Arsenal are a team full of Vampires!

November 7, 2010

Not going to gloss over a really abject performance today, the Barcodes were very good, very organised and played a blinder… as does every team that come to the emms.

A big clue there for our boys!

Thankfully, we get another crack at getting back into winning ways this coming Wednesday evening when we take a trip to the Black Country.

Wolves are a good side at home, I recall they butchered us for 20 mins last season at Moulineux, before Cesc and Robin combined to create and score a peach of a goal that opened the match up for us to take.

Another clue there for our boys…. they will come at us from the get go… making this a better game to play as opposed to 10 men sitting back waiting to hit us on the break.

Cesc is not at it quite yet… he will be, he had 5 weeks off, and when he finds his rythmn we will score plenty.

Robin is just back after bascially an entire 12 calendar months off for Arsenal, so will need time, as will Theo, Nik B, and Aaron when he comes back soon enough.

Then there will be TV5.

Catch the drift? Yup we have an awesome squad, but it’s been ravaged by injury so we need them back to flowing, capable best before we judge too harshly.

However…. attitude more than ability is one thing a player, when wearing our shirt, must have at all times.. this is why we loved Ray Parlour types… Giles Grimandi types… Brian Talbot types for the older boys and girls reading this.

They were never the most talented, but they fought and tried their hearts out for the ENTIRE 90 mins.

Didn’t see any of that today, there just seems a lull at home these days, we never quite seem up for it…. and it’s the earlier kick-offs that it takes place.

When we play the night games, when it’s dark outside and the floodlights are on, the crowd and the team come alive.. spooky!

Wolves v Arsenal Novemeber 10th 8pm Kick Off.

Do we sell anything at the stadium that has much garlic in it? Those Balti pies maybe?

Come on, let this one go gooners… Chavs have just dropped points to Liverpool, so 3 behind Manure, 5 behind Chavs.

Long way to go.


28 Responses to “Arsenal are a team full of Vampires!”

  1. igoon said

    Choked abt the loss today

  2. afc said

    m8 arsenal are shit. And I bet u a bottom dollar we lose to wolves just like I said we would lose to castle. We have way to many week over hyped midgets in are squad..let’s face it arsenal are overrated big time, way to many second rate players.. Theo , denilson , fabianski , eboue, chamak, bentner, song, vela, sagna arshavin. All these players are shite, week midgets bar 2, not winners, and no grit about them. Look how poor liverpools squad are but they just trashed Chelsea?? Because they have grit and fight. We have tiny pussy week midgets who can’t win shit,, nasri got banged in the shin and he took hes sock down I saw he’s tiny match stick leg, my 10 year old cusson had bigger legs, and all are players are like that week midgets with toothpick legs

  3. afc said

    and another thing Newcastle were shit!! They didn’t exacly close us down and hassel us for every ball, they were piss poor all they did was waste time from the first 10 mins. They were just lucky to come across a shitter team than themselves on the day. Really tho I can’t remember flaps making 1 save in hole game?

  4. afc said

    and another point, your headline should read arsenal full of overpaid overrated midgets.

  5. THOMAS said


  6. dilshan said

    it was shocking, was in early so watched the warm up closely and even then i had the feeling they were not bothered, there was no energy or buzz like toon had, it was as if we should just turn up and get three points. I do not get it, this team has all the quality but without attitude, application and determination no team has ever won nothing and no one will ever win anything. WE could not deal with their size and power frm the very start…6 points dropped at hme to promoted teams is not the sign of title winning teams, we r still in the race just about but want be for long if we dnt get our act together and if we fall out of title race wed get into the battle for a place in top 4 with city and scums that is not what we want ..we need 3 points at wolves and we need the players to turn up

  7. lordgunner said

    afc you are an idiot.
    Absolute shocker of a match by both team who don’t deserve the win.Newcastle were lucky (thank to Fabianski and the sun)but Wenger could have change the match with good sub but instead kill all chance keeping the two worst player of the day cecs and theo while taking out the only two player who were creating anything .
    I watch very closely to look on this future english striker AKA Andy Carrol and what a shit player, just lucky to score the goal.

