Have you forgotten how good RVP is?

December 8, 2010

Forget that he played in the World Cup, he was rushed back to lead the line for the Dutch but never actually looked quite right.

Moreover, the lone striker role is just not playing to the strengths of the spikey former Feyenoord man.

I am hugely excited about the new deep lying forward and or roaming number 10, tip of midfield trio, free role thingey he has going on for him now.

With the massively unselfish Chamakh ahead of him to lay off smart ball to the on rushing Nasri, Arshavin, Theo, Rosicky, RVP et al.. I can now see how this team can both accommodate and flourish with both Robin and Marouanne in the starting line-up.

I think many of us did maybe question the validity of such an injury prone player at the club, whilst he has been off injured since November 2009!

The genius of his little flicks and tricks and deft control of a football have been there, in glimpses mind, for all to see in the past fortnight since he returned.

I love him, he is 100% pure World-Class, and there are not many players in the Premiership, let alone Arsenal who you can say that about without need to worry about retraction at a later date.  Van Persie certainly has the skills to pay the bills, and then some.

I want to see him get at least another 70 mins under his belt tonight, like he did last week against Wigan in the Carling Cup.  I also wish to see the partnership with MC29 develop more, hone it ahead of the crucial trip to Old Trafford Monday week.

Not happy to hear Cesc may be in contention for Monday.

Let him rest this darned hamstring injury properly this time… we are doing just fine in his absence and it’s also important to show the squad, should he leave next summer, that we are just fine without him in the side.

Will be looking for a confidence boosting performance tonight.

Practice game tonight.

13 Responses to “Have you forgotten how good RVP is?”

  1. Goonerpower said

    I hear people wanting rid of Van-The-Man. They must be off there heads he is pure class and still my fav player if I’m honest. He is still relatively young, so let’s hope he can put this shit to bed.

    There ain’t much better when 100% fit if any!!!

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  3. Arsenal Oldie said

    World class is exactly what he is, SH.

  4. dilshan said

    im one of those who called for his head, my simple reason was no good how great he is if he is injured for most of the season, but it looks like he has had a decent period without injury and agree that if stays injury free for a while he is as good as any out there and I hope he starts at OT behind MC29, if AW wants to play Cesc then play him deeper will be my option

  5. Arsenal Oldie said

    Dilshan I am of the same opine concerning the long term role of Cesc in the team.

    It could become a simple case of Wilshere or Cesc alongside Song.

    Robin has just got to start if fit, no way in a million years is he a bench warmer.

    Best player at the club with Nasri.

  6. Cool Eddy said

    he has reminded me again of his ability.

    i was at the emirates for the wigan game and some of the touches and back flicks he pulls off are just not human.

    nobody not even messi can do them.

  7. Spike Media said

    If he is fit to play even 70 minutes, he should play 70 minutes in every game we play.

    simple as that for my money.

  8. yovng said

    if van should start who wil u drop 4rm d team considering d form n stability chamk,ash,narsi

  9. munawwar said

    all i want from this season is to score 20 goals till the end of may.

  10. munawwar said

    strongest line up seems like –

    arshawin van persie
    cecs nasri

    this team against barca in feb ?

  11. Knightvision said

    Did anyone hear the groans when RVP was late getting up from a challenge in the 1st half?


  12. lordgunner said

    of course everyone know van persie is a top player.the only problem is his injuries.Like Rosicky,he could have been one of the greatest player on his generation.But because of his injury,he will never reach full potential.He play barelly half match every season.Maybe this season will be his year……cross your finger

  13. donovan said

    Being at the game, and just watching the recorded game again, these are my points in regards to the Man U game :

    1. Djourou has to play. The Squillaci/Koscielny combo does not work. Pick one and play him with Djourou who (a) knows how to head a ball, and (b) has pace.

    2. Nasri is better than RVP in the Bergkamp role. Either start with Chamakh or RVP as the front man, not both.

    3. Wilshere is a shoe-in. Song is hit & miss and Denilson is underwhelmingly average. Jacky-Boy has become the 2nd most important player in this team behind Nasri. We were lost without his forward passes tonight. Denilson and Song are like crabs – always going sideways.

    4. Theo is an impact sub. If Nasri plays behind the front man, Rosicky should play on the right, not Walcott.

    5. If we don’t play quick passes against the Mancs they’ll comfortably soak the pressure and hit us on the break. We have to stretch them and make them chase the ball.

    6. SONG HAS TO PROTECT THE CENTRE-BACKS!!!! What planet is this guy on this season? And why is Wenger doing nothing about it?!? GET BACK AND DEFEND!!!

    7. Fabianski needs to spend the next 3 days kicking the ball as hard as he can. The guy can’t kick to the half-way line! I haven’t kicked a ball in anger in 20years – but I’m certain I can clear the half-way line from a goal kick. It’s pathetic.

    8. Gutted for Gibbs, gutted for Sagna. Talk about our two best defenders having no luck whilst the inept likes of Clichy & Eboue roam free. Sagna is beginning to deliver quality crosses and the more he attacks the more Evra will be rooted at the back.

    9. Chamakh needs to be ruthless. His first instinct is to pass not shoot. GO FOR GOAL, SON! PUT YOUR FOOT BEHIND IT AND GIVE IT SOME WELLY!!!

    10. Finally, sit this one out, Fab. You’ve been a bit of a liability this season because you’re not fit. Terrible passing ration, zero running speed, missed penalty, woeful free-kicks & corners. Get yourself fit and come back stronger. A fully fit Rosicky is a better option than a half-fit Fab.


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