Arsenal Captain leads us to a shameful defeat!

November 20, 2010

Overall no one individual is to blame today, the entire team stopped playing football at around 13.15pm this afternoon and then proceeded to get us taken down and apart for the most painful defeat in Emirates history.

At that time, we were 2-0 up, yet there was still over an hour of football to be played against a team capable of scoring goals.

We cannot defend for toffee, so.. are we not always looking for a brawl with the opposing side? Are we not always moaning about sides sitting back with ten men? Do we not always want to be on the front foot.. you score 3 we score 6?

Well today at 2 nil, we totally walked away from the game, from the battle, and more importantly from the attack, we shat ourselves, and said.. go on spuddies… have us.

Cesc was a guilty as most, he leads the tempo of this side, he is the leader, he is the conductor.. and when the conductor starts to faff around doing silly pirouettes on the ball when he should be passing, moving and trying to score the third… well you are in for it!

Can somebody send me the OPTA stats on Gael flipping Clichy please? Did he make a successful pass over 90 mins? Cos all I saw him do was give the ball away and lead us to the backfoot every time he bombed down the left and passed it to a white shirt, with exact precision every fucking time.

What a totally gutless display in that second half.

The so-called Arsenal players who wore those famous shirts in the 2nd half today should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, we played like little girls scared of the big bad wolf.


You are an embarrassment to loyal supporters, if that is all you can muster at 2 nil up.

You mentally told yourselves you would be pegged back and pegged back is what happened… no wait.. pegged back and surpassed and made to look silly.

Somebody needs to lock those eleven men who started that game today in a dark room and have a word.

Enough of this.


46 Responses to “Arsenal Captain leads us to a shameful defeat!”

  1. Fwenchy said

    pathetic, s’all i can say

  2. fsffsf said

    Cesc gave them the game, what the fuck is he thinking trying to slap the ball out of the box.. he gave them the penalty, the goal and the determination to win the game

  3. dilshan said

    im of the same view, this team needs to sort out itself or will be one the greatest tragedies in this great clubs great history, have the potential to be the best ever Arsenal team but could end up with zip to show for their ability, there needs to be changes

  4. Gb said

    Shame! Prof should just get a 20-goal-a-season striker. They abound everywhere except Arsenal.

  5. dj-47 said

    what the hell was chamakh doing he has the ball he is clear on goal he stops and is looking at the half line wtf? he should have made it 3 or 4 nil but still cant blame him 4 the loss in the second half the entire team went to sleep we should have gone forward once again we didnt take advantage of chavs slip up another sign of what people say we aint strong enough 4 the league title

  6. there are no guts

    and at times

    there are a severe lack of brains on the pitch

    why take it easy at 2 nil?

    a team with a proper killer instinct would go for a 6 nil

    FFS especially against the local rivals.

    sitting back trying to take it easy cannot be done by this group.

    we have to remain on the front foot.

  7. Hartwick89 said

    No credit to SPUDS who pressured at every place on the pitch? No blame to Wenger for RVP sub? And, Then taking off NAsri/Arsha? The only issue I have is the three incidents. You are being way too harsh… I wouldn’t say we were spot on today but, I wouldn’t say SPUDS deserved that three either? I was more pissed after 2-2 we let three others who had little impact off the bench decide it. My opinion was theo in for Denilson or Song and that’s it.

  8. dilshan said

    my view, dnt know if u noticed on twitter is that by not letting these players scrap and fight at un fancied places in the carling and FA cup they have started to believe that they are too got for a scrap and fight and it is their right to win and expect it to come easy for them. It is in those games that players learn to become ruthless nd this team needs has not got that in its locker. I would not only play them in CC and FA cup even sme reserve games…or their is a fan girl, hoping for a shag from cesc having a go at u on

  9. citra puspita said

    Que sera, what ever will be, we always love Arsenal, que sera sera.All we need to do is always support them. Give them spirit so that the young guns can win in every match! Hope that the players learn from the mistakes today, and try not to do it again in the next match. Go the gunners!!!! I’ll always love you. No matter what. Arsenal is the best club in my heart :).

    Citra from Indonesia 🙂

  10. hartwick – how do you go from 100% total domination for 30 minutes to that?

    you do it by taking your foot very clearly off the gas.

    they did not come back into the game, they did not force the issue… WE LET THEM!

    the penalty was a penalty for sure, cesc had his hand above chamakhs head, clear as daylight.

    the freekick leading up to it was a different matter but que sera.

    as dilshan says, we have anothet chance, away at villa next weekend to go top.

    but there was a hell of a lot not to like today.

  11. Hartwick89 said

    I have to say Arry played this one well. I do agree SH it was a case of not finishing off at 2-0…I kept saying to myself if we don’t get another we could be in for a point. But, I think Wenger with the pieces he had on the pitch should have subbed in Walcott for either Song or Denilson. And, retro Song was a nightmare today so he should have been sat. Also, SPUDS were pressuring all game long and we could not cope.

