Nasri is far better in the Platini role

November 25, 2010

Good enough to have it known as the Nasri role.

So we are on a low ebb at the moment, if Spuds was not bad enough, we get humbled by a poxy pub team from Portugal who caved in a mountain to build their stadium.

Fair play to the lad who got both their goals, nicely done son… credit where it’s due.

Cesc done his good hammy, whilst the bad hammy looked to be getting better, this injury jinx does not seem to be subsiding, but how good has Cesc been since he got back from his first injury bout of the season?

Not at his overall best for my money, great here and there, pretty poor at other times, give him the rest of the year off and let him rest up for the final, important push in the New Year.

Nasri will surely be asked to step back into the middle and dictate matters in the “Platini Role” as I like to call it… with Rosicky as back-up.

The Platini Role – for those who are too young, and only know that name as a hated Football politician, wrong, he was also the best player on the planet in a former life, and much like Cesc, played the central free role, he had no pace, but he had supernatural vision and the killer eye for running into space to poke home goals from deep.

He was utter class as a player, the term “elegant midfielder” was almost coined just for him!

I touched upon Nasri in a post a week or so ago, for me he has far more explosive pace and trickery than Cesc and Platini put together, his vision is maybe not up there, but he has the ability to open more space for players around him by committing defenders to tackle him as he trys to dribble past them.

I swear the lad is going to score a Maradona goal sooner rather than later, every time he seems to try and beat a man one-on-one he glides past them with consumate ease, he just cannot be taken.

He certainly has the skills to pay the bills.

Rock on Villa Park.

They will give us a torrid time on Saturday, but they will leave space, they get forward in numbers, so the likes of Theo and Nasri should be well positioned to capitalise on any sharp counters.

Monsterous two games coming up… really is make or break almost, the Wigan League Cup game being the more important for me, not going to get too cocky anymore, I have faith in this team, and that has not faded whatsoever, but maybe we all need to be a little more chillax about this season.

Take it as it comes.

There will be thrills and spills a plenty, tears of joy and madness…. through it all, we will close the season as winners or losers as a team, but the love for the club from us will never die.

We know that, so ride the wave without fear… the season will, somehow, work it’s way out from this slump.. maybe not immediately, but it will.

Keep the emotions, but also keep the faith!

13 Responses to “Nasri is far better in the Platini role”

  1. K-TR7 said

    If nasri had cesc’s laser-esque vision he’d be the complete package for an AM.

  2. John said

    Disagree wilshere, ramsey, rosicky do a better job in fabregas role than nasri.

    Samir nasri hasnt quite got that vision doesnt see an early pass

  3. Lee said

    Hang in there Goons!
    We’ll be top on Saturday and in the Carling Cup semis on Tuesday night (snow forbidding!)
    None of this crisis talk would even be here if the ref gives the penalty and Nasri slots it in against Braga. The way I see it – as long as we’re up there with all this bad luck, then when the good luck/decisions kick in, we should cash in big time.

    Fab hasn’t been fit all season, not even close. He’s lost every sprint he’s been up against. His shooting has been woeful and has misplaced more passes in 6 games than he has in 6 seasons.

    I have no insider to state this – but I am convinced Wenger will buy Benzema, and Bendtner will be sold in January. Vela will go on loan. The Nasri-Benzema combo will be too irresistabkle for Arsene to pass up.

  4. Knightvision said

    Lee I hope you’re right.

    I thought the same thing watchin the England/France game.

  5. Would dearly love to see Benzema at Arsenal, go back in the archives, to jan/feb 2009 and you will read me trumpeting him whilst a lyon player.

    He seems to be firing again, scored a pearler the other night for Real.

    Can I see Jose letting Arsene have him?


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  7. highamsparkgunner said

    Very much agree with your post.Nice to see someone being positive.Arsenal are just going through a bad spell that they will soon come out of.PEople seem to forget that Arsenal are only 2 points from 1st place in the premiership,have the best away record in the premiership,in the quarter final of the carling cup,have the hottest young brazilian striker Wellington joining in January to the first team squad after being granted a special visa to play football in England foregoing the need to be loaned out to a Spanish team for 2 years to get an EU passport.just signed the most talented young Japanese player,yes really a lot to get worried about.I believe we will win a majorvtrophy this year and think people should be a little more patient.Looking at websites over the last 5 days you just cannot believe the very negative views of so called fans of this great team of ours.This feeds the media frenzy and then you get ridiculous columns in the Telegraph by a well known Spurs supporter Mathew Norman saying that Wenger should do the decent thing and go.The media are so anti arsenal that it will be so much better when we become successful again under Wenger which will be very soon.We have a magnificent new stadium almost paid for and can be self sustainable and successful for many years to come.Yes its a shit time to be an Arsenal supporter but trust in me itwill only get better.

  8. Yahya I Yahya said

    It is gud 2 hav nasri occupying the role of cesc bcos he always perform better in that position ever since he started playing 4 france. If we could remember he played in that role last season when cesc was out 4 more than 8 weeks.

  9. Ogugua said

    Permit my wonded heart to say this.Arsenal fans have suffer pains this season.arsenal need player like cahil,Benzuma,Diogo forlan & schweinsteiger if wenger to put smille in our faces . But He always miss out.

  10. dilshan said

    yep agreed nasri plays it diff to cesc and i agree cesc needs a big rest, I have also made up my mind in that now I have no expectations and will take it as it comes and we must prioritise the CC nd mgt have to act in jan window

  11. gooner0609 said

    Real Madris have to balance the books like everybody else. Kaka is on the way back, Benzema to the Arse is not beyond the realm of possibility.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Melo will come back into the picture. He’s a spiky piece of work with a mean streak. Something we don’t have, go get him and he can start drawing some fire from the skill players.

    Before that, a solid 90 on Saturday morning yielding 3 points and a win v Wigan will be just what the doctor ordered.

    Frankly, if they can’t do that they might as well abandon ship and find another way to do it.

  12. I like Melo, he did not show his best at the WC, and i know Wenger rates him, he bid for him in summer 09 but juve made a bigger offer.

    Melo is just the tpye of nasty bastard, who can still pass a ball, we need in the middle of the park.

  13. 9jagun said

    give him the chance he can never play like fabregas and fabregas can never play like him he has his own ways in the middle

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