Anybody still believe Arsenal don’t have the best squad in the EPL?

November 16, 2010

We learn this afternoon that both John Terry and Alex will be missing until next year for Chavski, so who do this “Billionaire” owned club have as back-up?

Full-backs? Surely not!

Been years since I was this convinced about us not only winning some silverware, but maybe 2, 3 or even all 4 pieces of silverware on offer this season.

In the Premiership, Chavs will always be strong with the first eleven, behind that they are mid-table, Manure? don’t make me laugh, they grind out the results, but that does not last forever, talent will always win through, and they don’t have any.

That leaves City.. I’ll leave that one there.

Slowly but surely we have got our first team squad at 90-95% capacity with the likes of just Rambo and Tommy V still sidelined, although the Diaby situation does not look that good either… but there is still hope after some tests late last week that were positive according to AW last Friday at his presser.

The Premiership is seriously ours to lose this season.

We need to be leading by 4 or 5 points come January, as the transfer window will surely force United and Chavski to spend… Wellington aside, and maybe another CB if TV5 is not ready or looking likely to be, I doubt we shall be buying, not that I think we need to.

Barca and PSV announced they had agreed the transfer of Ibrahim Affelay for the Jan window… a lot of noise about this scuppering the Cesc move… does Affelay not play more as a winger as opposed to a CM playmaker?

Europe wide.. who our challengers?

Barca, like Chavski have a blinding first eleven, but I don’t see great back up.. a few injuries and that could be that for them in the CL.

Real Madrid and that Jose fella look mighty dangerous, they do have a squad, and will no doubt spend more in Jan… oh how I would love a CL battle with them this season.

A chance for Wenger to finally have a side in full flow ready to take out Jose.

Belive me, as this season kicks into proper gear after Xmas… this Arsenal side can and will only get better.

They are growing into their stride, the experience of the challenge in 2008 should set them in good stead.

The CL defeats to Barca and Manure in recent years will also have that experience factor kicking us into the groove.

This… is going to be a monstrous season for The Arsenal.

Make no mistake about it… we are back!


25 Responses to “Anybody still believe Arsenal don’t have the best squad in the EPL?”

  1. dilshan said

    spot on, and we are near top of the table with our best players RVP, Cesc and AA23 nowhere near their best and once their form returns this team will be fearsome and add to that players like Nasri, Jack and Theo for the first time are ready to step up and take responsibility. Mind you John Cross will still argue chavs have the best…

    Affeley plays no 10 but gets pushed wide but Barca will play him throw the middle as they have lots of quality wide players and do not think they will come in for Cesc for a while now, unless they sell messi.

    This team will be the first to win all 4 in a season and I have no doubt, question is if it will happen this season or next..but there will be trophies end of this season..

  2. Is he good enough to play centrally?

    He looks all pace to me… much like overmars.

  3. London_Gooner71 said

    Chelsea look to be in huge trouble if you ask me. Why sack wilkins? Terry and Alex are key to their style. Drogba looks like he still has malaria. Roman does not spend anymore. wow they are in some deep sticky stuff.

  4. dilshan said

    well i havent seen enough of him but frm what I have seen yes he is good enough but at Barca guess its a big step up..either way he is only going to make the bench and cover for injuries

  5. The other lad, the one you always speak of.. forget his name, the pacey dutch winger

    he looked more a barca type???

  6. Spike Media said

    It does look more and more as every day goes by that Wenger has smashed it again.

    My word will there be some humble pie eaten by many.

    Many gooners also.

  7. agree agree agree spike 😉

  8. Davey J said

    I agree we look good but our defence still worried me.
    And can fabiski be trusted for the whole season?
    i worry every time any team cross a ball in.

  9. Arsenal Oldie said

    SH – I have an idea for you that I have emailed over.

    give me a mail when you get a chance old china (smiley face thingey)

  10. Arsenal Oldie said

    Oh and yes, you are on the money, of course we have the best squad.