  8. afc said

    I don’t get y u caled me an idiot u stupid cunt, your making the same point as me. Both teams were shit but arsenal were shitter by there standards? U toss pot u need a slap

  9. dilshan said

    lordgunner in fairness Nasri was carrying a knock, never recovered frm the knock he picked up mid way through 1st half so had to be taken off, jack did his best as a defensive player so he was replaced by an offensive one, theo nearly scored as well, but then he could have taken off 10 of them except song

  10. nearly forgot that strike by theo in the 2nd half, hit the underside of the crossbar and came out… argh

    he is so unlucky with some of his strikes, they never hit the post/bar and fall to one of our men

  11. dilshan said

    SH yep and it was frm a near improbable angle, i thought he had over cooked it and yet managed to get a shot away

  12. relax everybody, i dont censor on this site… but we need to chill with all the name calling

    emotions are high, yes we lost… but in less than 72 hours we get a chance to put it right… i rather we fuck around this half of the season with silly defeats than at the business end next spring!

    still only 5 pts off the lead… in touch and fighting!

  13. afc said

    look let’s just say arsenal are shit and are a complete let down to there fans, they have no passion or heart and are full
    Of overpaid toss pots. I think arsen has lost it I hate to say.

  14. dilshan how was the day out? minus the defeat of course…

  15. afc – lets chat weds night, see how we get on… not long to wait.

  16. afc said

    Will see what happens I guess, but somthing is very rong inside the club I feel, and arsen looks a shadow of himself at the moment I think the end is near for him and many of our players.

  17. dilshan said

    SH it was a good, had a guy sat behind me morning through 90 mins plus, i mean he started b4 kick off that was annoying, was giving out instructions to clichy and dnt blame LF solely for the goal though, our wall should of anticipated a mistake and sme one dropped in as soon as he came for the ball..

    as for the NC players they belong in the last century, pony tails and skin heads…lol..if they dress up in roman clothes and have a shield with arrows and blade they will fit in well, but they are all 2wise the size of our players

  18. afc – thats why we all love the beautiful game… all about opinions… i think at their ages, this is just starting… we shall see.

  19. Dilshan – what i like about fab1 was that he did not shy away after the goal, he came out for every ball after that and claimed it well.

  20. dilshan said

    SH, every goal keeper makes mkistakes what matters is how they react after, ive seen Buffon and Casies make big howlers..aa23 looked on it when he came on may be hes got the message…hope we learn no time for hangover, big games cming up every 3 days

  21. exactly dilshan, he reacted well.

    now the team have to react this midweek.

    however we get the result wedns night, it will do.. no flashy footy needed.

    3 pts are all that count, city will certainly take points off utd.

  22. dilshan said

    my worry is not UTD, I think they will fallover themselves at sme point, Chelski lok so poor tear my hair out if we dnt win the will be a disaster,…these players r gd enough and they need to show that day in day out

  23. long way to go… just gone 25% of the league!

  24. Delio Nicola said

    lISTEN BOYS IM LIVID! but lets get behind the boys, i kno its hard sumtyms bt jumpin at dem dnt help. lets support! wish we had 11 jacks!!

  25. Delio Nicola said

    And chesney really neads to start, seriously! lets give him a chance against wolves??!! we play youngsters in every other position.

  26. lordgunner said

    yes let forget last few week were fabianski were really good, focus only on this one error to judge him this season,if chesnay fail we can always try Almunia or the average Mannone in goal.

  27. w12mcee said

    some proper pricks leaving comments on ere. yeah we could have played better but you cant destroy every team, even the invincibles didnt do that. had it been the exactly the same performance but carrols header hit the bar and theo’s shot went in, no one would be saying shit!

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