Thierry coming back to the Emirates

December 29, 2010

The greatest goalscorer in Arsenal history will be joining up with the Arsenal squad after the Xmas/new year period in order he keeps up his fitness levels before the start of the new MLS season next March.

Before his injury playing for England against the Swiss, Theo Walcott was starting to repay the unflinching faith shown in him by Wenger.  Even in the face of horrendously negative press focused attention on our young gun, the boss never gave up and continued to back his man to the hilt.

Thierry was Theo’s hero as a kid.. we all know what it’s like to hero-worship a footballer… now imagine he trains with you daily and passes on helpful advice and encouragement?

2011 is the year Theo has to really blast into the bracket of World-Class.

Fitness is the key to him, much like many starlets at the club, and through continued playing time the confidence naturally finds its way to head matters.

Combine the fitness with the confidence and you have a player of epic levels.

He will of course continue to drive us all mad with his runs into blind alleys etc, but live with it… Bale does that kind of thing more than you could imagine, yet he never gets picked out.

Our 3rd goal against the Chavs of West London was blinding.  Only football can bring about emotions like the one’s I enjoyed when Theo rifled that shot into the bottom corner past the outstretched, abnormally large, hand of Petr Cech.

Did you notice he played around a third of the game as the main centre forward? With Robin dropping wide or deeper to accommodate him as the striker?

The shape of things to come.

We all know it, we all speak it, the entire footballing world knows he aint a winger, but certainly a striker with finishing prowess, though how do you account for him in said role within a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 formation?

Let me tell you how… the blueprint was cast the other night.

We move towards total football more and more as each game passes and each young gun becomes a mature footballing man.

You may be able to call our formation, but can you call which position is taken up by each player in that formation?

Put Theo down as a right-winger on paper, but watch him during the game as he takes up a number of varied roles in the formation, as do the other forward thinking players.

This is the key to the success enjoyed by Barcelona.

You need very special players to be able to work such a system, on paper it sounds easy enough but in reality the intricate workings of such total football philosophies can be destructive.

Take the following midfield and front line;

Song Diaby Cesc Nasri RvP Theo

Convention dictates Song DM Diaby CM Cesc AM with Nasri and Theo out wide and the boy wonder leading the line.

They may well start the game with such a set-up but Cesc will come back and work from the holding area, whilst Abou will move up and play off the main striker, whilst Nasri drifts inside looking to run at his man and slide rule the ball to the Striker, who is now Theo hot on the heels of the last defender.

There is a myriad of options when our best players are fit to play.

We have had no issue with regards to quality over the past 2 or 3 seasons, injuries have been a persistant nightmare for us, give us Cesc Theo Robin Nasri Song Diaby for 30 league games and I will give you runaway Premiership Champions.

A trip up to Wigan for our wonderful away fans tonight.. is it just me or are they easily the loudest set of away fans in the league?

With our last game, the glorious 3-1 demolition job of the current champions, just 2 days ago, a shuffle of the pack is cast iron.

Cesc is suspended, Robin will certainly be benched for MC29.. and hopefully Abou gets the Cesc role ahead of TR7, who for me is looking to be waning of late.

Arshavin must surely get a start and Eboue will more than likely take Sagna’s right-back slot.

Jack has to play, as he will be the man to dictate the pace of the game for us.  His quick sharp passing and biting tackles are essential to pegging Wigan in their half.

Overall, a tremendous Xmas for The Arsenal can be nicely gift wrapped with a good victory tonight.

More than 5 goals sees us go top over the New Year, but that might be a little greedy… any kind of win and 3 points will do me.


26 Responses to “Thierry coming back to the Emirates”

  1. Spike Media said

    Nice write up Hawke mate.

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. X RAYMOND said

    Walcot is to hot and cold in my view. can he really be world class one day? i dont think so personally.
    he makes to many bad decisions.

  3. NYArsenal said

    Back with a Bang, Hawke. Great blog.

  4. Frimpong said

    SH, your last post of 2010?

    maybe your best post of 2010

    well in.

  5. dilshan said

    it sure does feel much better now, I do not think in the way that 3 central midfield players are expected to rotate and hold for each other works well with TR7 and to a lesser extent Nasri, hence we have looked like headless chicken when either of them played that role. Like you point out it is not a simple play-maker role like Lampard or Gerrad plays,more complex. We are at our best when there is that positional rotation and if you look games like Newcastle there was hardly any interchanging and making it easier to man mark players etc. I will not want to make too many changes Id rest JD RVp and Cesc out will keep it to that and make couple more V Bham to keep the team fresh to put citiah where they belong nxt wk

  6. Frimpong said

    Theo will get massive confidence from training again with th14.

    He is not so young either as he was when th14 was last at the club.

    This is proper good news for theo and us.

  7. Goran12478 said

    jan 5th is when henry is traing with arsenal again.

