Geordies for Sunday Lunch

November 7, 2010

Nice time for kick-off or not?

Proper early start for our American Gooners!

Robin will be on the bench today according to the Daily Mirror, who seem to have a good line into the club, so that bodes well for the afternoon.

Chamakh will lead the line, after a good rest up midweek, he again will be our key man, as he is in most home games in my view.

Don’t expect him to get the goals, his job is to make sure the others are brought into play to score, and if he gets his head on the odd decent cross and finds the onion bag, all well and good.

Joey Barton will certainly be shown a card today, whether it’s a yellow or a red, time will tell.

Got nothing against the Geordies, great fun city, had my stag do there a few years back, the locals certainly know how to have a good time… and the women certainly know… err… let’s leave it there!!!

Should be a cracking encounter, and I would rather hope that we have the barcodes despatched by half time, with a 2 nil lead.

5 nil up and Robin coming on for 10 mins would be nice.



8 Responses to “Geordies for Sunday Lunch”

  1. afc said

    I got a feeling will lose today. Or play really shit and come close to losing.

  2. Geordies are not that great defensively.

    They should play to their strengths, i.e hoof to Carroll, who is VERY good.

  3. afc said

    I can name another team who ain’t great defensively,

  4. but are that team up against cesc, jack, theo, chamakh, nasri? 😉

  5. afc said

    just watched first half… Arsenal are shit simple as that really we have so many over rated players it’s unreal,, fabianski is absolutley poor Sagan is shit!! Chamack god were do I start with this guy wen I first saw him I didn’t like him plays for pens, can’t finish no pace can’t pass he’s a poor mans crouch. Cesc thinks he’s superman, Walcott has no brain, he would look better on track and field, song is are defensive player but always seems to be chasing back and falling over or half tackeling players but Neva geting the ball. We are so over rated as a team it’s unreal, loads of tiny sceared midgets who are to worryed about going 2 points behind chaveki. This team has no winning mentality it’s like watching a worser spurs..

  6. afc said

    arsenal are shit let’s just face it

  7. Too many players not at it….

    cesc, nas, chamakh… key men, just not at the races today!

    we move on.

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