Wenger has it all planned!

November 1, 2010

In that he decided that he would build a team, whilst up against the Russian, Spanish and Arab billions, on a shoestring, that was capable of dominating the greatest club tournament on the planet.

I am of course talking Champions League football.

Having written about my beliefs for this team in said competition in previous posts, I am forging ahead with my view of this squad being built with a large focus on winning the only major trophy to have eluded Wenger.

Quotes emanating from the boss today again back this view up, as he suggests the technical level of our squad is superior to teams on the continent.

The hustle and bustle of the EPL can upset the rhythm of our game, but the more sedate nature of the CL allows the skill level in our players to come to the fore and allow us to dominate teams with ease.

Shaktar Donestk are a very good team, but we just swatted them like flies.

I believe 2007/8 was the season this type of team first came together.

We challenged for the league until you know when.. and were undone by shocking decisions in the CL, going out to Liverpool in the Quarters.

2008/9 saw us reach the Semis and get taken out by Manure, on their way to winning in Russia… with a team including Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo.

Last season, the best team in the world beat us.

So it takes a very good side, or very bent decision to knock us out of the CL.

Our slight weak point in both the EPL and CL in recent seasons has been a lack of a top-notch keeper and big strong, able defending… I think we have that licked this time round with the introduction of Fab1/Chezney and the additions of Koscienly and Squillaci.

The countdown to a glorious Saturday Night at Wembley next spring is well and truly on fellow Gooners.

10 Responses to “Wenger has it all planned!”

  1. lawrence said

    great article!!

    To win champions league you have to be the best you will meet on the way great times ,barca,real,Chelsea,manu …… inter and ac milan are easy to beat.

  2. yanny said

    wembley in may sounds good to me 🙂

  3. dilshan said

    I agree also one off games this team has the ability to life it self…CL teams cant play for draw so our movement off the ball will kill most teams and we can score anywhere meaning we are likely to have away goals in most of the knock out games ….

  4. Dave Highbury said

    Arsenal are a different prospect altogether this season when compared to last season. We’re playing better as a unit off the ball as well, and this has earned a mutual respect for each other. I think all the players know what they are capable of in this squad now, and are beginning to get a buzz out of it. Even the fans are changing their tune on the goalie front too! I’ve never loved the whole squad before… love the the youths coming thru aswell… incredible!!!

  5. Cool Eddy said

    Well posted Hawke.

    You certainly have the skills to pay the bills on the blog front.

  6. RVP 15 said

    I think you guys are smoking your socks. To win the champions league you have to be able to beat at least one of Chelsea and/or Man United. When was the last time the mighty Gunners accomplished that home and away on aggregate over the course of a season, never mind having to also beat Bayern, Barca or Real Madrid.

    I’m not saying that we can’t do it but it will be a very difficult task. Arsenal are playing great at the moment but we always do at this stage of the season. Lets see how we go down the back end of the season with our usual list of injury casualties…that will be a greater challenge and don’t forget our humiliating exit from the champions league over the last two seasons either. We didnt exactly cover ourselves in glory in the losses to Man U and Barcelona.

    Common Gunners…lets get some consistency, suffer fewer injuries and then take on the best.

  7. ELVI said


  8. Knightvision said

    I have to agree with Dilshan, we are set up for one off games against teams who don’t play ‘anti-football’. Other EPL teams in the CL will be our Achilles heel, I would be confident against barca and real.

  9. Freddiekrueger said

    Slight correction – after going out to Liverpool in the QF’s 2007/08 , that was the season the Mankers won in Russia
    Last season as you say the best team in the world beat us, who then promptly lost to Inter in the S/F

  10. Arsenalisto said

    Great article, but when Manure beat us in semi 08/09, they went on to lose to Barca 😉

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