  12. Ha ha said

    “Poor deludrd Harry. It’s been 17 years since Spurs won away at Arsenal, why should it be any different this season”……

    Its cocky comments like this that makes Arsenal fans look like complete mugs, year in year out, how many times has this got to happen to you lot till you realise that you shouldnt start getting all excited & claiming your gonna win the PL this year blah blah blah when you win a couple of ‘so called’ difficult away games (Wolves & Everton woooo pee doooo boys!) only to come crashing straight back down to earth the next week when you play a mid-table/Championship team… home aswell

    Same sh*t different year for you lot again!

    Ill give credit when its due… Arsenal fans are extremely forgiving and extremely patient to say the least

    I suppose it dont matter though Arse fans, least you play really nice football ay!

  13. Hartwick89 said

    As for Clichy well if another goal comes from the opposition right I will say Juve can but him for top brass…

  14. hartwick – only 40% of our goals conceded this seaosn have come down his channel.

    “only” argghh

  15. Hartwick89 said

    Hay Ha HA…. Well if it ain’t the pot calling the kettle black… You win one North London Derby and you are legite? Go spew your shiite on a SPUDs site….

  16. applaud the side

    encourage the side

    always keep faith in the side

    but like and good parent.. you must give the truth, no matter how harsh, when the time is right

    today, 2 nil up , at home, to massive rivals.. to go top of the table.. the full house basically…

    there is absolutely no defence, no mr nice guy attitude.

    its all guns ablazing!

  17. Hartwick89 said

    Hay Ha HA…. Well if it ain’t the pot calling the kettle black… You win one North London Derby and you are legite? Go spew your shiite on a SPUDs site…..

  18. Sjeille said

    Nothing can be done to change the result its done… Just hope the players could have seen the 5yr old boy’s tears sitting in front of me.

  19. ha ha

    we sit 2 points off the top of the table, still in contention for all 4 major trophies…

    99% of people alive, including ameoba, would rather be a gooner than a spuddie..

    you know this to be true.

  20. Lukeyboy said

    I agree. Yet again we r i’n front and then sit back. We were punished and midfield went missing.
    Nasri came off although I thought he played well. Chamakh played well but needs to have ago , I thought that’s what strikers do!!! Besides that he brings the midfielders well into play but then they have to shoot to.
    Fabianski had nothing really to do until second half but played well I thought it’s was defending that lacked. Look at the first goal 5 of our guys run to VDV and leaves bale. WTF!!
    We should of won today and put the pressure on the others. Yet again we don’t capitalies on the chance and it happens to many times.
    I’m off for a drink i’n Toronto!! Have a good afternoon fellow gooners!!

  21. Dozie said

    Chelksy lost, wot a gr8 opportunity to go top of the table but maybe our team is not just good enough for the top, what a shamful display

  22. Ha ha said

    Errr gimps!……im Utd not Spuds

  23. so what the fuck you doing reading an arsenal blog you twerp?

    feck off.

  24. PTangYangKipperBang said

    Ha Ha if your a Manure then you should deffo shut up and fuck off cos yous lot is the most arrogant, cocky shits in the prem. And don’t say you can back it up with silverware either, you bought and cheated for alot of that shit. We’d do well if we played with 13 men every week. Manc Wanker!

  25. stevus said

    It was schoolboy stuff 2nd half. How can you concede within 10 seconds of taking a free kick on the edge of their area? Partly because Squillaci, who proved himself to be totally average today, thought he’d take a little seaside stroll back as they launched a counter attack. The handball for the penalty was just utterly ridiculous. Apart from the woeful Squillaci, Alex Song needs to take a bloody long hard look at his 2nd half indiscipline. Chamakh needs to stop bottling one on ones. Players need more of a fear factor to motivate them. Embarrassing 2nd half and totally unnecessary.

  26. gooner0609 said

    Oh for fucks sake didn’t anyone see this coming. On Thursday I read of at least five of our players having played 90 minutes of International football all over the fucking planet. How many did the Spuds, the Chavs or the Mancs have.

    Chelsea have more injuries before friendly internayional than any other team in the world. They are paid extra to stay home.

    Then there is Dowd who is one of 2 or 3 English refs who take pride in affecting outcomes of games. If any Arsenal player had carried on like Van der Cunt today he would have been off.

    We were gassed with 10 to go in the first but not for the first time this year the Manager did not see it. Walcott should have been on at the half to finish it off not with 10 to go.

    So a combination of factors and those sad cunts get to dance around on the field like they won a cup. Listen to them, they surprised themselves.