    This will be the greatest work in Wenger’s career.

    A squad capable of winning on all fronts.

    Strong enough for Prem domincance.

    Techincal enough to top Europe.

  11. dilshan said

    Eljaro Ellia. hes the quick, think you got them 2 mixed up may be? the one who came on during WC on their left, build a bit like Bolletelli…Ellia is a better nd younger version of young

  12. that’s him

    haha no i got them right, one is white the other black….

    they are both sharp and quick winger types.

  13. Jonathon Guild said

    love this post.

    exactly how i have been feeling and thinking all season long.

    and as put above, it just gets stronger as every week of the season passes.

    RIP le grove 😦

  14. Frimpong said

    you always pump me right up with your blogs hawke.

    we have a team to properly challenge for the lot, and people better start to take us seriously or they will be shamed.

  15. Dave Highbury said

    haha so true. I’ve been quietly laughing for a while now… but when it actually arrives… I have seen some seriously quality football from the whole aquad right thru to the youths. Love watching Andy dumb arse Grey, and Match of the Day mob…. and LE Grove…. Muhaahaha

  16. Gonnerant said

    Love this post. I’m a believer!!

  17. swazigooner said

    Plz lets not get too carried away…lets keep our heads down and talk at the end of the season…i have no doubt chavs r weak bt that russian might just pull out another £30-40M to boost the team….manure are notorious for peaking after christmas so dont rule them out yet(still unbeaten by the way)….and we are notorious for breaking down after christmas.

    The team needs to stay focused bt overall i agree…this is one of the strongest teams in europe. We have players like Vela & JET knocking at the door. Almunia shitting himself with two young hungry keepers ready for no1….Its going to be a great season

    Come on Arsenal!!

  18. Ha ha said

    “Manure? don’t make me laugh, they grind out the results, but that does not last forever, talent will always win through, and they don’t have any.”

    Lol, you are a top prick! What does it say for your little boy team then when a ‘talentless Man u’ consistently mug ur team off year in year out winning the league and finishes above u with so much ease its unreal???

    What i love abouts nob ends like u is that ur team win away games against…………Wolves & Everton, and all of a sudden “its our league to lose” ha ha ha ha ha, woooo peee doooo boys, unbelievable results against mid table teams! Definately makes u lot the champions this year! You ve won nothing for god knows how many years and you ve done nothing different this year.

    I guarantee you ll all be on here in the next 2 weeks moaning that “Arsenal arent strong enough”….”we need a new keeper”….”its dejavu all over again”…….”same sh*t different season” when u get beat at home by yet another championship team!

    When will you all learn that going on a meesley 2 game unbeaten & ranting on like ur champions already has always & will always leave u all looking like complete mugs….have u mugs not learn anything from ur last 5 years tropheyless seasons.

    Theres 2 reasons why u muppets keep talking about Man u and its called OBSESSION & JEALOUSY cos u can only dream ur team could do what Utd have done & will always do…simple

  19. Spike Media said

    ha ha

    do you understand the irony of a manc fan, reading an arsenal blog, and then posting on it?

    very funny if you ask me.

  20. Steve Palmer said

    I urge all Arsenal fans not to fall into the old trap that we do every year, a couple of decent results and we think were going to win everything,forget that for the moment.
    we have lost games that we should have won, not easy games but we still should have won, we have also won games, and in my view been lucky to hold on by our bare teeth, we still do not have a team that can be relied on to turn up and grind a result, in actual fact we never know what team is going to turn up, yes we are two points away from the leaders, but lets face it only because teams have lost or dropped points, Chelsea lost on Sunday but that dos’nt make them a bad side all its done is to remind them that they cannot take any team for granted, there will not be many Sunderland games in their season, we on the other hand need to get everybody focused and get our smooth flowing passing game back, we play Spuds Next and they can play the ball about, their confidence is sky high and they have a player that has found form this young man has lifted their spirits, they feel at the moment they can beet anyteam, but he has to be playing his magic, what we need is a player or players that can stiffle this young talent and that is not going to be easy.
    So i for one believe we should take one game at a time and if we persevere all the better, dont crow till we have somthing to crow about