  8. H-123 said

    Henry and Beckham is what they said on FOX soccer???

  9. Gooner17 said

    Good piece, this is something I’ve been going on about for ages, mostly to myself. Whenever some halfwit pundit complains about how poor he is on the wing and also watching how wasted Theo is by Capello’s rigid tactics that prevent him cutting inside drives me mad. I sit by the corner flag on the right-wing for the first half and his movement is consistently good, ;ooking for through balls down the centre and if they don’t come moving out to the flank. I think his movement, pace and finishing are a key reason behind the switch to whatever you call our formation, with Chamakh or RVP the perfect players as a false No.9 to create space and provide chances for him

  10. Arsenal Oldie said

    Certainly is wonderful news regarding the return of King Henry.

    Even if it is only in training.

    Think his experience in winning 3 titles will help the whole squad, he loves the club and will do all he can to help the youngsters out in the final push.

    We are bang there as you say, injuries are the only thing that stops us.

    I do think Wenger will buy in Jan, just have this feeling he will pull a player that will shock us all.

  11. Arsenal Oldie said

    Totally agree with last post from Gooner 17.

    rvp is the proverbial false number 9 and provided the perfect foil when theo comes central.

    The manner in which they interchanged against Chelsea just has not been noted by any of the press in this country.

    The pressing and movement up front won that game.

  12. George Burn said

    Very well crafted piece, author.

    The posting and some of the comments before mine on the way we play confirm to me once again why the written media are dying.

    Only a true fan of a team can truly understand how their team plays.


  13. stupidly said

    who else thinks we will fuck up all the good work of the other night and drop silly points tonight?

  14. Tevez is God said

    wigan are a perfect team for you lot to play.

  15. bjohnson said


  16. Am said

    Its just nice to have Nasri, Fabregas and RVP all back playingin the same team.

    Keep these threefit and we will surely score loads of goals.

    Add to that Walcott, Chamak, Arshavin

  17. dilshan said

    Bjohnson,..ehhh trust me id take a player who just about sets up a goal and scores a well taken one any day, even if he does not contribute enough, and with walcott that is the best bit, he has shown he learns and improves and he will continue to improve for the next few seasons..your argument sounds a bit self contradictory.

  18. Bergkamps nephew 81 said

    X Raymond your opinion on Theo is laughable about now as this boy who been messed around internationally and injury plagued is really finding his feet and confidence growing this season given us great pace and incisive goal scoring instincts… He will grow more into his game thank god u ain’t manager as a good 1 needs to keep faith in a future prospect like him

  19. Bergkamps nephew 81 said

    Bjohnson your a mug yeah and it’s plastic wasteman fans like u that makes this club look like whining hot and cold supporters.. U people make me sicc but I guess opinions r like assholes cos every1 got 1 or cud turn into 1 for that matter.. Nothing ain’t good enough for plastics and people like yal resemble chelski and manure fans who cry about the littlest things hoping some1 can hear u to change things well gues what? This aint real Madrid or barca where the fans can pressure to demand and cripple…. We are a growing club as an empire and force trying to compete sensibly not foolish like ur undercover idols of citeh and chavs…mug.

  20. This is England said

    bjohnson you should of gone to specsavers.Theo absolutely tore Cashley a new arsehole.

  21. w12mcee said

    who’s paying attention to boris j?

  22. w12mcee said

    theo will never be the perfect technical baller that alot of people expect. its about when and how u use his attributes. if he were a better dribbler we’d have an english messi, accept what he is and enjoy what he brings to the squad. will definately be a plus having TH around for motivation. will he still be about when we play barca?

  23. Matt said

    Good article. Last night’s match was good. All the good things Arsenal came together for the first time in a long time. The stars who were out injured for long periods are coming to full match fitness. We can now see the fantasy football that you explained. The reality however is that we will not always have all ingredients of fantasy football at our disposal. We will always have a key player for a certain formation either suspended, injured or out of form. It is therefore more important to be able to adapt and grind out wins. This, at times means having one of the squad players filling in. It is these players that determine whether we win the league or not. Unfortunately we tend to be harsh with these squad players and destroy them with unjust criticism. Denilson, Diaby, Eboue come to mind. They might not set the stadium alight but they do serve the day. the hero is the team.

  24. […] Thierry coming back to the Emirates The greatest goalscorer in Arsenal history will be joining up with the Arsenal squad after the Xmas/new year period in […] […]

  25. sadiq said

    when would u guys see dat DIABY is our worst player. when he is good he could probably be 1 of d best worldwide but those games are few and far apart, he is lazy, a poor ball distributor, he dribbles when he is suppose 2 pase nd vice vasal. Our best midfield nd attack are definately d six dat play chelsea nd subing JW 4 diaby wil only gv us heart ach.

  26. messi said

    messi is a best player.. thanks for this sharing ..

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