The Curious case of Clichy

November 4, 2010

Well, where do we start here then?

Firstly, you know there is a big issue when a player gets one decent cross into the box and gets an assist for a goal, and everybody hails him a god.. this is precisely what happened last weekend when said Frenchman, teed up Song for the winner against West Ham.

We all love Clichy as gooners, why?

He stepped in as a mere teenager back when batty boy cashley was having afternoon tea with the other opening batsman, Jose.

Not only did he step in, he ripped it right up!

Ashley who was the cry.

However, since that god awful afternoon up at St Andrews in late winter 2008, and the penalty given against Gael in the 90th minute, a penalty that never was by the way, he has just not recovered.

Sure, he plays the odd blinder here and there… but seriously.. when was the last time Gael played half a dozen solid games on the trot?

He was out for a lot of last season with back injuries, so bad luck on that front, but he has been fully fit this term…. I count he has cost us 4 direct goals from his dilly dallying already….. FOUR GOALS already? In early November?


I back him to get better, but I fear he has topped out… people we are talking about a man who turns 26 next year, positively granddad status at Arsenal.

A man who has played close to 200 games for us… is this it from him?

Can he improve? or is this the best Gael Clichy now on offer?

How many times has he cost us with faffing around or letting his man slip past and deliver into the box?

Also… who were the last team to play us, that did NOT smack long balls and 80% of play down Clichy’s side of the pitch? They all see him as the weak link.. can they all be wrong?

I will never go for a young player who is still progressing and learning the game and building up first team experience, but this can not be the case for Clichy.

He has age and a wealth of experience on his side.

For those who lauded his assist against the Hammers last weekend….. tell me… when was his last assist for Arsenal?

Against West Ham… in January 2008, nearly 3 whole years ago.


Recently he also broke a record whilst playing for France… namely the most misplaced passes for Les bleus for 27 games.

I ask you, how good really is Gael Clichy?

Back a gunner to the hilt, but at some juncture you have to ask yourself the question!


28 Responses to “The Curious case of Clichy”

  1. New York Gooner said

    On the button SH, he really has dropped off in a big way since 2 season ago.

    Maybe he is still not fully recovered from that bad back injury?

    I recall reading he almost was crippled for life following that injury.

    Man i wish little gibbo would remain fit to pressure GC for left back.

  2. NYArsenal said

    “Against West Ham… in January 2008, nearly 3 whole years ago.” Devastating blogging Hawke.

  3. Genius Gooner said

    Checked it out and you are right hawke it was against west ham in 2008 that he last got an assist for us in all comps.

    goodness, that is plain woeful.

    is wenger not all about stats?

  4. Texas Gooner said

    What about Eboue? He was pathetic – all over the pitch but never where he needed to be and his passing and crosses were terrible. How long de we have to put up with him?

  5. Genius Gooner said

    Hate eboue at right back.

    But where else do we play him?

  6. Davey J said

    “Devastating blogging”

    Agreed all the way pal, you aint pulling any punches on this one.

    And I aint diagreeing with a word you wrote.

    Agreeing with NYC above, frigging injuries for gibbs man arrgh.

  7. kilo said

    Clichy has been past it for a long time but have you only just noticed.

  8. gooner0609 said

    It’s a tough one, he has never been able to cross, is 26 and still doesn’t know where Row Z is when he is in the corner. BUT he was the only one driving us forward and willing to do so this evening.

    Look we got the long trip done and got out of there losing a single goal on goal difference. Not the end of the world.

    The Chaves took the first 11 to Moscow. It will catch up with them in April.

    The next six points will be gained with the best 11, done and dusted. Everybody get a good nights sleep.

  9. Filip said

    Are you the same Legendaire that is always (sometimes too) optimistic ? I have been very optimistic about Arsenal but very negative about clichy just like you and for a long time.It is just so frustrating.I have watched his mistake many times and I simply dont get it.What was he thinking ? What about his pathetic mistake for France against Belarus that cost them the match ? I dont wanna think about it anymore.

