Bendtner to Bayern rumours grow

December 3, 2010

I first heard these rumours mentioned about a month ago online somewhere, can’t remember where, but I do remember thinking to myself that it felt a decent fit.

Stories about a falling out between Bendtner Junior and Wenger emerge today.

A meeting with Bayern officials made and carried out by Bendtner Senior in recent weeks seem to be adding fuel to the fire… is this bad news?

I rate the lad, I think he will become a very good goalscorer, a man who will get you goals when you need them. Maybe not the player who works his nuts off for the team like Chamakh does, and maybe not that razor-sharp warrior in the mould of Van Persie… but nonetheless, a proper goalscorer.

Goals win games, pretty play is all well and good, but you do need a man with the habit of being in the right place at the right time.

Overall, if this move away from the club does materialise it would not rile me too much.

JET may be fast tracked, Benzema may be bid for? Remy is in the melting pot… and a host of others.

Lacina Traore is a player who is little known, but has been constantly linked with us for a while and currently doing well in the Romanian Liga 1.

He stands 6ft 8 and can shift.

Bottom line here, if Nik B does leave, don’t expect a star name to be signed…  yes we would all love it, but we all said Thierry Who back in the Summer of 99… expect a “who” moment in 2011 if Bayern nick Nik.

Fulham up next in the Premiership, a game we should win, and I believe we will win 3-0.

Great having a sharp, flicking Robin back… the Dutchman is utter class!


16 Responses to “Bendtner to Bayern rumours grow”

  1. stonroy said

    Really. I was hoping for a Bendtner plus 10 million for Schweinsteiger… That I would love to see.

  2. Andreas B7 said

    Yes this is true in the Bild.

  3. stupidly said

    he is a big mouthed twonk

    good riddance

    buy carlton cole

  4. Martin said

    Carlton Cole … blimey we don’t need another crock!

  5. frenchie said

    where are the rumors coming from?

  6. Andreas B7 said

    bild newspaper in germany many times. he is like by the club for real.

  7. dilshan said

    he sure will be a loss but his loss will be greater then that of Arsenal, I would like us to get Lukaku as he is proven in Europe already and the TV5 connection might help, JET is off on loan i is interesting AW keeps reiterating that if some one leaves we would buy, in the past it has always been no one leaves but its different tone this time around, i do expect movement

  8. puppyguts said

    if bendtner leaves why would we need to buy another striker ? JET is a better striker than any1 we will bring in and has everyone forgotten wengers plan to move walcott into a central striking role.

    i mean at the moment we already have 4/5 international strikers and i can’t see bendtner or vela staying happy for much longer, one of them will leave.

    som gunners need to open there eyes and realise we hav to many strikers as it is and stop asking for signings

  9. simmer10 said

    Arsene should personally drive b52 to the airport and buy his ticket! Good riddance you tosser!

  10. Sam said

    Good riddance, can’t wait to see the back of the arrogant big headed misfit. He may of scored against Wigan but his play was lazy and he doesnt work for the team, I lost count of the amount of times he was 5 yards away from an opposition player and did nothing to close down the play. chamakh is an all round better player and target man. And has a much better attitude, Nik may well of scored some important goals, but it’s time for us to part ways and give some of the more talented and hungry strikers at the club a chance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Nik, that’s of course if you head fits through the chasm sized door.

  11. shut up said

    would be disappointing if bendtner failed to realize his potential here, i’ve always liked his confidence…you need players with that if you want to have success. he showed at the end of last year that he can come up with the goods.

    i would be doubly disappointed in wenger. it would show that he really truly cannot accept strong personalities in his setup, and that is is weak at managing strong characters. bendtner’s talent should be working for us, not anyone else.

    if he goes, i want £15m for him. and a decent replacement.

  12. shut up said

    he has flaws, but if you give him good service he will get the ball in the back of the net. if he doesn’t end up succeeding at arsenal, it will be a failure of arsene wenger’s management of the player, more than a failure of the player.

    wenger’s on his last contract anyway, i do wish he wouldn’t get rid of good young players just because he doesn’t like them. bendtner could give us a decade of amazing service under a manager who actually knows how to use him and motivate him, but not if a myopic wenger sells him first.

  13. simmer10 said


  14. Pat said

    Bendtner is simply not consistent enough for Arsenal, except in the bragging stakes. I wish he’d shut up telling what he is GOING to do, just do it FFS!

  15. Goonerpower said

    “Goals win games, pretty play is all well and good, but you do need a man with the habit of being in the right place at the right time”

    I totally agree that’s why we have to get an out and out goal scorer….but it ain’t nik, he’s had his chance and yes he has scored some important goals, but missed more!!!! I convinced some of the players you named will be miles better

    Hope this is true!!

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