2011 – The year Wenger laughs back

December 31, 2010

I don’t have much by the way of fresh speak where it comes to giving my view on the greatness of AW, we all know and have heard/read plenty re: new stadium, youth academy, annual champs league etc etc

What I can say is the knockers will get it back this year coming.

Starting on the very first day of 2011, as the Arsenal take to the West Midlands in another crucial Premiership encounter with the Blues of Birmingham City.

The great man has been pilloried this week following the pulverisation of Chavski and the draw up at Wigan, which as we all know should have been a win.

However, his team selection was totally on the button, and the rested players taking to the pitch tomorrow evening will evidence that.

The first trophy of 2011 will come at the end of February and there is much hope of the biggie being landed in May.

Don’t fall for the media hype all the time, stop reading papers like The Sun.. they are only there to get you going, the worst thing of all to do is buy their baloney and worse still follow it through what you speak and think.  You need putting down if you do.

On a final note I wish to quote Seneca

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”

I bid you all a very Happy New Year.


12 Responses to “2011 – The year Wenger laughs back”

  1. dilshan said

    I hope your right again, I have no doubt trophies will come this year and CC will be vital as it will make people like me calm a lot more after a game like wigan and understand and see the bigger picture as well as will life the team to a new level. We do have an amazing group of young talent and it is a matter of time we start winning multiples trophies

  2. Arsenal Oldie said

    A lovely quote to end the Arsenal year on, SH.

    Happy New Year fellow gooner.

  3. Cool Eddy said

    i too am amazed by the total over reaction of the game against wigan.

    we did not lose or draw 0-0

    we should and could have buried them had arshavin lifted the ball instead of passing it.

    birmingham is such a huge match now for all wenger fans.

  4. Arsenal Oldie said

    Cool Eddy – Obviously we are Arsenal fans before Wenger fans, but i get your sentiment.

  5. RW-T said

    Ok so what happens when we fail to beat birmighm?

    What excuse will you have for grandad wenker then?

  6. Arsenal Oldie said

    RW-T – Relax yourself, enjoy the beautiful game, don’t hate it.

  7. Jonathon Guild said

    Hi Hawke, this is off my iphone so hope is posted and not spammed off.

    Happy New Year to you and just want to say thank you for peerlessly flying the pro-wenger flag high and proud.

    You are a special blogger who just says it how it is.

    bless you.

  8. Tom said

    sammy nas is looking more like zidane every game
    theo is looking more like thierry every game
    cesc is looking more like cesc every game
    my bitch up is developing nicely
    arshavin blows hot and cold but on his day is incredible
    van persie is getting back to his best
    song is looking like some crazy makelele/gerrard hybrid
    jacky plays like he’s in his prime
    aaron is back
    sagna is quietly becoming the best right back in the world

    we have the best squad in the league no one else could have made 8 changes and feel so hard done by for drawing against wigan (united made less than 8 when they played west ham in the CC HAHAHAHAHA)

    we’re 3rd in the league and will go second if we win our game in hand
    we’ve got ipswich(!!!!!) in the CC semi final then i can’t even remember what shithole waiting in the final
    we’ve come out of the group stages in the champions league for the 11th (i think) year running, a feat matched only by madrid
    we have the best stadium in england and are getting closer to being debt free and our squad was assembled on a shoestring

    never felt this excited about a year since ’04 fuckinggggg come on!

  9. Bala said

    A very happy new year to U

  10. abc said

    happy new year string

    come on you rip roaring reds.

  11. gooner71 said

    There are so many fucking shit arsenal blogs around these days.

    Hawke you stand with just a handful of being a must read every time your headlines pop up on Newsnow.

    The world is now full of fickle goons who only supprted the club since the late 90s so have zero idea about what a football life cycle is.

    Keep giving it to them in 2011 my man 😉

  12. carlos said

    @Tom i totally love what you wrote….u only forgot to add that we have the best goalie in the premiership for a good frew years in the waiting in Sczezny…..happy new year

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