Cesc will start tonight!

October 27, 2010

He is no benchwarmer.

Wenger has very clearly stated he believes this squad, not team, but squad is capable of winning the Quad!

So we go for the lot, and can play first teamers in the Carling Cup, why?, because we have a squad of around 25 first teamers now!

His policy has not changed, you see over the past few seasons, some of those 25 were so called youth team/2nd team players, they have made the step up, matured, and progressed to first team status.

I have said this before, and will say it again… who has a better “squad” than Arsenal? In Europe, not just England, who?

Barcelona don’t, they certainly have an exceptional best eleven, Chavski have a very strong eleven, but then they go and spoil it by bringing Sturridge off the bench!

I would suggest that Real Madrid have the best squad in Europe right now, with possibly City (when they spend again in Jan window) being up there alongside us.

So, Newcastle, Carling Cup, what gives?

Newcastle haven’t beaten Arsenal in any cup competition since the 1952 FA Cup fnal, losing 6 & drawing 1 of 7 cup games since & scoring just the once.

I hate stats like that, as at some juncture they will have to change, but not tonight.

The geordies first priority is Premiership survival, they are on a decent run and need to keep the momentum going, and with the lure of the North East Derby with Sunderland this coming weekend, Houghton will be resting first teamers tonight.

I believe we should wrap this game up with consummate ease, 3 maybe 4 nil.

Yes I am being extremely arrogant and cocky about this, but I won’t lie in order to act another way.

We will have the likes of Kos, Gibbs, Eboue, Squillaci, Rosicky, Theo, Cesc, Vela, Bendtner and co out tonight… I would back that lot against Manure away at Old Trafford…

so why would I not back them against a 2nd Newcastle eleven?

Stop apologising gooners, we have a flipping amazing squad and if we do not bulldozer Newcastle away tonight I will bare my naked backside down at…. anywhere I won’t get arrested for indecent exposure.

Go on, laud it up, you are supporting a club that is going places bigtime, don’t be ashamed to admit it!


20 Responses to “Cesc will start tonight!”

  1. dilshan said

    will not be surprised as he has not played full 90 min in the last two games, I thought wither AA23 or Cesc will start, both could start..

  2. dilshan said

    also I agree our squad is as good as any and only RM and City could have better than us but with City very unbalanced squad, only one out and out play maker, full of DM, and poor defenders ..Add Wellington Silva come January we will be very strong. Last season on FF i said we have the best offensive unit and not even Tom agreed with me, but I stand by it, we might not have an individual like Messi or CR but we have all sorts of options and players of very good quality

  3. darktheory said

    agree with most points. I hope you’re right about tonight but I don’t share your overconfidence

  4. Exactly Dilshan.

    Wenger said many players need time to regain match fitness, cesc being top of that list.

    So why trek him all the way up to near scotland, on a cold rainy night.. to plonk him on the bench and give him 20 minutes at then end?


  5. X RAYMOND said

    Been thinking he will start cesc aswell.
    Has cesc been on the bench for carling before not sure he has

  6. aj said

    it’s amazing to think people were saying we had no strength in depth just last season.

    we lose 3 centre halfs and buy 2 and just one new striker and get all the injured bunch back and bingo.

    2-1 win for me tonight with nik boy getting both.

  7. Arsenal Oldie said

    Interesting night ahead, we go hot favourites to win the cup if we come away with a win tonight.

    Hoping they do not play Carroll, as he looks a real handful to contain.

  8. Frimpong said

    Agree totally SH.

    why else take him all the way up there?

  9. Rain Woozey said

    Hope jet starts tonight, would love to see him tear it up!

  10. Tres Bien said

    love it love the postive feel.

    more please.

  11. New York Gooner said

    My man, Hawke, it’s a cold start to the day over here in the states, NYC, but you warmed up the morning.

    Why do you not post every morning?

  12. Cool Eddy said

    Being arrogant is not a bad thing when it is backed up.

    Hopefully the team back you up tonight hawke.

  13. gooner71 said

    Hope you are right hawkey.

    You do have a knack, were you the only blogger around who bigged up fabiasnki largesses BEFORE he was good?

    look around the blogs now, hahaha, apparently they all said he would be good…. when they called him flappy.

    keep it up 😉

  14. Spike Media said

    Cesc should start, he was a little rusty on sunday and has missed about 7 games already this season.

    We need him fit and sharp to push on in the premiership.

    West Ham at home wont be easy on saturday so a booming Cesc is required.

    Jack will be missing on Sat aswell, one of those two need to play every game for us i feel.

  15. don draper said

    risky playing cesc again after sunday

    i think he will warm the bench myself and be used if needed.

  16. Dave Highbury said

    SQUAD FOR THE QUAD. It’s kik butt times people. This squad is the best yet – and it’s time people really checked the quality and movement and pace that this whole squad can cater for. Call me evil, but I am sooohh luvvin how everyone has to eat their words – specially wiv som of those nu yuppy Arsenal wannabe manager so-called supporters. It’s great seeing them forced to smile and hide when the players are hitting form. I AM LUVVIN IT! Wenger is a don. Hope to see Jay E T tonite

  17. Sewen said

    If fabregas should play tonight, can’t we win Newcastle without him. When he is out for weeks, did we win or not?

  18. arsene-al said

    what you just pointed out is amazing honestly, i didnt really notice it myself. the fact that we have about 25 first teamers now is crazy because it shows that all of wengers hard work is really starting to show now. for all those players that are just starting to get a taste of first team action this is a huge step for them, and cosidering they play well just imagine how much better next season is going to be and all the ones after that. this is what wenger has been trying to tell everyone when they ask why he doesnt buy players. 25 players all thinking in unison, playing the same style of game beautifully. i myself am very excited about this prospect

  19. Kudos. I have been reading some blogs and guyz think Mr. Fab will not start. There you are, starting ardently his significance in this match.

  20. […] Cesc will start tonight! He is no benchwarmer. Wenger has very clearly stated he believes this squad, not team, but squad is capable of winning […] […]

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