Arsenal have a superb defence

January 13, 2011

Laurent Koscienly and Johan Djourou are two of the most complete Central defenders in the league.  They intercept, they win balls aerially, but best of all, they come out of defence with the ball and then play it off like elegant passing midfielders.

What a partnership this is developing into – and long may it continue to flourish injury free.

You see, we just don’t have an issue with our defence, although the gutter press will hoodwink you into believing that not to be the case.

Our issues, as I have touched upon countless times on this blog in recent months, lie with our forward line…. we are just hopeless when it comes to being clinical in front of goal.  When we do get that odd game whereby we bury our chances, we go and beat the shit out of teams like Chelsea.

However, we are just far too hit and miss these days, and I am starting to worry now.

Arshavin is a broken man right now, he troops around begging to be hauled off, he even decided he wanted to come off on Saturday when his number did not even come up on the board… if that aint the actions of a footballer hating his game, nothing is.  I don’t know if he will recover this season or not.. i just don’t know.  We do have to continue to support him though…. as hard as it may seem at times.

Theo is doing well at times running in behind on the diagonal, but when he gets there, he usually fails to deliver, the good news with him is I feel the more he plays the better he will get.  He was flying earlier in the season, and will lift off again soon.

Bendtner is just a right royal lazy toerag… to be honest I don’t really give a rats arse anymore about how bleeding talented he is… he just needs to start working like he used to… remember United at home a couple of seasons back?  when he lead our line like a man possessed.  Seems like a long time ago.

MC29 just does not like scoring goals for me, if he was honest, I think he would say he preferred to set up goals over scoring them.  This aint what I want to hear from a centre forward.  He tries though.

RvP is the main man, and the sooner he is ready to play 2 games a week the sooner we start to motor again.  World class.

Wrapping this little rant up…. focus your attention on the chances we miss to take the lead in games… the total sitters we miss in almost every single game we play ( Cesc last night to make it 1-0 from 2 yards) and forget talking about our defence, as they are sorted.  More than sorted.

19 Responses to “Arsenal have a superb defence”

  1. Bala said

    The reason why Kosh and JD partnership has clicked is that Kosh is a beast on the ground.He is the best tackler out of our 4 CB’s(Slightly better than Verm IMO) and on the other hand JD is an outstanding header of the ball and he has pace too.So when those too play our defense is well balanced and they compliment each other well too

  2. Fanagooner said

    Totally agree… It’s a great defense but we just are unlucky! We rarely have all 4 of them on the pitch at the same time! Like for yesterday, sagna was suspended! GLichy can be outstanding if Nasri plays on his side!!!

    And as far as sagna is concerned, doubts never existed!!!

  3. Sean said

    I’m telling you if arsenal sold Arshavin and bought Luis Suarez we would be insane!

  4. crooked said

    against ipswich it truly clicked huh
    the worst team ever owned both of them. WAKE UP!

  5. jacko said

    Agree that we have to be more clinical up front but you must be insane if you think Kos & JD are a quality pairing at the moment. They both need more time to adapt for different reasons (being new to league and injury). We are desperate for another quality commanding CB (not a quick fill Upson type either). Buying Chamack wasn’t the answer up front. He works his arse off and brings others into play but he doesn’t like to shoot and has no real dribbling ability, so not ideal! That said i would offload Bendy, along with the other deadwood like Denny, Diaby, Eboue and dare i say AA and rosicky. We need a decent overhaul and until it happens we will flatter to decieve as always. This has to be AW’s last hurrah if fails us again and refuses to spend OUR money on proven talent for a change – oh and by talent i don’t mean kids being shipped out to spain for years on end with no garuantees of making it anyway!

  6. Tuns said

    I agree with your comment but then when VAM. returns i’ll pear him with JD.

  7. seasonticket said

    Surely this is a joke?

    Our defence sorted? You may not know, but the Arsenal are traditionally known for their strong, organised defensive qualities.

    None of our defences since Campbell (and Lehmann) left have been oranised properly. There are no leaders.

  8. gooner0609 said

    Spot On.
    Kos and JD have been outstanding in the last 2 month’s. The finishing has been absolute garbage. Fab4 gave up two open shots yesterday. Walcott has a very long way to go. Just does not anticipate the play unless the passer is looking at him. The arrival of Hazard in the Summer will put him back on the bench.

