English football is rotten to the core

December 30, 2010

Where there is money there is corruption.  Where there is mega money….. you get the picture.

I’m a fair kind of person, yes I am a mad gooner and will generally see things with my little red and white tinted glasses on, but enough is enough when it comes to Arsenal getting bent over and fucked right up the arse by Premiership refs.

The bastard in pink last night was none other than Lee Probert, the wanker who grassed up Wenger at Old Trafford last season and got his Nazi mate Mike Dean to send Wenger to the stand. C U Next Tuesday.

I have absolutely no idea why you lot keep going on and on about “8 changes wenger made to the side” when all day, on every blog, twitter, or forum I read all I heard was gooners suggesting many changes due to the Chav game being less than 48 hours prior to last nights game at Wigan.  Get over it, it was fully expected, 8 bastard International players were brought in, not the bleeding Carling Cup kids!

At times we were playing some marvellous football, the little lazy git Russian scored a peach of a scissor kick goal, Nik B got his customary goal and some wonderful interplay from Jack and Arshavin should have produced the winner, only for said Russian to pass it to the keeper from 3 yards out.

That one shot, had it been slightly chipped, with the exact same team and performance… meaning we would have won 3-1 maybe 3-2, would have resulted in all you today calling AW a genius…. so how can such a miniscule and clear difference produce such opposing vitriol?

What is a harder game I ask you, Wigan away or Birmingham away?

If you just had to rest up players to make sure they were not overstretched, leading to yet more injuries, which game would you want the absolute first eleven out for and which a slightly second string?

Right…. so what did Wenger do wrong?

Getting back to the main argument and reason for this blog… why are we continually, home and away, getting ripped off by refs?

I very rarely see it done to us in the Champions League, so why is it a weekly thing in the Premiership?

N’Zogbia 100% dived last night for the penalty, there is no debate, on the stream I saw the match on they showed a number of slow motion replays and it was rubber stamped diving.  No conjecture, no oooh maybe, maybe not malarkey… he dived, simple as that.

Koscienly moved in to try and nick the ball but the cheating scumbag pulled away and then thought actually I’ll have a tumble here.

The bastard cheating ref was 5 yards away, how can he not see he dived?

El Capitan was on Twitter last night asking why his handball led to a pen against the Spuds yet an even more blatant handball in the box last night from some mug Wigan player in the wall was waved right away?

Tell me?  How?

Even if we got one of those two blatantly obvious decisions went our way, we would have won the game, which is what we deserved as we created more clear chances.  They played well the northern cheats, but we scored 2 pure legit goals and they cheated for one and got an own goal for the second.  Not starting on Squillaci today.  Saving that one.

I could think of maybe a dozen bent decisions that have gone against us this season, and maybe one if I really sat and thought about it that went our way.  This is the norm every season.

Something is not correct, and Wenger is no stranger to football corruption costing his side.

Everything comes out in the wash eventually, and I will guarantee to you lot that in the years to come, there will be a huge story vis-a-vis referees being brown paper bagged during this era of English football.

It’s not funny any more, it really aint.


12 Responses to “English football is rotten to the core”

  1. munawwar said

    terry got away yet again with another hand ball last night.

  2. rishgoon said

    Best blog I’ve read all day. I’m in OZ and have been preaching the same all day, copping the ‘whinger’ tag our manager always gets. All agreed on the handball, but its poxy refereeing like that that might cost us in the end. Fair enough, United might of been hard done by as well, but they don’t have to put up with the blatent piss poor refereeing like we do.

  3. Miranda said

    Corruption? I don’t think so. More likely it’s just pathetically weak-minded, incompetent men being scared of the old accusation that they always favour the big clubs, so they now favour the little ones, hoping for fan and media approval. United didn’t get things their way either – karma, you might say – against Birmingham, probably for much the same reason.

    But anyone who didn’t see the game and has any doubt about the decisions just watch the video on the Guardian football page. Even the commentator there says it – a clear dive, a clear penalty for a handball. Most Premiership refs are incompetent – no doubt about that – and vain and feeble-minded and inclined to be swayed by pressure from the home fans. But corrupt? I really don’t think they’re bright enough to be that.

  4. rvpgunners said

    Yeah corruption! FA should investigate the incident quickly.

  5. Knightvision said

    Fair play Hawke, tell it like it is. I’m not sure that it is as black and White as calling it corruption, but something is up. We definitely don’t get the decisions that other teams get. We could have had a couple of penaltys against the chavs, if that is the criteria that was shown at Wigan.

    Blatant dive by N’zogbia. No 2 ways about it. MOTD failed to see it too?? What is going on? Am I (we) just completely biased?

