Arsenal bullied then toyed with Manchester City

October 26, 2010

Having watched the whole 90 minutes again, on ATVO, one thing struck me about this match that nobody anywhere has mentioned.

How many reading this right now thought we were stick on’s to get a red card in the 2nd half?

Denilson? Song? Fabregras? Djourou?

I went for Denilson, as I thought he was the reckless type to lunge into a half cocked tackle….but guess what?

We came out for that game pumped, ready to rumble and not be pushed around by the thuggery of De Bully and Co, and by the end of the first 45, we had ended up 1-0 up, missed a penalty, and had a proper scrap with them…which we won!

Roll on the 2nd 45, and we stroll out, calm, measured, and sprayed the ball around with ease.

Watch the first 45, we were hunting in packs, the pitch was small, we were pressing them with 2 or 3 men, therefore when we got the ball back, we were all tightly bunched, and did not let our extra man count.

Come the 2nd half, you immediately noticed what Wenger had instructed, stretch them, let them press you, but use the space, make the extra man count and pass, pass, pass around them.

Which we did, and scored 2 more goals from it.

So basically, the boss is correct, again, this team HAS matured, as that 2nd half clearly proved.

We had the mental fortitude to stick to the game plan and not get further embroiled in any wars that could have led to another booking and a sending off.

We are so on our way to something special, I could not care less what the press hacks have to say about “it was only against 10 men”, as that is utter tripe, their flipping 10 men still cost 10 times what our 11 man team cost to build and you can add our bench to that if you like.

The team as a whole were brilliant, some dodgy Johan defending first half aside, they all did well… special praise obviously going to Fab1 and Nasri.

Can you feel it yet? Or are you feeling it yet? It’s going to happen gooners far and wide… it bloody well is!

Massive result, huge ramifications for the rest of this season…. I’m sure the gutter press will catch on eventually, they usually do.


14 Responses to “Arsenal bullied then toyed with Manchester City”

  1. gooner0609 said

    I wholeheartedly agree with your post. I stopped feeling nervous about the game with 30 to go and that has not happened in some time.

    For me it started with the goalie. Only terrible bad luck would have beaten him Sunday. He is tuned in and turned on.

    Of course I would have felt a lot better if Blackpool hadn’t done the same to them the week before but their defending wast shite and they lost.

    Now we need the same performances away at the likes of Wolves, Everton and Newcastle. More players coming back from injuries, young ones chomping at the bit to show their stuff.

    Yeah I’m feeling it. Its’ why I stumped the dosh for flights from the USA and hospitality for the Xmas programme. Come on you mighty Gooners.

  2. adam said

    Agree with the post but once again the media seem intent on bigging up Man City’s efforts with 10 men conveniently forgetting that this is the richest club in the world, playing at home. If we had gone down to 10 men do you think the papers would have crowed about it? No chance. Mancini’s ridiculous notion that they would have won with 11 men was based on what? Nothing actually. It was to deflect attention away from the fact that he played the wrong players in the wrong positions and made the wrong substitutions. Where was Adam Johnson, a player who would have stretched the Arsenal defence far more that that lazy sod Adebayor would ever do. Actually the referee stole the game against Blackpool the week before which City should really have lost which makes me wonder what Phil Dowd’s bank account looks like these days. Either that or he is even more incompetent than I thought. Man City have a lot of money but very, very little class.

  3. Citizen said

    The fact of the matter is…….it was against 10 men, so don’t get too carried away just yet! If a team goes down to 10 men in the 2nd half, it can on a rare occasion make them play even better for a while, but I have never seen this happen when the team are down to 10 for 86 minutes. We did give the Arse a good game and still created chances, but we were always going to run out of steam and I will give the Arse credit for taking advantage of the situation. Yes, a good away victory, but to suggest this is the start of something big is not just biased, its absolutely ludicrous! Let’s see how you follow this up over the next few games……..against 11 men???

  4. Davey J said

    Why are shitty fans so bitter and twisted?

    oh maybe i know why

    spend 300m and get nowhere

  5. Citizen said

    Bitter and twisted no, realistic yes! I’m not getting carried away because we have just won a game against 10 men!! You currently sit joint 2nd on goal difference with the same points as City!! More importantly, you are still 5 points behind Chelsea!

    I am patient and it’s only a matter of time before we win something.

    I think the word you are looking for Davey is “Jealous”! Get over it pal!

  6. adam gooner said

    listen you manc shitty fans…you are bitter and very sore losers. you spend X amount of money on so called superstars and when you go 10 men down against us gooners and lost you take away the fact that we played really well and blame it on you not having 11 men. please just keep it quiet except that song cesc denilson and co bullied the midfield allowing nasri and cesc as well to run rings around your multi-million pound ‘team’. i am suprised, for a team that once had nothing and is only where it is today because of the Arab finance, you seem to have dreamnt and fantasized far and wide. but hey i dont blame you i blame this silly arabs who dont know what they want to do with their spare change.

    finally i just want to say just appreciate that your are in the premier league today and can have teams like the Gooners coming and playing infront of your fans.

    to conclude i say good luck for years to come i hope for your sake the arab money dont run out, because it usually does.


  7. kenyan gooner said

    didnt liverpool get a draw againts arsenal with 10men?2all the press and man city crap,shut up..we dont give a hoot you were playing wth less playerz..remember arshavin was wrongly flagged offside a few seconds before boyata’s wreckless tackle..justice was served in one way or another..after all thats none of our business but mancini’s..he is paid a barrel every week 2pick a team..and he picks a 19year old boyata ahead of lescott..and the whore ahead off of johnson..lets all laugh at the money bucks..FOOTBALL 3-MONEY 0

  8. Markey P said

    To be fair, I think “Citizen’s” comments are fair and reasonable, better than the one eyed rants that are often in comment strings. A good away victory and something to build on. Title Contenders should pick up 3 points in matches like that, with the advantage of man over. A good performance with TV5, RVP and not fully fit Captain Fab or Theo. We need to push on from contenders to challengers now, the season is full of promise, but Stringfellow, I feel you are wandering close to the realm of huburis, let’s see how the traditionally shit November goes before we start dreaming of glory come May. Come on you Reds…

  9. Markey P – rather hubris than always fearing and looking for the worst outcome.

    You can see how people live their lives from their posts.

    You are either an optomist looking/hoping/believing in the best outcomes

    or you are a pessimist looking/hoping/believing in the worst outcomes

    nothing else comes into the pitcure.

  10. also, many accused me of “hubris” when i posted my fabiasnki piece 24 hours before the city game

    some lead, take abuse, shrug it off… stand up, look down and smile at the followers…

    others…. well they just mock and follow.

  11. TJ DA GOON said

    During Wenger’s era, Arsenal have gone on to win many, many games after being reduced to 10 men. The rags will always print their shit but they never really say anything.

  12. dilshan said

    ive watched it 3 times to see if this was a one off or a definite improvement. Some of the team player was of highest calibre and movement of our offensive players is unlike any, even barca do not interchange as much as we do, as long as we stay fit with good energy levels we will be even stronger in the later stages when other teams tire a bit

  13. lordgunner said

    excuse,excuse,excuse.we were only ten men,we would have won with 11
    With IF i would have been a genius billionaire with beautiful girl around me .but i m really a normal single guy fighting to keep money coming my way and watching arsenal live when i can afford it.
    But that’s a lot of if,my nightmare would i ve been IF I WAS BORN A SPUD FAN :D.
    Or it could have been this way this Citizen for your own nightmare IF your sheik have decided to put his money on MU instead of you.

    We beat you fair and square ,live with it

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