Introducing the new Arsenal Superstar

November 17, 2010

Step forward Samir Nasri.

He takes centre stage for a new look French side this evening at the New Wembley, and there is a distinct possibility that the rest of the footballing world will know by tomorrow morning what us gooners have been slowly getting our heads around..

namely the sharp rise in stock of said Frenchman.

A broken leg, courtesy of a strong challenge by Abou Diaby in a pre-season training session last season, more or less put the mockers on young Samir this time last year.

Season 2009/2010 ended up being all about fitness, not superstardom.

We are talking about a talent that has now hit that magic age of 23, so many young gunners have begun a career as a worldwide quantity in the game at this age.. Thierry, Paddy, Cesc.. even Flamini came of age at 23, in that one big season from him before he fecked off to Milan for some benchwarming.

At a very young age, Nasri joined his local club Marseille, and at a ripe 17 he was making his debut and being called the “French Pele”.. no less!

African lineage, good technique and dribbling skills, automatically drew comparisons with the other “French Pele”… ZiZou.

In the Summer of 2004, following his debut season for the Southern French Ligue 1 side, Nasri went on to win the 2004 UEFA u-17 Championship.. playing and scoring the winning goal in the final against Spain.

Cesc was in the losing Spanish side.

During the tournament,  Samir struck up a telepathic relationship with the man who will lead the French line tonight, Karim Benzema.

I believe Nasri is now at his time, many believe he has even more latent talent than the aforementioned Spanish player, and current Captain at Arsenal.

There could be a lot of truth in that, but it’s hard to gauge as they are distinctly differing players.

Cesc is all about eye of the needle through balls and Platini-esque runs into the box for his share of the goals.

Super Sam is all about skill, pace, trickery and the odd wonder goal.. a good time to remind you all to vote for Samir in the Goal of the Year thingy for his effort against Porto in the Champions League last year… here is the link VOTE FOR SAM

The French and the English have some real top next generation talented players on view tonight, should be a cracking game with a full house as tickets are only a fiver.

Will Samir adourn the back pages of the rags in the morning?

This ones for Akhil from Hounslow 😉


12 Responses to “Introducing the new Arsenal Superstar”

  1. afc said

    Just watched nasri for France vs England he stole the show he’s top draw! I just wish he would shoot more coz he’s got a sweet rite foot. Nasri is my fav player he’s so skillfull and has pace and can score dribble and defend!!! What a player we have on our hands at arsenal
    Fc. He’s better than cesc nasri just needs to belive and he can make the centre middfield roll he’s own

  2. ruelando said

    I think Nasri is not much different from Cesc and Rosicky also have that same quality, thats why i keep saying that arsenal will not miss Cesc if he goes (which i doubt, i think however Nasri is more skilled, once he starts shooting more he will even become more dangerous

  3. shut up said

    what you want ideally is a creative trio of fabregas, nasri and wilshere playing in front of song as our first choice midfield for a good couple of years…good times.

  4. sam said

    i think Nasri is one of the best players in the english premier league, nice dribbling skills, has a wonderful right foot and is also a team player, but he is nowhere near Fabregas, he has a final touch that doesn’t compare with any. Nasri is one of the best players but Fabregas is on top of them all.

  5. spuder said

    break some legs though

  6. Yahaya Umar Bichi said

    Samir nasri he very dedicated and a fantastic player.

  7. Kennedy said

    Better than Cesc in every way, can dribble, shoot, has pace and don’t forget the work rate. Has anyone observe how many times Cesc waste balls in the mid, need to give way for Sami.

  8. Akhil Vyas said

    na na na na na na na sammy nasri! nasri! sammmyyy nasri!

  9. Chris said

    Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere in front of Song – I completely agree with shutup. Let’s hope it happens. Nasri is jaw-droppingly good at the moment – a truly gifted player who is about to become a superstar. Good with both feet, great touch and vision, fast as a rattlesnake and smart. It’s a thrill to watch him play.

  10. Song is King said

    whoever think that nasri is better than cesc must be so deluded. yes nasri is a great player but cesc is just a class above anyone else. yes he’s not the most skillful player we have but in term of vision and passing, he’s second to none. even when he playing terrible, he still can produce some magic moment. nasri is more to a technical player but in term of creating chances for the team, he’s still way to go to surpass cesc. there’s a reason why barca wants him so much. it’s not just because his ‘barca DNA’. the fact that, he is already better than xavi! it’s a fact. xavi is getting older but cesc can only improve so does nasri. nasri and cesc partnership is actually our own xavi-iniesta. technical plus vision. i hope cesc and nasri stay long enough at arsenal to create 1 of the most deadliest midfield partnership in the world. they capable of doing it. let’s hope they will

  11. Loose Cannon said

    Nas-eri,Nasriy…Saaamir Nasri, Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na.

    Superb. Now unleash him on the Spuds again! Muhahahaha.

  12. […] Introducing the new Arsenal Superstar Step forward Samir Nasri. He takes centre stage for a new look French side this evening at the New Wembley, and there […] […]

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