  9. Rubbish said

    “Kos and Djourou the most complete defensive pair in the PL”!!!…

    Im sorry but that is complete rubbish, they may do the job but they are not on the same level as (i hate to say this) Vidic & Ferdinand!

    Come on, be honest, if we had the best defence then why do we let in a minimum of one goal every game???

    And no you cant blame the keeper cos if the defence was good enough then they’d be stopping 3 quarters of the shots on our goal! Remeber, to get to the keeper they need to breach the defence.

    Slightly rose-tinted article to be honest.

  10. sam said

    cheap n crazy solution!
    get rid of bendtner, give adebanjo another chance while young players like thomas n afobe are still developing.
    make him a top scorer again if he doesn’t grow up and change his atittude, sell him.
    another profit for le stingy and the boards.
    i dont expect arsene to spend big money on a proven goalscorer and adebanjo still loves arsenal.

  11. u ve all said the right thing 4me we av a gud squad bt we stil need more firepower, a consistent central defender then offload diaby, Eboue 4nw i dont knw what 2say abt Arshavin bcos he impresseses and disapoints atimes for chamakh all he needs is to learn hw to penetrate into opponent defence den shoot, i prefer calos vela to him for he dribbles, penetrate into opponent defence and can shoot weneva required.

  12. Willy young said

    Agree in the main lazy journalism always blamed the defence. JD is very impressive and Kos is improving but needs experience!!
    TV looked good but not defensively world class whilst Squill is average cover

    We need cover now though so why not pay to recall Bartley if AW thinks he is promising otherwise sell him no more loans please!!!

    The attack is a major worry. Yes Theo is slowly improving but NB and Vela need to be sold and Arsjsvin too NOW

    RVP looks out of sorts and with midfielder whose first instinct is to go square we are far to easy to defend against Nasri excluded

    As for Chamack his horror show vs Spurs still haunts clean thru twice he stops and passed back!!? What??

    We have major problems and AW seems to be too stubborn to address them
    Rant over

  13. cupsui said

    Totally agree
    Sagna JD Kozzer and Clichy it is a solid techincal defense strong in the air (except clichy) clearly its not our problem right now! Kozzer has been so much better alongside JD and its because the squid is so poor! The problem right now is not scoring there have been so many chances but they are just not being taken! time for that to change…look forward to seeing RvP and Nasri back for the next two games…
    RvP looks to be on the cusp of a goal frenzy! poor ol’ andrei just needs some luck…and heck a bit of support from some people wouldn’t go astary a sorry bunch of sods these arsenal fans can be can’t they!!!

  14. ArsenalForever2004 said

    If you watch carefully the problem was not the defence itself – it was the defensive tactics W

  15. ArsenalForever2004 said

    If you watch carefully the problem was not the defence itself – it was the defensive tactics Wenger employed. When Ipswich were regularly hitting balls over the top you would think Wenger would tell the defense to play deeper but he did not do this. The fact that the strikers could not take their chances made everything seem worse than it was.

    This was a cup semi final away against a motivated team – it was always going to be a difficult task to keep a clean sheet especially with the suicidely high offside line in the second half, it just needed the strikers to take their chances to make this irrelevant.

  16. Ryan said

    I do feel like the back 2 catch a lot of slack. Many times the midfield leave them exposed, whether it’s Denilson losing the ball or the wingers leaving the outside backs exposed.

    I feel like it’s a mentality thing at Arsenal. It’s seems as if Wenger struggles to get the guys pumped for a game, I worry about this poor mentality

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Arsenal News Feed. Arsenal News Feed said: #arsenal Arsenal have a superb defence « Légendaire: Arsenal have a superb defence. 13 Jan. Laurent Koscienly an… […]

  18. seasonticket said

    If you watch carefully the problem was not the defence itself – it was the defensive tactics Wenger employed. When Ipswich were regularly hitting balls over the top you would think Wenger would tell the defense to play deeper but he did not do this.

    Why should Wenger have to be telling the players to do this? Surely they should be good enough to work it out for themselves? There is a total lack of communication and organization throughout our team. No one shouts, no one gives bollockings out….they are all too nice and timid.

    They need to grow some balls!

  19. Delio Nicola said

    I do slightly agree but when the verminator returns..him and JD will be rock! Van Persie?? Mate, hes 27 and he aint gonna get any better. Sell him now while we can get money for him. Hes never there and he seems to play for holland more than s and we pay his fkin wages. He should put more effort into gettin fit and strong.


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