Sort yourself out Robin van Persie

November 5, 2010

I am talking about pointless call ups to International squads, where an even more pointless game will be played at some juncture following a jolly boys get together at some swanky hotel on the continent.

How many times have United or Chavski players pulled out of the England squad prior to a meaningless game?

I am incandescent with rage at the audacity of this so-called phone call between the waste of space Dutch manager, Dork Van something or other, and our very own Robin van Persie.

They even had time to pour scorn on the club who pay the player his wages and the medical staff that spend 90% of their time helping said player recover from yet another injury.

When the time finally closes on a comeback, he decides he wants to feck off on trip to Dam, disrespect the club, our manager and our backroom staff who helped him regain a modicum of fitness.

Utterly deplorable behaviour.

He needs to drop the feck out of this Dutch squad, and bleeding sharpish aswell.

Rant over.

The cheek of it.


18 Responses to “Sort yourself out Robin van Persie”

  1. skwam said


  2. kilo said

    that is a gem of rant right there hawke LMFAO

    of course you are correct

    what the hell is he on?

  3. New York Gooner said

    ha ha ha

    You are in fine fettle this week buddy.

    Possibly the best blog post this season, and right on the smacker with the sentiment.

  4. annon said

    the dutch manager needs to be shot in the face.

    problem solved.

  5. very silly said

    you dickhead arsenal cocks suckers

    bert led his country to the world cup final, what has that waste of space wenker done recently?


  6. very silly said

    you nobodies do nothing but moan moan moan

    just like the twatface manager

  7. very silly said

    think he will win a cup again?

    never is the answer


  8. jaymin said

    let’s all imagine the life of very silly, full of ample time to come onto antagonize the comments section of a fansite of a team he dislikes. ::imagine:: ::stop:: Oh that’s so much better 🙂

  9. NYArsenal said

    Very silly, fuck off you dial tone. You are not welcome here.

    Hawke, I agree — strongly — that AFC should pull more players out from international duty but I have never questioned RvP’s love for the club. Plus, I’m not sure how RvP taking his int’l manager’s call = him pouring scorn on the club.

    The Dutch manager is shitting on Arsene in the press… but we don’t yet know for sure that Robin is planning — or even wants — to “feck off”, do we? Saying that he’s fit to resume training doesn’t mean he wants to play for Holland ahead of our clash with Spurs.

  10. Tsokan said

    First,this rant is pointless cus its pointing finger to d wrong person,RvP.
    Thanks 4 telling it d way it is,NYArsenal.
    As 4 dis Dutch freak (just lik ur stupid coach and dat Dick head Advocaat),u ar so full of sh*t.Bert is nt in d class of Arsene,even if he hasnt won anytin in yrs.
    Bert is d one who doesnt hav a head.Van has played only 3 games cus he couldnt play pre-season,cus of World cup & d assh*le doesnt even care.
    He definately doesnt care about RvP’s happiness,if nt,he’ll let him be on this one.

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  12. BennyGooner said

    Im starting to get SICK of this !! What is he playing at … that is bang out of order Robin !!!!!

  13. Gooner64 said

    Could not agree more. Great rant !!!

  14. Gooner64 said

    Oi very silly, speaking as an outsider what do you think of the human race ?

  15. Lou said

    oh! the bitch has a mouth now, does she?

    You scum wanna start giving it the biggin because you beat inter milan. You NEVER would of been able to do that to jose’s inter. Benitez’s inter is a joke. Bale is a very good player but comparing him to the likes of messi is an insult. Where was bale when you played that weakened united team on the weekend? I admit tottenham are improving but compared to us you are filth at the bottom of my shoe.

  16. muema said

    van marsmthng s crwzy,wevent seen hm back@colney n th mad man talks of adamn friendly.rvp shud tekn int’l brk til mid 11

  17. Giddy said

    Wenger should sell RVP since both he and Dutch coach are crocked!
    RVP is an injury prone player that we must not rely on from now heading to the future. I like your rant mate

  18. aaaa said

    wot was the point in that well 4ort out mayb u should write for the sun or somit rvp know wot to do he will not go and he will get fit by playing for us

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