West Ham at lunch and for tea?

October 30, 2010

The draw for the Quarter Finals of the Carling Cup takes place at lunchtime today, around the 12.15pm mark.

Arsenal can land Manure, Villa, Ipswich, West Ham, Brum, West Brom or Wigan.

What are the odds of landing West Ham at lunchtime in the Carling Cup and then swallowing them up before tea time later in the day?

Roy Keane back at Old Trafford with Ipswich?

Exciting times ahead!

West Ham, in the EPL, this afternoon will take a thorough beating by us… again, as I suggested the other day prior to the Newcastle match, we are hot right now, and poor teams will take a hiding.

Yes, I do remember the West Brom debacle, but… the good news is I’m confident a mighty big complacency lesson was learnt that afternoon.

I can’t see lightning striking twice in such a short space of time.

If we bang the first inside 20 minutes, we may pulverize the sorry Hammers 6 or 7 nil.

This team are flying high on confidence right now, very high, like we did in the days of Henry, Pires et al.

30/1 6-0?

500/1 10-0?


13 Responses to “West Ham at lunch and for tea?”

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  2. Sanoussi m.keita said

    Little west Ham, when will u grow like us?

  3. afc said

    I bet arsenal lose to west ham I can just feel it, got that feeling just like westbrom???

  4. Rick Jones said

    Wife and I’ll be up at 6:30 AM – coffee on, find a stable stream and lie there in our jammies savouring every goal. Chamakh to score first. California’s a long way off, but we’re there in spirit. Nasri to get two, and any number of lurkers to score two more. Yes 5-0 is our guess.

  5. the young gunners hv vision and a strategy, hv things are going well….go gunnersssssss

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  7. Arsenal said

    I think djouroum is not the kind of difender we such rely on is too slow in everthing he do.we realy need a good and strong,quality difender like this everton man jagiaka is one of the best difender in england,not lazy djoroum,what about vamenlin when is he coming back,van p .

  8. Mike said

    When’s the last time west ham have conceded more than 4 goals.

    It’s been years buddy. Good luck beating the hammers by that much, you’ll need it.

    To be honest in the last few encounters of west ham vs arsenal, it’s been a draw or arsenal by 1 goal or two. I don’t expect that to change.

  9. dilshan said

    even AW acknowledges that Chelsea game distracted the players in the game against WBA, now we have played 2 big games away from home and done well, players should be much relaxed and calmer..im going for a 5-0, clean sheet as important

  10. rob green gets his superman cape on every time he plays us

    even after the season he has had!


  11. Knightvision said


  12. haha phew indeed

    another 3 points, another clean sheet… and another superhuman effort from rob green at the emirates

    what does he have on us?

  13. Knightvision said


    Next time we play them we’ll have to tie kryptonite to the goal posts!

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