UEFA: Bring us the head of Jose Mourinho

December 17, 2010

The next round of the Champions League is drawn in the usual, predictable, yawn inspiring fashion in Switzerland tomorrow morning.

Snow disruptions could yet liven up proceedings.  Although I make no promises.

So we have a 50/50 shot at drawing a Spanish giant, I think we have time on our hands before the end of Feb, Mid March 2011 to get ready for a 2 legged battle against the Madrid Mob headed up by twatman.

Gonna be honest, I don’t fancy us, or any other team against the universally accepted baddest team on the planet, Barcelona.

Bravado usually dictates “yeah yeah bring em on” “yeah we’ll kill em this time” … sorry but we won’t, not just us either!

Real Madrid have a decent little squad, and so they should after the billions they have spent.  However, if we can get our spinal players fit and ready, we have a proper chance with them.

I am talking Vermalen, Cesc, Diaby, Rvp.

The very same four who were not fit to play United this week.

Our spine, our proper players, the players who do the business and hold the side together in the big games.

Injuries to our main players are frankly pissing the life out of me now, what can we do?

Ever god  forsaken season we talk about injuries, and to the same players… it’s never to players who are not essential to our style and solidity.

Maybe we are cursed, but so what… hope is what keeps us all waking up when the alarm bell rings every morning, right?


3 Responses to “UEFA: Bring us the head of Jose Mourinho”

  1. Trennon said

    I sadly agree. While this Arsenal team are certainly better in terms of winning ugly, the flair seems to have completely gone. We have lost this ability to carve teams apart and hammer them. Where are the 4 and 5 goal wins? Every team we play now, including United and Chelsea just defend, defend, defend. I feel our style has completely hamstrung us now. We no longer have that incredible speed in this team. Gone are the days of the six second goal from our keeper into the back of their net. Gone are the deadly free kick specialists that had the opposition dreading Arsenal getting anything around the area. Now its fine. Give us a corner. Give us a free kick from 20 yards out…no problem. Bread and butter. Send the ball wide because Arsenal cannot cross the ball. It’s so frustrating to watch them now. The joy has been completely sapped out of our game. I really hope RVP starts against Stoke and gets a goal. As well as Chamack has done, he has zero skill with the ball at his feet and costs us. I really hope we thrash Stoke tomorrow. We need a BIG, BIG win and if ever there was a team we as Arsenal fans would like to see humiliated more at our hands its those Bastards! Come on Arsenal. Get your act together and start playing the way we all know you can.

  2. Delio Nicola said


  3. Delio Nicola said

    mate i dont fink deres a problem wiv the playas. we ave fantastic playas. da problem is dat wen da going gets tuff deres a lack of urgency and leadership. for example against united (and united are shit) dere was no urgency, heart or passion to pull a goal back. we didnt even look like scoring let alone actually doing it. there are numerous playas not pulling their weight at the club. maybe only jack, sagna, chamakh and nasri atm!

    That is not good enough for a club like arsenal!

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