There is huge hope for Gooners

November 22, 2010

Not sure about you lot, but I think I have simmered down, collected my thoughts, and am now able to function again with a reasonable modicum of normality.

A quick glance of our fixture list over the last week of this VERY black November tells me this:

1. By the 1st December would could be top of the Premier League.

We face Villa away this coming Saturday lunchtime, and as we all know by now, we are far better away from home. Chavski are away to the Geordies, whilst Manure face Fat Sam and his merry bunch at Old Trafford.

Anything is possible.

2. By the 1st of December we could be one step from a Wembley final, with a place in the Semi finals of the Carling Cup.

We face Wigan at home, next Tuesday night in the Quarters, and we lose that one… well we won’t, so lets not go there, this is all about über positivity.

This year, the winning of the Carling Cup is just about the most important thing since moving to the new stadium.

We need to get that great big monkey off our backs, and belive me, when we do, we won’t lose 2 nil leads.. we shall in fact extend them to 5 nil wins.

I cannot state enough how mega important our participation in this competition is.

Make it your focus gooners, and believe the cup is heading to our new stadium, as the first piece of silverware in this new era.

I do not believe in the Manure team, and as they stand as the only real obstacle in us winning the trophy, I feel confident, wary, but confident.

You should be aswell.

3. By the 1st of Decemember we could have qualified for the 88th year on the trot for the knockout rounds of the Champions League.

Ok so I exaggerate, a bit, ok… maybe a lot… but we do qualify every year, and that’s not to be sniffed at.

Who knows what we can do in this competition, we don’t lack for technical quality, heart and desire remains to be seen.

All in all, December onwards may not look as bad you may think it would following another bastard November.

Lets lift ourselves, we took a huge kick in the nuts on Saturday, and it will be thrown in our faces for some time to come, we have to live with that, but we can change it by winning the Carling Cup.

It’s my primary focus, go top of the league, fair enough, not altogether bothered right now, as I think the lead will change many times over the course of the rest of the season.

Before the more important business end… we may already, scratch that.. we should already have our first piece of silverware lifted by Cesc, and this should be the impetus for the League and Champions League.

Plenty to play for, not to mention the FA Cup which begins in earnest in early 2011.

Heads up Gooners, you could be supporters of a club that celebrate lying in mid table obscurity.


11 Responses to “There is huge hope for Gooners”

  1. Bala said

    Well said and absolutely agree

  2. Chipo said

    Yep, fair points. I agree on the Carling Cup – we need to win it for belief; to lead us onto better things. Given that the semi-finalists could be Arsenal, United, Birmingham and WBA we have a huge chance. I think I would prefer Utd in the Semis, although West Ham def have a chance to beat the 2nd string at Upton Park.

    Onwards and upwards gooners!

  3. New York Gooner said


  4. New York Gooner said

    not for me.


  5. V for Victory said

    We have a lot to be positive about.

    Not over Saturday though.

    Take a lot longer for that to go away.

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  7. gooner0609 said

    Legendaire has returned. Long live Le Legendaire.


  8. Dr. Joe said

    You may well be right. The problem is I very much doubt we will be top in May, the only time it counts. I’m also not bothered about the Carling cup. I didn’t take it seriously when Spurs thrashed our reserves a few years back, just as I didn’t take the recent result against them seriously in the same competition (when they put out a reserve team). I would have swapped that result for 3 points on Saturday.

    If we could regularly show the same resolve as demonstated at Wolves and Everton, we would be champions; of that I am certain. Unfortunately, for every such performance, there will always be a Newcastle, West Brom or Spuds lurking around the corner. At half-time on Saturday, I almost believed that we were genuine contenders, for the first time in 6 or 7 years; that we had grasped the nettle and that our team could collectively concentrate for 90 minutes. They can’t.

  9. stuart said

    Legion, 5 yrs and counting,

    Nothing has changed. Set pieces anyone.

    He (Wenger ) hasnt changed so why would the players.

  10. stuart said

    I meant Legen oops

  11. richie said

    We need to guard against the complacency that’s crept into our game recently when we play the tractor boys who will play a physical game I’m sure. Expect our defense and goalkeeper to be tested with plenty of high balls, but we have the talent to win the next game and play in the final.

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