Calling the Arsenal 23 – Give us another Anfield Night

November 10, 2010

I am pumped for the game tonight, pumped because I think it’s a superb opportunity for the lads to put matters straight after the Newcastle debacle.

We usually have to sit and suffer over another boring International break before we can put a defeat out of our gooner minds.

Make no mistake, Wolves are going to give us a proper game, a real test, a battle…. A War with the Wolves!

Arshavin is primed to start, fully rested, and the key man tonight… he has to be on form.

He cannot dine out on that infamous night in Liverpool back in the Spring of 2009 anymore, we need another glory night of magic and divine deliverance from our mercurial Russian playmaker come goalscorer.

Listening to Gab Marcotti speak on The Game podcast, made me think… he suggested we should go back and watch highlights of Arshavin at his best… Euro 2008… so here they are….

… Marcotti believes we are clearly carrying a player who does not want to be playing in the Premiership, as he is a complete shadow of his former self.. just 2 years ago he was one of the best on the planet and now he moochs around at the Emirates looking forlorn and kind of home sick.

Well, maybe he is right, but we always have hope, right?

Another thrilling night ahead I think, we always perform better on these occasions and with Wolves coming out to play us as opposed to sitting back, and maybe under the belief that they are catching us at a good time.. might just be their undoing.

I will plump for 3-1 to the Arsenal with Arshavin, Cesc and RvP netting the goals.

Come on you mighty, mighty REDS, let’s get this party rock n rolling again… this title is ours to take, the rest are nothing in comparison to our squad… time we showed it.

6 Responses to “Calling the Arsenal 23 – Give us another Anfield Night”

  1. fred said

    clearly he is paste his prime…. hitting 30. slowly loosing his pace…nothing really he can do about it no?

  2. Rick Jones said

    Love your attitude Legendaire!! People have to step up and be brilliant, as they CAN be.

  3. watts said

    of late i dont put my hopes on arshavin,there must be something very wrong he just seems tired and without ambition sometimes…..perhaps tired of arsenal’s roller coster performance.

  4. crack said

    hey! i guess marcotti is right,shavin is a great player but his body language says it all,it’s no longer wants what every player dreams of”to be great” i believe he still has the brilliancy he had 2 years ago,he just needs some one to tell him straight to the face to wake up and do what he was meant to be,he can get back to his best,he is a talent that can get us silver ware this season

  5. @Arsenal_Away said

    After Sunday inept display it’s time for the boys to go out and achieve 2 away wins, or 4 points at the least.
    AA23 needs a kick up the arse to fulfil his full potential imo

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