World Cup final replayed tonight at the Emirates

January 5, 2011

This is my overriding fear vis-a-vis tonight’s monster clash in North London.

City will be missing their main man, their orchestrata, the man who makes them “play football”, therefore, men like De Jong, Barry and Yaya will be key for them.

I very much doubt they will come to have a rumble with us, a point is more than good enough and this should plant the tactical side of their job tonight.  Namely, sit deep, frustrate, and hope Tevez can nick something with some magic on the break.


Remind you much of the Chelski approach in recent years?  These two sides have spent nearly a BILLION pounds, not even dollars, but pounds between them, and all they can muster against Arsenal is a über defensive approach to the game.


Football is and should always be about entertainment, and both sides should play a part in this.  I have nothing against a smaller club coming and parking the bus for 90 mins, but when teams who spend as much as those aforementioned do as such, well it kind of leaves a very bitter after taste.

The pairing of Kos6 and JD should be reestablished again this evening, and so it should be.  Kos6 cleans up everything along the deck and JD wins 90% of balls in the air. Marvellous.

The battle royal between Kos6 and Tevez will be the one I focus on tonight.  I just don’t feel our man has been given enough credit since his move in the summer.  Believe me gooners, the lad can defend.  He is prone to the odd slide tackle that maybe he should have stood for, but that’s experience he is making up…. rapidly.

I have high hopes of another outstanding display from the Franco-Pole, by shackling Tevez all night, it may go some way to prove to sections of our support just how fine a player he truly is.  I would go as far as to say he will become the best defender at the club before next season.  His awareness and reading of the ball in play is astonishing,  at times his interceptions are almost Baresi-esque.

That’s about as high as praise gets for pure defending.

TV5 is the more rugged, hard nut, get the job done at all costs type.

I make no predictions for the game tonight, other than to say, having a goalie who is on form, a pair in defence who don’t concede, Cesc and RvP down the spine of the team…. leaves me confident, but wary of decent opposition.


p.s About time Kos6 netted one of those sitters from 3 yards at the far post?


7 Responses to “World Cup final replayed tonight at the Emirates”

  1. NYArsenal said

    Yes, Hawke, yes. Finally someone who gives LK6 a bit of a boost, as he deserves.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gooner, Gooner, NYArsenal and others. NYArsenal said: Read @onearsenewenger 's latest post: Hawke rightly gives my boy LK6 some love. He sees what I see in the boy. […]

  3. GoonerFred said

    Honestly Kos6 one defender I’ve come to respect so much. If he were the size of Djourou only God knows what he would be doing. Yet still he has time to develop. I love you Kos.

  4. donovan said

    He’s banged one in from the pen, banged one in from a free-kick, and tonight RVP will finally get his 1st goal from open play.

    Wenger has to pick the same side that beat B’ham.

    A whisper I’ve heard is Ramsey will play against Leeds on Saturday. Excellent!

  5. Maulid said

    Wow!all along av alwz known kos6 2b a fab defender evn wen all the AAA were getn a bash at him!

  6. Knightvision said

    Classic Italian anti-football. 11-0-0 formation. Damn cowardly city.

  7. math games said

    post not working in firefox

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