    This was their season, the dvd, the yearbook, the matchday programme feature for the next 20 years. The first one in colour for decades. When they go off on you Monday, laugh at their acne ridden in-bred faces. They caught lightning in a bottle today and Dowd put the lid on it. They will fuck it up next Sunday no problem.

    We on the other hand better be ready for Villa because they will be home in the garden all week. Thats the way it’s going to be for the rest of the season, 5 wins 2 losses. Get used to it.

  27. Ha ha said

    “And don’t say you can back it up with silverware either, you bought and cheated for alot of that shit”

    Ptangyang….u are a complete prick!

    I dont need to say we can back it up with silverware cos thats exactly to point u mug! You all know we can back it up cos you & your pathetic team has watched us for god knows how many years consistently winning titles & cups etc when all your lot have done is beat mid-table teams & get mugged off against us big teams every year, nothings changed this year dick so save yourself the heartache & stopping getting excited when you win a couple of games

    Dejavu anyone?????

  28. Boris said

    I must say Koscielny was shit today , and the chance he missed aaaarrgh, I am 100 % sure VERMALEN would score that. And Song get the fuck beck!!!

  29. eve said

    i consider myself a very loyal fan and as a loyal fan i am utterly devistated by what happened today, but again as a loyal fan win lose or draw, no matter the score i am and always will be a true fan, chin up guys, dont dwell on this we have a champions league game to prepare for, and we will still win the league. GO ARSENAL.

  30. Hartwick89 said

    Hey Ha.Ha.,

    You forget your team is in disarray? Around these parts we call your team ManIOU! Your problem is not with Arsenal or gooners. We will still be here… Your team may not… Hell at least gooners didn’t make a new team because they were so frustrated… So you duel now…. But, how many bullets are in your chamber… January is around the corner who you gonna buy? We can loan you a few players but I think youre going to need more than that to saty in the top 4 this year… I don’t know how good you feel this season….7.6 draws? Today you win 2-0 with 9 man Wigan at home… We will see who is laughing you mug

  31. JD said

    The anger has passed now and Im totally gutted, These players have serious lack in mental strenght, The talent is there but not the mentality, how can they get cocky at half time and think the game is won. how many times have we thrown away games, they have no right to be cocky especially against a spurs side who have in almost every game this season came out in the second half and dragged their way back into games.I have serious doubts we will ever win anything with Wenger again , The mindset is totally wrong and that has to come from the coache.

  32. Tolu, nigeria said

    what a woeful performance by fabregas and I blame wenger for acting like a dumb girl as he didn’t have enough courage to sub him. Fabregas was dire and lethagic all through the game….slow, careless and disinterested.
    Song needs to know his primary assignment is to sit in front of the back four…hes not an alonso or scholes
    Lastly wenger should drop koscienlny….that guy is bad luck. We’ve lost all games he’s started. Time to cement djourous place.
    I think we cannoy win the league anymore…….just an annoying curse hovering over the emirates.

  33. Ha ha said

    Hartwick….u soppy mug!

    Just reading your stupid comment i can tell that your one of them annoying little gimps that all he can come up with is “Utd is a shipping ship”….”You got no money”…blah blah blah…But guess what muppet, were STILL doing better than your ‘ WIN NOTHING’ football club though ay!

    All i can say is Utd are doing pretty fucking well being joint top of PL, unbeaten in nearly 30 games, with injuries and with Rooney coming back.

    But dont worry Arsenal fans, least you play “Really niiiiice football” ay! lol


  34. Hartwick89 said

    Yeah who is injured anyway? Your team is riddled with a bunch of muppets… And, I have to say you’ve not won a thing last year… And, you keep selling your superstars. Get used to the fact that you are the little team in Manchester… ManIOU… LOL

  35. Ha ha said

    I think you ll find we did win something last year, which again is still more than what you did, lol

    It must hurt knowing your team will never come close to winning half of what we’ve won

    I understand your jealousy but stop hating on Utd, its not doing your health any good.

    Thanks for entertaining my wkend, i might do this more often!

  36. gooner0609 said

    HaHa, clearly from the timing of your blog you weren’t at OT today. So that makes you the prototypical ManUre fan. Never been, probably can’t find the fucking place on the map.

    Your last comment reveals you as a Premier League Newbie fan. Arsenal were making history and winning titles (it’s 13 now) when OT was a slag heap. The only thing that has changed this century is that OT is now a rented heap full of slags.

    Lets address your personal shortcomings. You are clearly a front runner. This could be because of acne, a small penis, being pussy whipped by the mother you still live with (I assume you are over 25 yrs of age) or you are American. You are definitely single, no woman is ever going to take a second look at such a huge fucking moron. Is it obesity or the dreaded acne/obesity combo.

    You are not even accepted or encouraged on Manc blog sites. They see right though you as a newbie twat. So you come here. What a sad sad cunt.

