Every Gooner should read Piers Morgan today!

October 31, 2010

The much derided gooner, Piers Morgan, makes his final post for the Mail on Sunday today… and he goes out in a blaze of glory!

The article makes as much appeal to AKB’s, as it does to the Anti-Arsene Mob, who Morgan owns up to being a part of, before his foolishness abound.

So….. have a read, and think about it.

Piers Morgan – Final Mail on Sunday piece

16 Responses to “Every Gooner should read Piers Morgan today!”

  1. dilshan said

    i ve read it…never been his or daily mails biggest fan but an interesting read …he has never been a big fan of red nose has he….

  2. Matt said

    What a name-dropper.

  3. He always has it in for Fergie

    I love it 😆

  4. Johnny Hoy said

    How’s this prick got that job in the states? Jeez…

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  7. tony clark said

    Talks a lot rubbish he but he does have ago at Fergie & Rooney Utd.So he’s not all bad!!

  8. Bala said

    I read it already but the only problem was he was working with an absolute shit newspaper.Good luck for his new job

  9. There is a lesson for all non-believers in morgan’s words

    he admits he got it wrong on the boss… but goes on to say…

    “i hope he wins something big”

    fair play, be easy to come back after we win to say he was wrong… better he has done it now while it’s still in the balance!

  10. dilshan said

    he is the first of many there is a blog which tends to disappear on days when we win..want to read it the last wkend of FEB..if it is still online of course

  11. Adam said

    I’ll never ever read anything by that cunt. Nor will I ever watch him on tv. He should be in a prison cell not leering with his disgusting oversized head on mutiple tv shows.
    I’m ashamed he’s a gooner. Why couldn’t he be a Spurs fan?!

  12. adam said

    Piers “how much does it cost?” Morgan is an absolute tosser of the highest order. I just cannot understand why he is an Aesenal supporter when everything about about him screams Chelsea to me. Every time he uses his position to big up himself and Arsenal I am left asking 2 questions. How did he ever get where he tells us all he is? and Why doesn’t he just go away?

  13. Zak The Goon said

    Top bloke, shame he worked for the biggest anti- arsenal rag tag newspaper along with the sun/daily star.

  14. […] Every Gooner should read Piers Morgan today! The much derided gooner, Piers Morgan, makes his final post for the Mail on Sunday today… and he goes out in a […] […]

  15. lordgunner said

    i read the daily fail once in my life,eyes drop if someone buy it and read it near me .Sorry can read this rubbish even more the idiot of Morgan….do not read this tossa even more this neo nazi so call news paper

  16. Got to laugh at some the comments…..

    very funny

    but people… don’t walk around life with one eye!

    keep a perspective!

    learn as much as you can without having to become a nazi to certain news.

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