A Rememberance Sunday to Remember

November 14, 2010

A fabulous day for Gooners up and down the land, over and around the planet!

Substance over style, desposed of Everton, a spirited comeback from the home team, when 2-0 down, set up a nervy finish, but we take the 3 points back with us.

Into 2nd in the league, leapfrogging a terrible United side ( who we will thump twice in the league this season ) and the bonus on this wonderful Sunday… Chavski got butchered 3 nil by Sunderland.


Jack had a poor  first half, he looked jaded, but that is nothing to worry about, the lad is still a teenager and no matter how talented he is, he will have ups and downs until he reaches a mature status.

Hard to believe he has maybe only started 5 or 6 Premier league games in his entire career so far… he has a long, long way to go.

Denilson replaced him at half time, a great call by Wenger, he came on and helped us to control the midfield which we gave up too easily in the first half.

Song… I just don’t like him in the final third unless we are really pushing for a winner, he is a defender, a defensive midfielder, he just does not have a creative bone in his body.

Sure he will get us the odd goal, winning goal even… but then Sagna scored his 2nd ever league goal for us today.. hardly Ian Wright now is he?

Towards the end of the match when they bombarded our box, he was very good in covering the brilliant Djourou and Seb-Squill.

Fabianski was utterly brilliant, again!

Plenty goons will be telling you they always thought he would make it… at the same time they were calling him flappy!

Big up yourself Arsenal supporters, a weekend to remember.

11 Responses to “A Rememberance Sunday to Remember”

  1. Bala said

    First of all A Great Headline

  2. Bala said

    I thought Song was relly good in the second half throwing atoung his body and making good tackles.Even Arsene is changing now making tactical subs at half time and dropping players whose heads are turned(Bendtner)

  3. JP said

    Agreed, Djourou and Fabianski were immense, closely followed by Squil! Again agree in that the Denilson/Wilshere change worked a treat, but are we sure if it was tactical or down to the rough treatment Jack received from the Everton team (maybe picking up a knock?). Chavs and Mancs dropped points as well, great weekend! Also thought TR7’s tactical awareness and experience helped to secure the win Great week for us Gooners. In Arsene we trust!!

  4. dilshan said

    your spot on, i am not even going to try and say I had any trust in Fabianki, I thought he was damaged and did not think he could play in PL let alone for a top4 club but then the gaffer proves he knows better then most of us and delighted t be proven wrong,,,this is a big season, if we win the PL Chavs will feel even older nxt season, it was the euporia of being champions is what gave them the edge and extra energy to start with and now thats starting to go away with a couple of bad results. UTD will be the next to drop out of top4 and it will be a worse fall then pools and their debt and wages are far higher than that of pool…glory days ahead but of coz there will be disappointments along the way and we have to make sure we stand by the team when they need us most

  5. London_Gooner71 said

    Quality, Mr Hawke.

  6. Steve Palmer said

    Lets not get carried away,allthough we have a very good three points today, this performance was not a guide to winning the premiership,our passing was not as good as it has in the past, far from it, allbar about ten to fithteen minutes in the second half,but that went as fast as it came.
    for some reason, the last three or four games, our passing has deserted us, we give the ball away allmost as soon as we recieve it, we may be second in the league, but unless we find our game back soon, we will quickly decend.
    we have the filth next game, we must get our concentration back, and work harder for one another,we will have to close Spuds down, and play keep ball and take our chances when they arrive, how i’de love the same result as today.

  7. Johnny said

    What a fuckin response we`ve had since the debacle against newcastle. Two un-Arsenal like wins, 6 great points and our main rivals slipping up. I dont know about about the rest of you, but wins like today seem much more important than your normal 3 points, these are the wins that build momentum. Lets hope we show the same desire next week against the stinking yids, I`m starting to get a good feeling about this season but we have some right hard games coming up over the next 6 weeks. If we are in a similar position come the new year I reckon we`ll go onto win the title. Come on the Arse, keep grinding out these wins.

  8. Lee said

    Just got back, sweetest drive ever listening to the chavs getting spanked and cashley with a howler! This is the season. This is it. The boys are men and will write a new histoty for this club.

    Disagree with you about Jack, he was alright, always injecting pace to an attack and always accurate in his passes, but he was getting targetted and chopped every time. we all thought he must be injured. Denilson looks a top player when he comes on to do a job. A bit like NikkiB. These guys are crucial as subs but lack the class for a starting XI.

    Fabi was good, got lucky a couple of times, but is now officially our No.1. What he must learn to do is slow the game down when he’s got the ball in his hands, way to eager to throw out quickly and often puts us in danger again.

    Clichy gave them two big chances again. Gibbo was on the bench, just a matter of time.

    Finally, big up to Squillacci & Djourou. They are a top combination. TommyV is perfect for Koscielny, and these two are great as the other partnership.

    Believe Goons. This is the season. Carling Cup is already in the bag, trust me. Prem is ours to lose. Champions Lge will be the sweetest icing on the sweetest cake.

  9. Delio Nicola said

    we should be top had we beaten newcastle last week we would be. and lets not forget the west brom game. could and should be 4 points clear. lets not get carried away. a very long long way to go. need to adapt and improve at home, the emirates should be a FORTRESS. gd 3 points tho boys, well dun!!

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