentioned “blistering pace”  Theo aside… who else is actually rapid in the first eleven?  Clichy… yes  the central midfield is moribund here… out wide Arshavin is no slouch but actually slower than appears, Nasri can shift… then we have our forwards in RvP and MC29 who are just not quick at all.  MC29 I have worked out is simply very swift over 5 yards but then totally empties.

The West Ham game tomorrow is gigantic, as I feel a poor result will stuff us… then we are away to Leeds, which will be a mental pressure cooker with the animal home fans coked to their eyeballs.

So here it is, if we win the next two games, and they are proper away days… the confidence will return to the side at the perfect time.  We now enter the business end folks.  We cannot afford to drop silly points in the league anymore, as there is not the time to make points up anymore.  All well and good  losing to West Brom and co earlier in the season, but it just won’t wash now.

The time has come, step forward Arsenal 2011 and show us… don’t fucking keep telling us on Twitter or in the press… SHOW US ON THE PITCH that you are not all mouth and no trousers.

We back you, we have faith in you, but it’s that funny time of the year again when all hell can break loose… or we start getting those magical feelings about cracking some Champers in May.

Hold on to your hats, Gooners.

7 Responses to “Tactically Arsenal make it easy for poor sides”

  1. dilshan said

    spot on, WE need pace up front to put defenders in two minds now our forwards hardly spin in behind and get away from defence or run at them with pace and power, theo has no power, Dibay the exception,

    If we had taken our chances we would ve mullered city 4/5-0 nd will not have to complain about their defensive tactics.Best example of MC29 is agaisnt leeds when they broke ( leading to Pen) he actually caught up with the play but just didnt have ny more to keep up with it once he caught up

  2. stormid said

    Why play with Song or Denilson against long ball teams anyway?

    United won the title playing with Scholes/Carrick in midfield.

    Just attack them from the flanks. Wilshere and one more central midfielder should be enough.

  3. guest said

    On the issue of poor finishing,which irritates most fans is the OTT passing,which affords any team to a stone wall defence with time to spare. One could see the frowning on AW’s face if a shot was made from outside the box,especially when not connected. And this is the worst briefing vision to play fast football,actually slowing down for artistic reasons that do not often pay off in defensive minded oppositions. Also there seems to be less players rushing forward to nick a killer rebound,and it is so disheartening to see quick crosses from Walcott with nobody wanting to convert them. To instil panic and fear a shot must be made on first chance with other players rushing to pick up any rebounds. And this also slows the opposition countering too quickly.

  4. Lee said

    Its what we’ve always known, we’ve got a great 1st XI and everyone else is very average. Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner, are not even worthy to call average. Fabregas this season has been very poor. His passing truly terrible and he has lost every sprint he’s tracked back for.

    The fragile mind-set of these players is ridiculous. If we beat WHam, we’ll beat Leeds. If we don’t beat WHam, we’ll get spanked at Leeds.

    All Arsene must know now is that he cannot start important games with Denilson in midfield. Offers nothing. Ramsey looking for fitness would be a better option. The majority of our defeats and bad results this season have Denilson in midfeild. Can’t tackle, can’t run, can’t pass. And at the moment, Jack is 1000 times more important to us than Fab who has been a liability so far. Imagine if NikkiB had missed that chance he bungled over from 2 yards at Ipswich.

    Happy Ches gets a taste of Prem action tmrw and thank f*** we have RVP and Naz back.

    Anyway, having said all that – we’ll stuff Wham 0-3 and then go and stuff Leeds too!

  5. Paul N said

    “The fragile mind-set of these players is ridiculous. If we beat WHam, we’ll beat Leeds. If we don’t beat WHam, we’ll get spanked at Leeds.”

    Bull crap!

    you have no proof of that at all. If that was the case as soon as we lost our first match we would lose for the rest of the year.

    We do need to stop with this high defensive ling against the long ball teams. Its the same thing that killed us against the Spurs. I dont get it.

  6. FoolishGooner said

    Absolutely Paul,
    It is not fragile mind-set, it is a selection problem. Arsene buys most of these players at young age and feels like a father to them. He sees the good in them more than the Game at hand! He makes up who plays any given day and does want to pull players out because he believes in them. All those things lead to a poor selections at some games. I said it before and i will say it again. We have some players that should never be on the Pitch together. Denilson, Jack Wilshere, Arshavin, Cecs and NB52. Arsene find ways these players to play but not together. Cecs is all about passing setting up play therefore you need players who will take their chances (No thanks Jack/Denilson/Arshavin). Arshavin wants to harrass the opponents defense therefore doesn’t pressure enough defensively when we don’t have the ball (No thanks Jack/Denilson because of their lack of pace/strength to cover for the mad Russian). Jack want to pass pass sometimes too freaking much for an attacking Mid. He doesn’t take enough chances for me to put fear on the opponents backline he wants to be Cecs without a right foot! problem (we can afford only one free roaming AM with no real pace to recover/pressure/strength/hight). Denilson is not a defensive Mid (he tries) he has no pace sometimes short of effort (Strenghts: Outside shot more attacking player). All that boils down to Arsene Selecting: 4 players who do not pressure the ball/not defensively aware enough and just want to maintain play by keeping the ball.

  7. donovan said

    A lot of truth about mindset because we always seem to lose back-to-back games this season. We crumbled a couple of seasons ago when we got beat by Man utd in the FA cup. There is a definite block in the teams head that when things dont go right or they have a defeat, it takes them a few games to recover. a lucky draw and a loss to Leeds & Ipswich says it all.

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