Aaron Ramsey or Karim Benzema?

November 29, 2010

Which one of these two footballing talents will you be watching tonight?

Barcelona v Real in El Gran Classico or Leicester City v Nottingham Forest in the NPower Championship?

I am leaning towards East Midlands Derby, at the Walkers Stadium, Leicester.

I think Mourinho will go to bore the pants off Barcelona and the millions watching worldwide.  Playing Khedira, Alonso and Diarra as sitting, defensively minded midfielders, with the pace and skill of Ronaldo, Benzema and Ozil on the break.

0-0 will do him perfectly well enough, and when the portugeezer wants a drull bore draw, he usually succeeds.

News emanating from Nottingham suggests our boy Ramsey will play some part of the game tonight, possibly even taking up his position in the starting line-up.

If that does happen to be the case, it will become a no brainer as to which game my household will be watching.

Will more than likely SKY + the spanish affair and watch it on delay later.

Gearing up for a massive game for our future tomorrow night at the Emirates… more news and previews to come on that one later.

Enjoy whatever game you decide to watch/stream/attend tonight!


10 Responses to “Aaron Ramsey or Karim Benzema?”

  1. Greg F said

    Definitely be watching the Spanish game… Ramsey or no Ramsey, Championship football isn’t great!

  2. You can watch Barcelona – Real Madrid Live at WorldCupTV.org 09:36

  3. am said

    I think a bit of channel flicking will take place, also depends on if Real Madrid go for it or not.

  4. dj-47 said

    surely i am not going to waste my time on la liga championship football over la liga anyday particularly dont wanna see a jose team

  5. Matt said

    No contest. Obviously the Forest game. I can’t stand watching Barcelona and their amazing cheating or the most boring Madrid team ever.

  6. dilshan said

    ramsey, Karim will not start and unlikely to come on unless barca are winning, Rambo for me, never been looking forward to a forest game this much ever

  7. Higuain is injured I read, so KB should get his chance.

    Been on fire recently, scored a class goal for Real in the CL last week after a smart move.

    Be very surprised if he did not get the nod.

  8. gooner0609 said

    Well both of them on a future Arsenal team would suit me. But with the latest spat between Wenger and Black Cancer Mourinho there is no chance of Benzenma coming here.

    What I would like to see is us acquire a defensive midfielder who is a psychotic bastard, can break up play, get sent off occasionaly and actually defends a 2 goal lead by standing in front of our back 4 with menace.

    The one we have right now defends a 2 goal lead by standing on the opponents penalty spot looking for a one/two’s.

    I mean I like Song as much as anybody but he is beginning to look brain dead. And my fatty old heart can’t take it no more.

  9. Lee said

    Tough call as both will be playing for us in the new year! Ha!
    Heard Eboue is in contention for tomorrow night… Not saying this guy acts an injury every time he goes down, but he makes Laurence Olivier look like Gillian McKeith! And I know he’s got cult status now, but honestly, the guy is an embarrassement to our club with his play acting, fouling and frankly awful ability.

    And talking of awful ability – what exactly was Clichy doing for Villa’s 1st goal on Saturday? Answers on a postcard to Gael Clichy, Worst-left-back Avenue, Get Gibbs-In-Now Terrace, London N5

  10. Knightvision said

    Lol @ Lee

    I always thought that eboue had pictures on wenger, that’s why he gets a game!

    I agree with gooner0609, a psychopath hatchet man in midfield is what’s needed!

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