Is Chezney the Number 1 and Only?

October 28, 2010

I don’t think last night’s performance came as a bolt out of the blue to many gooners who had already seen our giant Polish keeper play before, but it certainly did encourage a school of thought that asked who was the Number One Pole?

If Fabianski keeps up with his performances of the last few weeks, then we shall see a battle royal.

The football world today is awash today with talk of our man Szczensy, most are suggesting he should be installed immediately as our first choice keeper.

I see steady on, the lad is certainly good enough, I think you will have read my high praise and lofty future prediction for the lad in previous posts, his bursting onto the scene is nothing new here, but I still think we need to persist for Fab1 for now.

Let Chezney win the Carling Cup as our keeper.

Fab1 may not have the size and stature of Chezney, but he can challenge on the reflex front, and the number one skill any top-level goalie needs is sharp reflexes…. otherwise they are akin to a painter with a screwdriver!

The slug between the Poles, who are VERY good friends off the pitch, is as I suggested a few weeks back, a good thing, they will drive and encourage each other on.

Remember the sniping behind Almunia’s back Lehman used to do?

That won’t be happening with these two, who have known each other for some years previous to linking up at Arsenal.

On a quick final note… did I hear somebody say we need a new keeper in the January transfer window?

28 Responses to “Is Chezney the Number 1 and Only?”

  1. Steven said

    I agree that we will do well to continue with Fab1 so that from having 4 ‘not-good-enough’ GKs, we have 2 world class, match-winning GKs who are friends and can learn from each other.Mannone on loan(something that may present AW with another additional selection problem) is another good move cos if Birmingham was the making of Hart, if Brenford was the proof of Chezney’s greatness, maybe the Hull loan, if he gets to play regularly, will be the making of another Arsenal great in Vito!The loan move for the Italian is long overdue anyway…

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  3. lordgunner said

    we need a world-class GK in january with this two clown we never gone win anything….happy now 😉
    Almunia I now number 3 ,if he don’t like it he can go in january.

    In polish GK we trust

  4. For all the Non-UK readers.. or the younger generation who are not aware…

  5. arsenal4ever said

    but we need him to sign a new contract asap!!!

  6. Arsenal4ever – be very surprised if we don’t hear of a new 6 yr deal for him before xmas.

  7. Keep an eye on the wonderful YoungGuns blog for news.. i am sure Jamie will be the first to report it!

  8. Tristam said

    The problem with having two top keepers from the same country is that they both want to play for the Polish national team. Fabianski has the advantage of age and if he keeps up his recent level of performance, he stays in the team and Sczcesny will seek regular football elsewhere. Which would be a little unfortunate, because he will probably become the better keeper of the two. But the only chances for him to make it at Arsenal would be if 1) Fabianski has flattered to deceive and drops back to the bench after the transfer window (if his form drops before that, Wenger would probably bring in a new keeper in January), 2) Fabianski becomes a top class keeper and Wenger decides to cash in on him after two or three years, which would mean that Szczesny has to remain patient and hope for Fabianski to get injured or sold.

  9. Goonerpower said

    Was well impressed by him. He looked solid (after the rush of blood he had at the start) and commanded his box with a natural keeper. We really need to get his long-term signature asap.

  10. puppyguts said


  11. dilshan said

    another keeper in jan??for what for U 19 team ..I am more than happy with what we have and have no doubt at least one of them will go on to have a great carrier with us..Cesney needs to sign his contract asap

  12. Yup that could work this season.

    Fab1 for the EPL & CL

    Chez for the Carling & FA Cups

  13. MikE said

    having seen him play for my little club, brentford, last season i have been posting for months that he is an awesome talent and will be a truly great arsenal keeper.

    but not yet. he is only 20. give him time.

  14. Well said Mike, he has much time on his side so need to rush him.

    I was at Griffin Park last season for the game against Yeovil, he was immense that day.

    Ok the opposition was lowly, but still, the way he commands his box is perfection for a goalie.

    He has the mental set up already at only 20 to dominate his box and every defender around him, had pure talent and total bravery to that mix… and there is a world class keeper in the making.

  15. arsenal4ever said

    hmm stringfellow hope you are right. J from youngguns said contract talks are standing still for now. But as Chezzer got his chance now he should realise Arsenal is the best suited club for him to blossom. So we can safe the money for a new GK and can go for Lukaku :-)!!!

  16. arsenal4ever said

    Atletico made the right choice with De Gea. I see Chezzer as a much better talent like him so he should by january our number 1. Although Flappy deserves the first spot for now.

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  18. Roy said

    How old was Cassilas when Real made him number 1?
    I believe Almunia should be sold and Fabianski should be number 2, how long again til the Fat Sams of this world get a player on Fabianski’s toes at set pieces as he’s got history of fumbling the ball. He’ll be a decent keeper, I just think Chesney’s far better!

  19. Harry said

    The other week I was walking to the ground out of Holloway Rd Tube, when I bumped into Terry Neill, once I had explained to my young boys who he was I had a chat with him as we walked to the match.

    It was very enlightening, asking him what he thought about the lack of trophies etc, then I queried him on Woijech, although he admitted he hadnt seen much of him, he said he had spoke with Bob Wilson about him and Bob had said he felt chez was “the real deal”…….High praise indeed.

    I am concerned about his contract and hope that Wenger has got things lined up for him.

    I would agree that Fab deserves an extended run with his current form and I agree about giving the cups to chez, I would also give the last CL match to chez as well, as we would be well qualified by then and it would be a great experience boost for him.

    I can see the two poles competing for at least rest of this and next season, i do believe Chez will be the better keeper in the long run. Although I did read a piece from a Polish Legend of some name who said that Fab had the most potential????? So it looks like it will be interesting………

  20. Knightvision said

    Chezney played a blinder! Fab is coming good too, it’s a tough selection headache for the right reasons this time!

    N.b. A painter needs a screwdriver to open his tins! 😉

  21. 2 times said

    fabainskis done more than enough in his most recent run in the team, world class stuff at times.

  22. gooner58 said

    lol! so much love for the arsenal goalies now!! wtf?? a few months ago EVERYONE on these websites HATED the arsenal gk’s!!!
    and now after a cpl of games, EVERYONE LOVES them!! crazy! next time fab fumbles the ball, you lot will HATE him again! you sound like muggy chelsea fans or other fake glory supporters! i expect better from arsenal fans!
    oh well! anyway whenever i posted on these websites, i always said i support any player who plays for arsenal!
    i always had faith in the gks and its nice to see them finally getting some praise for once! maybe this might give them the confidence they have been obviously lacking!and let them realise their potencial!!!

  23. Great story, Harry.

    Met and spoke at length with Terry Neil ( for those who dont know, was captain and manager at Arsenal ) around the time we were on the way to almost going the 90/91 season unbeaten…. phenomenal charachter, real charm about him… likes a drink or two!

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  25. saminator said

    how old is joe hart?

  26. aa said

    call him Se-chesny

    thts more closer to the ‘actual name’

  27. E9 Gunner said

    ALMOST everyone is saying Szczesny is better than Fabianski. What is this based Szczesny’s loan spell at Brentford and playing against a second string Newcastle team, lets not be silly or get carried anyway now, Almunia could of looked great at Brentford and alot of average EPL keepers. If Newcastle had a striker up front who was more composed in front of goal (not Nile Ranger), Newcasle would of scored when Szczesny made the mistake running out of his goal missing the ball completely. That wasnt great goal keeping, if they scored I’m sure most people on here would be singing a different tune.

  28. ELVI said


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