    Never mind you have your whole life ahead of you. It’s going to be miserable and lonely but you can always start making new friends when you buy that Sky Blue scarf and sound the battle cry for the latest “greatest team the world has ever seen”.

    Well it’s late now, time for your wank. Wash the chip fat off your hands first mate or you’ll never get rid of the rash. You’ll only make the brain damage worse than it already is.

  37. naijasoccer said

    All I can is clichy why ??? Why must he fuck up every single game ? Why can’t we have 2 sagnas. Tottenham didn’t do shit in this game . Christmas started early at arsenal I see, as we are already giving out gifts.

  38. Gooner64 said

    Absolutely gutted by the result. Nothing hurts more than losing to the spuds. The team should be ashamed of the second half performance. They should all donate their weeks millions to a charity cos they didn’t earn their money yesterday. However it has taken them 17 years to beat us at home, so I suppose it had to happen eventually. As real fans time to get back behind the team. Still plenty to play for. Never know this might just be the wake up call the team needs. Gooner for life.

  39. Gooner64 said

    Ha ha you mug.

  40. Hartwick89 said

    Hey for Ha. Ha.,

    BTW… 210/wk for Rooney he is already washed up. What a Joke… Atkinson well paid for another ManIOU win… The poor Lad is so confused. Come on the site after 12-13…
    And, tell me about this fossil of a team. You guys are depleted already.. My prediction for the last half…ManIOU 6th place & Fergie resigns… Take that! I laugh at ManIOU.. Pathetic.

  41. bash said

    i agree with JD the mind set is wroung. nd arsene is the culprit. why the fuck ll he take off the best player in the team (nasri). obviously clichy is a dog. talking of real fans, so we shld give them a standing ovasion 4 fucking up. arsenal fans have being through too much pain giving numerous lead away. same bloody mistake every fucking time. he replaced chamak wit an unfit player(v.p).if we want silverwares we cant go on like this. who the fuck is koscielny? who? dat guys brain is weak. like the real fans do big thanks to fab4 for leting spuds back into the game, we clearly saw the opposite of him in the second half. we have virtually all the players back and all we can conjure is nonsence. that whining wenger is so anoying. 2am one cant sleep. those wankers will make u hate football suprise ur by wining the league.

  42. zico said

    thank God we lost. myself I was scared of us getting top, the last time we did we lost three consecutive games imagine Villa manure; they are potential losses. see the boys against everton 70 min they left the pitch, start thinking about internationals. Fabregas uh what do you expect from a 22 yr old captain that only manage to start for his country, no experience only gigolo(mind you i love cesc)Song: if wenger is looking for a free scoring midfielder they abound everywhere it is nonsencika asking 4 to score. attack; need a striker like persie without injury worries by then we have 2 strikers cos nicklas+maroune= 1. may be plasti sld be replace. denilson sld be loan out like wilshere and song ….should i ask should we get henry like Ac got becks?

  43. Adelegan Adeniyi said

    Koschienly or what’s he called is a bad luck. Mentality of d captain Fabrigas is still low and finally chamak or what’s he called was a total disgrace as a striker.

  44. Lee said

    The day after reflection is this – Without Wilshere in midfield we have no pace to begin attacks. Fabregas is in slo-mo and Song is about as useful going forward and Clichy is defending. Denilson played well, but Wilshere makes us tick. bizarre to say so, but the two games he’s missed at the Emirates – West Brom & yesterday, have been our poorest.

    Also has to be said the Spuds didn’t deserve to win either. Bale was given MOM – he did NOTHING but the goal. Sagna had him in his pocket for the entire game.

    Koscielny is a concern. And he’s missed 2 CRUCIAL sitters in 2 CRUCIAL games. But where the hell was he for their first goal? As for Clichy getting owned by Defoe for the header to set it up, the less said about him the better because frankly I’m beginning to hate that boy which is a tragedy because he was a favourite. But he is TERRIBLE at defending. Shockingly bad. Fucking Rubbish.

    We threw it away – just like the 4-4. Both were undeserved, both should’ve been easy wins. We won’t learn because players like clichy never do. He’s a player who constantly gets caught out trying to win a ball early and leave a gaping hole behind him. No-one tells him to STOP doing that, so he will never learn.

    It sucks, but I still think we can win this title. ManU are truly shit. Chelsea are hobbling. But we have to be top by Xmas because both teams will strenghhen and improve in January so we need to go top and instill some belief.

  45. […] Arsenal Captain leads us to a shameful defeat! Overall no one individual is to blame today, the entire team stopped playing football at around 13.15pm this afternoon […] […]

  46. gunner17 said

    Let’s start a bidding war between Barca and Real for Clichy…I wonder if they’d spend what was being quoted a couple of years back…£20m or thereabouts…we’d get £10m for him at least…

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