Stop boring me about our defence…

December 13, 2010

Arsenal play a game based on attack, attack… and attack.  Our aim is to create and then convert more chances than our opponents.

A decent defence is always a nice back up plan.

Our problem is not being clinical enough with the chances we get, by increasing the number of goals we tuck away as a percentage of the chances we create overall…. we win more games, simple as that.

Bore off talking about the defence.

If you want to talk football teams and defences, talk Man City. As their games is based on that.. ours clearly aint!

We rock up to Old Trafford tonight in a monster monday night match.  A match that I have been looking forward to for some time now and I really just want the game to start now.

The anticipation of it all just level 10.

Back to the peak days of the late 90s.

Honestly, I am mega pissed off that Howard Webb gets to ref this game, it’s not sour grapes, it’s not being a bad loser etc etc, the bald fecker is easily the most biased referee I have ever seen in the game.

He is no homer, as I learnt when he reffed our home game with United a couple of seasons back.

He simply hates Arsenal, the obvious nature of his contempt for us sickens me, and leaves me nervous about the decisions that will go against us tonight, in the midst of a raucous evening kick-off.

Floodlit games always produce far more tension, excitement, and controversy.

Roll on 8pm, I make no predictions, take our clear chances and we win.


12 Responses to “Stop boring me about our defence…”

  1. dilshan said

    good point on H Webb, I been boring everyone about Webb and Dean on twitter off late, I have to say im concerned about the ref tonight, but think this season we are strong enough to over come that

  2. Greg F said

    If you’re going to play an attacking game then a good defence, or even a defensive mentality that compliments the attacking game, is fundamental to any team that wants to win major honours.

    Barca, for example, play an out and out attacking game, but they defend from the front, as soon as they lose it they’re on the opponents until they win it back.

    You can’t approach games hoping to simply outscore the opponent, it doesn’t work like that. Learn how to hold on to a lead or we’re going to be also-rans over and over.

    I’m sorry it bores you, but it’s an issue that needs sorting.

    “take our clear chances and we win”

    Providing our awful defence doesn’t gift Man Utd clear chances.

  3. Dilshan – It concerns me greatly, even more so due to the importance and nature of an evening kick-off.

    The crowd will be wild tonight, this is a proper top of the table clash for first spot.

    The kind of game a ref can switch in 5 seconds with a duff decision.

  4. Greg – Fair points, i accept the barca analogy.

    But if we are clinical in front of goal tonight, as opposed to being defensively sound, we stand more of a chance to win the game.

    Goals scored win more points than goals conceded.

  5. Paul N said

    STH, whats up my friend?

    Greg, I think we should look at the goals we have conceded, they are usually not from open play. Its either a long ball or a set piece. I say that to say that we also defend from the front and thats why teams dont get as much shots on goal. The problem we have is the goals against to opportunities. We need a little more focus on these situations and our defence will be excellent.

    I would also like to see Barca in a league that is competitive. If you watched Barca against Inter Milan and Chelsea that defensive pressure was not so obvious to see. Apart from the first half of the first leg against them last season we also did well. Had many chances in the second leg that we failed to capitalize on (not saying they were not the better team).

    So yes, I agree with the premise of the article that we need to be more deadly upfront.

  6. Afternoon Paul,

    Here is something to get you all going ahead of the game tonight…

  7. Tootsie said

    AT LAST !!!!! Gr8 blog, just like u i’m sick n tired of these so called proffessional pundits constantly having a dig at our deffence, especially the centre halves. If any thing i feel the falbacks are a bigger worry, we have only conceded 2 more than man u yet i don’t hear anyone saying the same about them. Like u said if we was to convert, even shoot more often we would surely win more games comfortably ………..

  8. NYGooner said

    Rubbish– unless we learn to play defense we will lose, lose, and lose whenever we play a top team (or even a well organised lower team). Arsenal are tactically naive– Le Boss needs to change this.

  9. Paul N said

    NYG, you act as if Arsenal have never won anything under Arsene Wenger. I read a great comment that stated nothing but facts, Arsene has a better defensive record than George Graham and it was he who built a defence that went a whole season unbeaten.

    Stop repeating what the media says. Arsenals defensive record is comparable to all the top teams apart from City but somehow Arsenal are the only team with a leaky defence.

    Get a life and your own opinion!

  10. Delio Nicola said

    I am as big an arsenal supporter as it gets. And as a supporter i will always support this team no matter what. However tonights game has made me realise that we will never win the premiership, unless major changes are made. The big teams seem to be so comfortable when they play us (and our game is “attack attack attack”). Not good enough in my opinion. We are not feared anymore, and that is not the arsenal i know!!

  11. riccardo said

    hi mate….nice blog! I would like to make an exchange of links with mine…is it possible? vist and let me know if you are interested in it…thanks…

  12. DeiseGooner said

    Sorry but even an attacking team like ours needs (and some would say especially) defensive nous – and theres no doubt we lack it right now, and have done for a while.

    You cannot always score multiple goals in 1 game. Sometimes you will struggle to get 1 and there will be times when the ball just wont go in the net.

    Therefore a good defense is essential. The ability to keep you concentration and not give up chances (there will always be half chances but we seem to give up stick on goal chances) can get a point or indeed hang onto 3 in a ‘1 nil to The Arsenal’

    We have good defenders but not a good enough defensive unit. This includes midfielders in defensive mode also. #

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