  10. Jim said

    Clichy being Clichy, can’t help screw things up. Can’t help gift goals to the opponents. He’s been doing that for years. It’s just he’s got pace and trickery that everyone thinks he’s a good player. The fact is, he has produced next to zero assist as a width player, and is a blatant disaster as a defender. Of course, Arsene is a stats follower and he knows that. But you see, Clichy won’t ever be dropped. Neither will Diaby. It’s because both are Arsene’s products. Dropping them is like admitting that the youth project is crap and Arsene will never admit that. So, we carry on with the Gael Clichy comedy.

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  12. lenadlm said

    I wonder if gibbs will be able to fight for a place (looks too injury prone)
    one pedro botelho is impressing a la liga.

  13. ehis said

    critism,critism,critism thats all abt it frm u guy,in fairness he had a solid game except for d mistake nd nw u guyz are castigating him all rounder for his performance,lst week he was god nd dis week he’s nt worth putting on an arsenal jersey..get behind ur players guyz,..

  14. desigunner said

    Sorry but I completely disagree with this post.

    Technically Clichy had an assist last season, at least that’s what the stats show, but that’s not important.

    First question one has to ask is – How can a mistake so deep and wide on the touchline lead to a goal? There were only two Shakhtar players in the box yet one was completely free. This was not a counter attack so it wasn’t as if we were short of players. The problem was too many were on their heels watching the ball.

    Yes Clichy made a bad mistake but the big error was to leave Eduardo unmarked in the box. What were Eastmond/Wilshere doing? Why can’t our midfielders read the game defensively?

    Secondly one has to realize that such errors happen on both sides. I haven’t been able to look up the stats but to me it seems Shakhtar created more threatening chances from the right then the left. Eboue made more mistakes in this game than Clichy, just because Shakhtar hit the bar and Fabianski was able to make some saves doesn’t mean Clichy had a shocker and Eboue didn’t.

    Similar arguments can be made for other games as well but Sagna is relatively more solid. He also gets better support from Song who is normally on his side and the right sided attacking player. Whereas Clichy has often played with Denilson and Arshavin on his side.

    The biggest problem is too many fans make linear connections. Clichy lost the ball on the touchline + goal scored subsequently = Clichy had a howler and directly cost us a goal. Football doesn’t work that way.

    To me the problem is down to the system of play and the balance or rather lack of balance in our team. It is compounded by ball watching midfielders and Clichy’s tendency to look for a pass instead of hoofing/clearing the ball.

    I’m not saying Clichy is blameless, but you make it sound as if he’s the worst around. Right now there are probably only one or two players who would do better than Clichy in our squad/system and I can’t see us getting them.

  15. RVP said


    You’re too generous towards Clichy. He was so stupid trying to dribble in the little space close to the touch line. It was a simple ball to defend. No one expected him to lose the ball. That was why no tracking back and a big hole was created when he lost the ball.

    Clichy should juggle balls in a circus rather than playing football for a living, seriously. He repeats this very same mistake all the time and every time. Hands up those who aren’t scared shitless whenever he dribbles the ball in our penalty box.

  16. fabulousgunner said

    well i don’t think clichy will ever emulate A.cole on the field of play. i have never seen clichy as arsenal standard always making the wrong decisions, i’m afraid is not going to improve @ 25years of age will be 26 in a couple of month. enough of clichy please, he has done enough damage already never gonna come good.

  17. fabulousgunner said

    well i don’t think clichy will ever emulate A.cole on the field of play. i have never seen clichy as arsenal standard always making the wrong decisions, i’m afraid is not going to improve @ 25years of age will be 26 in a couple of month. enough of clichy please, he has done enough damage already he’s never gonna come good.

  18. Kc said

    The midfielders are not suppose to be blamed for that 2nd goal,when u allow that kind of cross into the box, anything is possible.Clichy should take all the blame for making that kind of mistake.Clichy never contributed to arsenal attack.He is always awful moving forward,you see him moving as fast as but at the end of the day his crosses awful.For how long will learn how to cross all there deadly crosses into the 18yd box?How can he be treating us like that? I don’t know,does it means that his legs are not strong on the ball? As for Eboue,he is awful.I don’t to talk about him.

