“Diaby has seen 2 surgeons”

November 5, 2010

Those are the frightening words of one A Wenger this afternoon, at his weekly press conference.

That horrendous tackle by the Bolton numpty, during the second half of the game at the Emirates a few weeks back has basically done for Diaby in 2010.

Good news for the Diaby Haters, bad news for Pure Football Fans.

Jack & Denilson with Ramsey also, will now fight it out for the 3rd slot in midfield alongside Cesc and Song.


3 Responses to ““Diaby has seen 2 surgeons””

  1. Boop said

    Essien’s tackle, actually.

  2. Filip said

    I like Diaby a lot and it is very sad.We have no balance in midfield now without him.We need to buy another tall midfielder to have a chance in the long term. We should not wait for Frimpong to come good in 4 years.Yann M`Vila and Moussa Sissoko are brilliant but I doubt Wenger will consider buying them.He will stick with Frimpong and if Song gets injured, God help us.

  3. donovan said

    Diaby’s a top player and those who slag him off are blind & stupid and have no right to watch Arsene’s Artists. It wasn’t Essien’s tackle that did the damage, it was that over-the-ball thuggery by that Bolton Cunt (that is the only name he will be referred to!)

    Heard anything about The Sun’s Front Page tomorrow about Wenger’s affair? Hoping it’s all shit ‘cos they’ll lap it up in that rag. And you can already hear snides like Pulish and Allardyce doing their double-entendres for their press pals. Hate the lot of them.

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