    That said, when Fabianski brought down some Wigan muppet in the box, it did look like a stone-wall penalty, and it was waved away. I think it that instance it did kinda balance out.

    The only way we can realistically fight these injustices is to start scoring 6-7 goals a game and for our defence to gel properly and fast.

  6. trailblazers said

    Gooners tend to dig at Wenger everytime Arsenal drop points — whether it’s justifed or not.

    i have no problem with Wenger making 8 changes, including captains of Russia, Czech Republic and Morocco, as well as Denmark’s no1 striker.

    shit happens at times, that’s it.
    AW couldnt expect a dive would lead to a penalty awarded to Wigan, nor could he expect a ref would deny Arsenal a blatant penalty

    Gooners should back the team, especially they are really working hard now.

  7. Whatever said

    Get over it, im sure you all were laughing at United when they too got done over by a poor ref decision just the night beforr!

    Theres was even a pathetic Arsenal post (cant remember who) with the header “Handball Offside= Alex Ferguson” that actually had the audasity to take the piss and say that it was all excuses from AF and that we deserve it anyway.

    Well well well look who Karma’s just turned on and bitten a chunk out of its arse!

    The point is this post went on to claim United were using the blatent FOUL on Vidic which then provided the HANDBALL assist for an OFFSIDE Bowyer to score the equaliser, and all this after Bowyer shouldve been sent off the his disgusting Eduardor-like leg breaking tackle on Gibson waaaaay before he scored.

    Now if the above happened to Arsenal you’d all be screaming injustice and quite rightly so!

    So its not just Arsenal that drop points cos of ref decisions, all teams get decisions FOR and AGAINST themselves but its typical that Arsenal always seem to forgot about the decisions that have gone there way and only choose to voice the very few decisions that havent gone their way.

  8. dele said

    the game was lost simply becos the players on the field did not mark as they were supposed to. the team needs to mark like a pack of wolves. this is the only missing ingredient left for this side to be one of the best in the world.

  9. apollo said

    Its criminal what Wenger did, how can you change 8 players at the same time? All the teams are facing the same schedule but you did not see ManU, Chelsea, Spurs doing the same thing. I don’t understand you this guy always supporting the manager blindly. The manager did the same thing in the champions league and it backfired twice. There is no more excuses, not to play your very best players each game. Wenger is a hypocrite accusing Wolves manager, Mick McCarthy two seasons ago when he changed 10 outfield players, only to go and do the same thing, this is preposterous!!! Don’t start giving flimsy excuses while we lost. The manager while leading 2-1, had to bring Theo Walcott to have counter attacking threat and Samir Nasri to hold the ball better, but he waited until the equalizer before introducing these players. What is the need of bringing Walcott on when the opposition is going to sit deep. He is only effective when there are space behind the defenders. Stop blaming the referee and put the blame where it solely belongs. ManU had the same misfortune of the referee decision against Birmingham. Live with it.

  10. Donnyfan1 said

    The comparison with Man U is not valid. They suffered one, albeit crucial, decision. Arsenal face a catalogue of ridiculous bias every week. Clattenburg was busting a gut to help Chelsea in the second half last week. Why is it we don’t complain at 9 out of 10 CL refs but do complain nearly every week in the Prem? Foreign professional refs are looking at the problem and they see the disparity as “unexplainable by anything except deliberate and systematic cheating”. Go through Arsenal’s last 20 PL games and score them in an fair manner- or get a unbiassed mate to do it- and you too will realise. And you will also realise that most- but not every- ref bends it.

  11. donovan said

    Cant agree with this one. Yeah the decisions were dodgy but the 8 changes were worse. you can say they were internationals, but name me one other ‘big’ club in world football that has the chance to go top and would then start Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner with 2 of them playing completely out of position. Why was Walcott rested? He’s barely kicked a ball in a month and was subbed on Monday. Why was Djourpu rested – another who’s barely played and has become our best CB. This was a piss poor selection against side we struggle to get a result at their ground. WE NEEDED TO WIN! Fuck the B’ham game, it’s all about the next game, that’s what’s important. That’s what Wenger always says. Even the players after Chelsea said it will mean nothing beating them unless we win at Wigan.

    I think the selection v wigan is the biggest fuck-up Wenger’s done since dropping Arshavin for the semi-final v Chelsea when he arrived like a Russian Overmars. I never want to see Eboue and Denilson in the same side again. And Djourou must start EVERY game from now on, because Kos & Squil have become a concern. As a pairing they are woeful.

  12. Aussie Gooner said

    Spot on!!

    The team put out were good enough to beat Wigan and should have done so.

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