What you got Super Nik?

November 23, 2010

The dynamite Dane has his chance to impress tonight, against a feeble defence and backed by a strong, attacking Arsenal line-up.

He has given some pretty confident, cocky even, statements of intent in recent weeks.

Arise Mr Bendtner, you have a chance to prove your worth tonight… you will have a plethora of chances, and we shall see just how much you have improved you clinicalness over the past year.

I like NB52, he has a supreme confidence in his ability, like Wrighty used to have, and Henry was cocksure enough aswell.

That pair did not do too badly.

Nice pitch, perfect footballing weather, a chance to wrap the group up, Fabregras plays and has a chance to put the weekend in the past.

This should be a pasting for the portugeezers. A proper pasting.

Braga can’t defend, they don’t have a great home record, and we will be up to prove a point.

This should be an enjoyable game for gooners.

Good luck Arsenal, finish the job this time.



8 Responses to “What you got Super Nik?”

  1. Nikki B said

    After all that yibby yubberish in the press, he better score a hatrick to prove he doesn’t belong to the subs bench.

  2. faiz said

    35 min and he still hasn’t done anything positive… Plenty of negatives though lol

  3. Danny said

    Nothing! He is THE worst player we have! SELL HIM!

  4. Goonerpower said

    Sorry but Nick should not be mentioned in the same breath as those legends!! He’s proving me right as ever tonight with his performance so far

  5. zecooler said

    72 mins and he gone off for chamakh fucking uslesss, think he won 1 header from a kickout for the entire game, all talk no action

  6. arsene said

    super nik? its just nik from now on, or shit cunt nik

  7. Knightvision said



  8. gooner0609 said

    It’s November again, run the stats. Some dark forces in play. Always the same. Questions your patience as a fan. Roll on December.

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