  21. jacob said

    A couple of weeks back a “doomer” muppet on Le Grove told me that Djourou wasn’t good enough to be 4th choice at Arsenal… I asked him to name the 4th choice Centre Backs at either Chelsea or united… and I got no answer. Some of our fans, albeit a particularly noisy but clueless minority, haven’t got any idea just how amazing what Wenger has done on our budget is… N_O I_D_E_A! I don’t mind criticism of the team because no performance is perfect and no team is perfect but to listen to some of the idiots who call themselves Arsenal fans is as rewarding as listening to the mooing of cows.

    I don’t know if we will definitely win the league but I do know that we have a team that’s definitely good enough to win it and a squad that is just about strong enough in all areas… if fabianski can get to be consistent then we won’t be far off come seasons end. And all those ‘doomer’ web sites that are only happy when we lose or are struggling can go and stuff themselves then :-).

    Chelsea’s first real injury crisis and what happens? Sunderland totally outplay them is what happens… this is the Sunderland we should have beaten with 10 men at THE Stadium of light! We’ve played without Cesc, Vermaelen, Walcott, Bendtner, Van persie and Ramsey has been out for god knows how long and all the so-called Arsenal sites did was slag the manager and team off… Seriously, F**k them! I don’t if we’re the best team in England yet but nothing can begin the justify the rubbish that some so-called Arsenal fans publish…

  22. Yuval said

    you are so wrong.

    1) our squad is stronger then before, but it’s not the strongest. you need to remind yourself that many of our players dont yet preform at a constant level. look at the game against Newc. we had all the right big players and we lost. again.
    2) our defence is not close to that of Chavs or united. that alone is reason to expect us to lose more points then them.
    3) we tend to overcount our fring players and discount the same at other teams. Rosicky can go a-wall, Ebuoe, Fabiansky, Denislon, Diaby and Bendthber are all suspect to disapear in key moments. Wilshire, and Rambo are younger so they must have bad spells during the long months ahead. even Song and Nasri,our best players this year will not surprise me if they fall in from, as they have done in the past.
    4) remember valencia and Ronny have not even strated the season… united may falter, but they are more likely to “gel” and then they will be the strongest side in the PL.
    5) chevs have money to spend in Jan. they might get the extra players they need. and even wothuot them its easy to forget that as a unit they are so well orginazed that they win games by being more efficiant then any other team in the PL. and champions have pride and thay have the confidance to take them forward. we are so manic-depresive that every game we get a diferent team spirit. we are light years away in terms of team uinity.

    having said that, we might “gel” into a really solid team and then we will be unstop. but if i were a gambling man I’d would not bet on us just yet…

  23. […] Anybody still believe Arsenal don’t have the best squad in the EPL? We learn this afternoon that both John Terry and Alex will be missing until next year for Chavski, so who do this […] […]

  24. Jekyll said

    This sort of bragging does AFC no favours. We need to learn from history and stay humble and focused. This is the sort of attitude the team seems to embody when they then lose at home to WBA or the Geordies – the latter was just 2 games ago.

    Let’s see a continuation of the battling qualities seen in the last 2 games married to the improved football that will be required to sutain a challenge thru to May, for once. Chelsea are a horrible machine that will come back strong, and give credit to Fergie – he knows how to make his average looking squad more than the sum of their parts.
    Now is not the time for crowing.

  25. New York Gooner said

    Hey give the guy a break people, if you look back over the past 18 months, check the archives, this guy hawke has continuously pumped the club he loves, what is wrong with that?

    Should he go down the route of mocking arsenal like those frigging blogs that pretend thet support arsenal?

    With so much negativity in this world, and so much doom and gloom where arsenal are concerned, i applaud this blogger.

    Tell me, is he wrong?

    Is this not the best squad in the EPL?

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