  19. Arsenal_Away said

    Clichy is the current French left back & we all know the current state of the les blues- nuff said

  20. Ok i get your point quite clearly, and its not the end of the world that he is not at his best for almost two seosons now. But i believe he is in a state where he football has dropped a little because of any reoson he knows himself. I believe if he will be come more intelligent and less careless then surely he will be back to a top drawer again. I think his carelessness is the one which costs him not really his quality. Just a little intelligence while playing then he will be back to his best. And one thing, he just cant cross unfortunately. Maybe more time on crossing training will better him

  21. bops said

    how come whenever clichy goofs up there is a goal !! f*king november..

  22. Bigdelgunner said

    I am going to have to agree with you here…. Something I’ve been saying for quite a while. He actually scares me at left back…. He doesn’t feel solid at all. He constantly looses sight of his man…. Plays silly long balls and short passes without conviction, and gets beat 1 on 1 by a myriad of wingers. I think he has relied on his pace to long and never paid much attention to the finer aspects of defense. His ineptitude at left back has led to a variety of goals over the last 3 years…. In reference to eboue, sagna is the starting right back, not eboue…. And everybody knows that eboue isn’t as good as sagna which is why eboue is happy to ride the pine for the majority of games…. He is a utility payer —– he doesn’t play all that much. Clichy on the other hand is meant to offer a sense of solidarity at left back…. But I can’t feel it. I also think he has topped out, and wonder what might happen if Arsene received a big money offer for him at the end of this year….. He has come through the ranks etc etc, but right now I’m not sure if he is our long term solution anymore — yes I like Gibbs, but he really needs to stay off the treatment table. He needs as much gametime as possible at this point in his development otherwise he runs the risk of not fulfilling his potential.

  23. Chris said

    I agree with desigunner. Clichy did actually put in a cross too (near same as the West Ham one) that Squillaci should have scored from…

  24. Omar said

    Yes, Clichy made a horrible mistake in the process of trying to be too smart for his own good. I think the same can be said in the case of Eboue too. He had a terrible night. The whole team went to sleep once we scored on that lightening quick counter. There was no one in the midfield to hold the ball and dictate the pace of the game. I’m glad that we have Chamakh because you saw once he came on we were more threatening in the second half and Bendnter is only a good finisher but not half as good as Chamakh in terms of holding up the ball. But true that we should make sure that Gibbs doesn’t become another RVP playing only once in 2 months or something like that. I have to say that Wenger got wrong by playing Eastmond. He was non existent in the match. It was too bin an occasion for him to handle and he failed to stamp his authority either in his tackles or in his passing. Poor game overall after the great start.

  25. gaagamel said

    Clichy, Diaby, Ashavin and Almunia suffer from the same sickness. Constantly they are the ones who seem to make a lot of mistakes in our matches the only fact is, it is rotational you just wait and see.

  26. nasri75 said

    Remember he also cost his country France a similar goal as well against i can’t remember.

  27. Tom said

    It’s horrible to admit this, but I’m beginning to HATE Clichy. He is a complete liability at the back. But by the same token – why isn’t Wenger & Pat Rice telling him to STOP trying to pinch the ball early and leave a gaping hole behind him? He does that mistake 5 times every game.

    He was shocking against Shakhtar. And fuck his assist against West Ham. Look at that cross again – it was rubbish and low and only looked good because SONG threw himself at it.

    Enough of Eboue too. What a lazy Mofo! He was trotting around the pitch last night, flopping down on the floor with that stupid hand-in-air pose that winds us all up. Cult Hero? Bollocks. Get the fucker off the pitch.

    Gibbs HAS to be promoted the moment he’s fit. Wenger needs to buy another left back. And Clichy should be sold whilst there remains dumb European managers willing to pay topEuros for him.

  28. Juan Manuel Vargas said

    I can play left back!
    Wouldn’t cost too much either!

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